Two months ago

Next Stars: Boom or Bust?

Reading nbl's article about Next Star prospects, who do you think will impress, depress or be as expected?

Dieng: lottery, possibly top 5. Sounds like he’s still growing!
Besson: first round, but could fall out of the draft entirely.
Digbeu: could really surprise and work himself into the first round.
King: undrafted, solid NBL career.
Hukporti: undrafted.
The Russian kid (I’m not going to attempt to sleep his name from memory): late second round.
Travers: undrafted, solid NBL career.
Maker: undrafted, will bounce around leagues.

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Two months ago

Yeah I think your assessment is about right. I think Travers is a bit overrated and has a long way to go to prove he's more than a good NBL player. I don't see King making the NBA any time soon - may have to bounce around leagues. Good player. Nice upside. But there's nothing special there that I see yet. Might improve by going to Europe or something. Maker could eventually make NBA.

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Two months ago

Dieng, Besson, king, mikhailovskii drafted.

Digbeu, Sotto, travers, hukporti, travers to miss out.

Sotto and hukporti might need 2 years especially given there are already so many bigs in next years draft.

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Two months ago

Dieng, Besson, king, mikhailovskii drafted.

Digbeu, Sotto, travers, hukporti, maker to miss out.

Sotto and hukporti and maker might need 2 years especially given there are already so many bigs in next years draft.

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Two months ago

Dieng: Top 10 pick, can see the paul George comparisons
Besson: 2nd rounder
Digbeu: Agree could work himself into the first round,nice physical profile
King: Same as Digbeu has the physical tools for the NBA. Good season and he will be a first rounder.
Hukporti: Late 2nd to undrafted
Nikita Mikhailovskii- 2nd Rounder, Tall Lights out shooters will always have a role in the NBA
Mukur Maker: Undrafted, will get a 2way, Gleague
Travers- Undrafted, Europe, NBL possibly NBA down the line like Ingles
Kai Sotto- I think he doesn't even finish his 2 year deal. Walks out early like his gleague ignite stint and ends up playing in the Japan BLeague.

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Two months ago

We got told that Justinian Jessup is definitely coming back to the Hawks as well.

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Two months ago

Did King struggle with the situation and lose his confidence? Or was he overrated to begin with? He just looked small last year, for a supposedly good athlete never regularly saw him demonstrate that (compare say RJ Hampton whose jumper was ugly but the physical gifts were surreal), and he lacked an elite skill. I can see him improving, but enough to get drafted? I dunno. I agree with Givony's assessment that he’s just like many good players in college that never end up in the NBA.

Breakers could have a nice international profile and if both Dieng and Besson get drafted. May get a few more eyeballs on WMW to get back to the NBA too.

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Two months ago

The WMW -> NBA ship sailed a long time ago.

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Two months ago

Travers isn't a Next Star he was a development player last season who has now been upgraded to the full roster.

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Two months ago

I don't understand the Next Stars program.

It seems a little all over the place and 'see what sticks' in terms of player eligibility, quality draft prospects, NBL team interest, heck even the purported NBL-paid contracts and odd marketing (that "documentary").

I thought the program was to attract top five-star talent who were using their one-and-done year to build a profile and stock? They don't have to be Americans per se, but the draft is going to be dominated by Americans. The program (NBL HQ) hasn't recruited any top American talent since Lamelo, which makes me wonder if the NCAA endorsement rule passing has all but sealed the deal for American prospects, hence pushing the Next Stars program into another direction with the incoming EU talent as a signal. If that is the case, I wonder how many top 10 picks the program will be able to produce year in, year out.

In saying all this, Giddey going #6 does prove it is possible, but trying to find the next Luka and then recruit him over is unlikely, unless the NBL has a scouting/recruitment arm to the program which I doubt.

If the program was robust and built for longevity, I'd see each NBL team having a Next Star each season for fairness, announcement of players early and preferably at the same time, potential combine/try-outs for locals, scouts/coaches recruiting international prospects, transparency over salary/benefits (there were reports Lamelo/RJ earned > $500k), and to some extent acknowledgment of failures (undrafted players) in order for future program betterment.

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Two months ago

It's a promotional tool for the league, and a very good one so far.

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Easy As  
Two months ago

I think it was designed to attract the 5 star kids who didn't want to go the college route, but didn't the NBA then change their eligibility rules that scenario which probably removed our chances of grabbing that top top talent?

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Two months ago

I'm not convinced about the kids playing in the G League ignite or whatever. Let’s face it, the G League plays no defence, the games are meaningless, and there’s little adversity to test character. But it’s definitely sucked away some top tier talent that the NBL would have secured. The NBL needs to consider how it can get at least 1-2 Americans similar to LaMelo who people are curious about but maybe not totally sold on for whatever reason.

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Two months ago

Bottom line - Next Stars have been damn good for the NBL on so many levels - exposure, standard of competition has increased etc.

From a Jackjumper supporter perspective really looking forward to watching Nikita Mikhailovski, could be the x factor that is needed at the 3 spot to open up the floor.

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Two months ago

It has made the league much more popular as of American viewers. Good move by the NBL. Great seeing so many European players using the Next Stars program this season. Be good for the NBL to be more involved in Europe.

Would be great if the NBL could open up one more import spot when the league grows. Wouldn't work right now with our 10 teams. Need at least 12 to 13 teams. Bring back Canberra Cannons, Newcastle Falcons, Gold Coast Blaze, Razorbacks, second NZ team and Darwin as options.

The more teams the NBL has means less talented locals to spread out on NBL rosters. Only way to even most teams is another roster spot with 1 or 2 Fiba Asia player as a locals if necessary. Money and attendance is always the big question?

Just a shame the league (13 teams) collapsed in 2008. Thought most of those’s teams (geographically) were a smart choice from the league except for Singapore.

The League needed to do more research before having team in Asia. A team full of Australians was never going to work. China, Japan or Philippines would of made more sense, but travel is the killer.

Basketball in Singapore was fairly new when the league brought the Slingers in 2006. Slingers first season was good before they went bankrupt.

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