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Has Big V run its course ?

I understand there are a few posts about the Big V competition around, but this is posing the question about the need for the competition. Hear me out.

I was involved I Big V a while ago, and I think it used to be a great competition. Strength across all division, strict criteria for entry and great big clubs involved. At one stage, Big V had Dandenong, Sandringham, Eltham, Melbourne, DV, Ringwood, Knox even, as well as the growing Casey & Keilor, among others, all of whom have now departed for NBL1, which I think has seriously weakened the competition. Regular media and articles, pre-season tournament which was embraced by most, I think it was a great comp.

I've been an advocate for a restructure of the competition for a while, and now with further turmoil, the competition looks as thin as I can remember.

So is it worth continuing on ? Especially with exorbitant fees and financial stress it seems to put on these smaller clubs still there.

So my thought is this. For the few remaining 8 or so "Bigger clubs", create an "NBL2", to play over winter and the rest of the "smaller clubs" disband into joining the CBL competition over the summer. With that CBL, create a no import rule and maybe even a VJBL like policy of only 2 transfers per year. This would put the focus on each club developing their own talent from within.

Having that competition over the summer would allow the better players a chance to shine, and perhaps snag a roster spot in the winter competition of the NBL1 & 2 squads.

Youth League for the NBL1 & 2 clubs could still run over the winter too, but for the CBL clubs, they would be absorbed into their senior teams, creating a better competition. Any superstar young talent, could then also play Youth League over the winter for the NBL1&2 clubs.

CBL would add a few new Divisions to their existing ones (Gippsland, NW, NE & SW) and can still have the end of year carnival playoff.

This is probably an unpopular idea with many, but to me it looks like Big V is fading rapidly. The biggest clubs have moved on, communication and media seems really down from Big V, but from what everyone writes on here, fees to play are still high (I have no insight into this).

Just a thought.

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There will always be a need for a senior comp. What it looks like I don't know. It's the same in the other states.

I think Champ should be 1 import, DIV1 import for country teams only, DIV2 no imports

Will never be an NBL2 competition. It would be damaging to the NBL brand. NBL1 is only a brand exercise by nature. It's still run by the state comps. This forum shows why there shouldn't be, with all the crap that goes on. You don't hear of NBL1 teams having 10 different threads discussing the same topic.

CBL is being run by BV. Move the teams over to CBL still need to move resources. NBL2 would still need to be run by BV. No different.

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But from the outside looking in (I have no affiliation to any club), CBL looks significantly cheaper to enter than Big V. Add a no import policy and a transfer restrictions, would put a real onus on local development.

While still having the Big clubs for a real showcase, and something for those real good players to aspire too.

Having an NBL2 I don't believe would diminish the NBL brand, its pretty clear what it is. It would also provide a clear path for all clubs. Through proper application and box ticking, instead of promotion based on a year of good recruiting. Would stop some of the smaller clubs being at or near the top tier with very poor facilities, when they recruited well for a season or 2.

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NBL2 would have to be Nation wide and that is never going to happen for that standard of basketball.

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Put youth teams back in with senior teams of other clubs.
Top youth champ with bigV champ.

No imports for D2

Centralise yl2 or make it above something mid week.

Basically go back to old vbl setup. They've totally fucked it from where it was, where it was heading and where it could have been.

Stop admitting every association that has keys to a substandard venue with no planning.

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Last month

CBL is 7 weeks + Finals
No Stats
No extensive media from League
Run in school venues

NBL wouldn't want to run games in schools as it cheapens the product. You obliviously never worked in marketing.

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Last month

NBL wouldn't want to run games in schools as it cheapens the product. You obliviously never worked in marketing.

...… are you joking? You've obviously never been to an Eltham Game.

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G man  
Last month

Nbl1 is king that's all as elite standard league for players in pathway now

Big v still a massive part in vic basketball as the development league for players

Of course big v status has dropped since nbl1 came along and about 8-9 clubs now playing in that

Not sure why people bagging big v still has a purpose big time in development of players and also providing that next level of play for senior players who don’t make it

Plus youth league is incredible league all divisions for kids in pathway

So move on you peoooe living in the past big v still has massive purpose amd is a great league !!!! I’m in high performance coaching just FYI

Nothing wrong with league presentation media I reckon it’s better than it was clearly you blokes aren’t on Facebook and stuff
Constant stuff gets put out during season of video highlights and stuff

Better than the old 3 wise men sitting around a table talking garbage pretty much lol and boring you to tears in a low key budget clip haha

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Last month

What needs to happen is nbl1 be cut back to 12 teams

And then the 6 come back to boost champ up again and increase standard

Why nbl1 has so many teams is crazy they just keep expanding and lowering the standard of nbl1 as a result with the clubs now up there and tearing the heart out of big v highest divisions

Another 2 lost and promoted to nbl1 again in Keilor Casey I don't get it

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Last month

Here here !!!!!
Big v is awesome still ! Of course it has purpose - ridiculous comments

Can't compete with nbl1 promotions that the nbl"s little brother nbl1 of course it’s next level media coverage

But agree nbl1 needs to stop expanding and cull some of their team numbers not only for their own league status but bigv as well stop the bleeding it’s not good form

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Last month

BigV still has its place.... No doubt about it. It's hard for kids at clubs that don’t have an NBL1 team to get into one (if they are not a pro already) as clubs obviously look after their own.
So from that point of view I see the expansion as a positive.
BigV being lower standard… I mean, to be totally honest… so? It’s part of the pathway too, and not being as elite, isn’t a secret. A lot of kids are not ready for that kind of physicality and so youth league and then BigV in my opinion are a good place to develop. Stand out, and an NBL1 coach will hunt you down.
As a coach in that space, I definitely follow the BigV stat lines and stories.

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Last month

Agree with the points on imports at BigV level. Reinvent the league as a pathway option. That would be good to see.

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The biggest problem with big V programs is it exploits juniors. All these ambitious coaches/GM basically take money from junior programs to pay for senior player/coaches. Bankrupt clubs. Look at hawthorn SP etc
Big V should be purely local talent with a limit on those outside.
And as for imports why?
Why do we keep looking overseas be it nbl or wnbl or big v?
There is no longer a reason to do this, there is enough talent in Australia to have an incredibly high standard. We are clearly on nba teams radar. To develop our players should still be the primary goal even at nbl level.

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Last month

There is not enough talent in the NBL to have an incredibly high standard without imports. Shit last season Brendan Teys and Kevin White had contracts. Australians only would be rubbish.

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Last month

The intention was not to boot the remaining Big V clubs out of a chance to have senior representation. Merely shift them to a more (again, from what I know) ost effective competition like CBL, where they can focus on player development more, instead of paying exorbitant fees to Big V, and out competing each other with imports and paying overs for recruiting local players.

To the one above who said CBL only run a 7 week season. I realize this. I'm pretty sure they could expand their season to include more teams if needed.

And no I'm not from marketing, not that has anything to do with proposing an idea. And CBL and NBL1 & 2 would be completely different entities, so why would where CBL teams play affect NBL anymore than it does now. And also, as someone else pointed out, how embarrassed are NBL going to feel when they realize Eltham plays out of a High School ? Is having Eltham in their league hurting their brand ?

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Last month

Eltham playing out of a brand new $19m purpose built 1,300 seat show court next season. Eltham have invested heavily to improve High School, including best locker rooms in the league, cladding in front of insulation and painting the stand. Looks great on camera.

You want to pot someone, look at Tigers (MSAC Crt 1), Diamond Valley (no locker rooms) Frankston (Locker Rooms) Mt Gambier (Locker Rooms)

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Last month

Merge CBL and Big V

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Last month

Monix I think you are the ex president of local basketball association in the south, when you ran that joint you paid coaches ridiculous money. Board members told you you were spending beyond your means. Thankfully new GM has sorted out issues and made sure all life members know. If it wasn't for him and last president the club would be broke.

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Game Watcher  
Last month

Is Monix related to The Hound?
Or the same person?

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Last month

As I said, been in and around Big V for a long time and think it needs a serious shake up. Have never been a president at any basketball association, so not sure who you think I am. And certainly not "The Hound".

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381, needs to be less teams at BigV not more

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Last month

Monix, you're a real "handyman"

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Last month

Absolutely no idea what you are talking about Anon.

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