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Vickerman on Kyle Adnam

"You go one and one, attack and go ahead and score on Kyle Adnam. He is the f---ing shittiest little defender in the league. Go ahead and score on him," Vickerman said, his spiel broadcast on ESPN's live coverage.

Vickerman apologised to Adnam post match but Adnam later said he had taken the sledge “personally”.

“I take it personally a bit, but that’s for 'Deano’ to say, the heat of battle, emotion, whether they believe that or not, that’s fine. I just go back and climb into the war and keep doing things we have put together as a defensive structure,” he said.

Dean not pulling any punches!

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Last year

Vickerman has a average team this season and to get them that close was remarkable, in saying that it was probably uncalled for as adnam has improved greatly.

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Last year

Adnam has been playing excellent this season, reliable scoring option and picks his poison well and defends reasonably well from what I've seen but def not as tough as Le'Afa.

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Last year

Not many are as tough as Le'Afa. DV cut Adnam because of his defence. Adnam has worked his ass off and has improved that area of his game considerably, to the point he is now more than adequate in that area. DV should give credit where it’s due and get over his poor choice of Hooley over Adnam with Hooley only lasting that one more year, while Adnam continues to thrive in this league.

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Dave Q  
Last year

Meh, coach says disparaging things about an opposing player. What a shocker. If that is what he says during timeouts, imaging what film sessions are like... :)

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Last year

Nah, this was personal

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Victoria Titans  
Last year

It was in the heat of the moment. Dean was just trying to fire up his players. United's defence intensity kept dropping off.

Kyle at times can be an awful defender. He has improved, good on him.

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Old Coach  
Last year

Nothing to see here.
Its when you hear domestic under 10s coaches talking like that, that something needs to be done.
And one hears it a lot.

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Last year

Vickerman probably regrets this. Just heat of the moment but comes across a bit unprofessional.

It's interesting we haven't had more of these types of comments go to air since NBL started broadcasting timeouts.

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Last year

Thought the comment was called for. Love the inside access to the timeouts the NBL provides. Adman is a horrific defender.

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Last year

^^ he actually isn't. He was 5 years ago.

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Last year

I thought it was obvious that Vickerman was trying to fire up Agada to make him more aggressive. Agada had been way too passive. It doesn't make the statement a true assessment, even based on Vickerman's opinion. It's just a coaching tool.

While Adnam held his own defensively in a couple subsequent plays, I thought it was good coaching to give Agada more motivation to be aggressive. It changed Agada's attitude in the game.

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Last year

Adnam bounced around as a DP from the Sixers to the Hawks to United and I always wondered why after 2 years as a DP at United they elevated him to the roster giving him a 2 year deal and then abruptly asked him to leave only one year into that deal and the Kings took him on for the last year of that contract. That was Vickerman's first season as coach of United.

Even though he's settled at SEM now and was made captain of the team this season I guess Vickerman still doesn't rate him.

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Last year

Poor form. Hope SE MELB follow up with an official complaint.

No one should be subjected to this crap.

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Last year

Hey? Why on Earth should Vickerman be in trouble for this? It was said during a timeout to his own players half to get them fired up and no doubt knowing the TO's are broadcast wanted to get a dig in at Adnam knowing it would get back to him.

Conner Henry said something similar about Clint Steindl last season, who cares move on trash talk is a part of sport.

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Last year

Does anyone think its only Vickerman saying it and only ever happens to Adnam?

Daniel Johnson would probably curl into a ball if he heard opposition film sessions and time outs.

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Big Ads  
Last year

I doubt that LB, he probably hears worse things said to him by Sixer fans at home games than anything said by a opposition player/coach/supporter.

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Last year

If the NBL don't want to hear it then don’t put the mics in the timeout. Tell me Mitchell wasn’t saying the same about Dieng on the Friday night as he couldn’t defend a traffic cone

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Last year

Big Ads - yeah I had a few choice words for the 36ers defence that I muttered under my breath at the game

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Last year

As a wrestling fan I think it's just adding a bit more spice to that matchup for next time even though it will be overshadowed by Creek/Peatling it's yet Another thing that NBL can advertise in their pregame coverage and advertising etc.

If there is heat between Kyle and Deano then so be it, not everyone in the NBL is great mates.

As for rivalry, I am more excited for Illawarra vs Sydney on New Year's Eve than seeing these two Melbourne clubs going at each other.

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