Manu Fieldel
Two years ago

Kai Sotto next season

I think Sotto will be a beast next season for Adelaide.

From that very first game of his in Cairns, you saw the movement, skill, vision. He will be a problem next year for mine. Especially with an actual point guard, which they should be signing (shifting McCarron to the starting 2 spot).

What say you, Sixers fans?

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Two years ago

I'm a neutral, but he has talent, needs a to work with a quality big, pay Bogut to train with him a few times a season like Longley does at Sydney. Needs to improve defensively first and get fitness levels up.

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Two years ago

I think he can be a good player in the NBL, relatively fluid and mobile enough for an NBL big. Solid preseason in the gym and someone to work on a few post moves with he could definitely be a top big in the league.

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Two years ago

You do know Bogut is in the ownership group in Sydney don't you?

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Two years ago

Old school stadium.
Old school jerseys.
Modern result.

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Two years ago

Yes I forgot that, but someone similar, as I said he's got talent.

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Ballin Fan  
Two years ago

Saw him down Melbourne Street the other day,
He seems to really enjoy it here.
When all the other 36ers are shaking and hanging their heads, his chin is up and he is still having a crack.
Apart from his obvious playing gifts, I love his energy and his attitude, I would love to see him back next year in a 36er shirt.

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Two years ago

I thought he rebounded really strongly today. I never thought at the beginning of the season that I'd rather see him in court than DJ. He’s a good talent and could become a solid NBL player, but he’s still not making NBA.

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Two years ago

I think he is limited both offensively and defensively.

For that reason, he does have an affect on the game, it's just whether or not it is a positive or negative affect.

I'd like to see him set stronger screens and develop or show a consistent hook shot and mid range jumper offensively. He would be unstoppable in the pick and pop situation at his height if he can consistently hit the mid range jumper.

Defensively, I think he goes chasing blocks too much and gets lost on assignments. Imo he needs to stick to the defensive sets and game plan...block opportunities will still come his way.

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Two years ago

Sotto has limitations but will improve with more time.

Start Sotto for rest of the season with Bairstow and Withers up front.

See what he can do with plays structured for him.

He is worth keeping as his salary is not counted against the 'cap' and he has shown glimpses of what he is capable of.

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Two years ago

@essenx, lol if landale could make it, kai sotto can and quite easily.

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Two years ago


Landale was the best local in the comp last year. Competing for MVP and winning finals mvp + impressed in the olympics. Kai comes off the bench for the second worst team in the league, he's not NBA material until he either gets significantly fitter or improves his skill set.

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Life is Basketball  
Two years ago

Very Wise @eagle!

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Two years ago


landale was also 26 years old and had a lot of mileage and experience under his belt. Sotto is 7 years his junior. Moreover jock is doing absolutely fuck all in the nba right now and would be lucky not to get waived b4 his contract expires. So much for "winning finals mvp", they are players in college better than joke landale. Moreover giddey played for the same team last season too, so not sure what that has anything to do with it.

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Two years ago

@eagle, you put sotto in a half decent coaching system and he'll easily surpass landale in a season or 2 at most.

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Two years ago

I feel like Kai wasted or did not maximize 2 years of his development. He only had FIBA senior games to show for the past 2 years. In hindsight, he should have accepted the European offers (Barca, Real Madrid, Baskonia and Alba) in 2019 or gone straight to the NBL or NCAA. Going to a guard-centric Ignite was a bad move and ruined his stock, but what's done is done. 

Just curious, but how well did Jock perform at 19 in the NBL? 

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Two years ago

"accepted the European offers"

He would have been glued to the bench in Europe

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Two years ago

@sixersfan, still would've learned and developed way more than he's doing with the 36ers now.

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Two years ago

"still would've learned and developed way more than he's doing with the 36ers now."

Based on what? He is developing well.

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Two years ago

Stevy, Jock was at St Mary's at that age. Averaged 17 and 10 as a junior, then 21 and 10 as a senior. West Coast Conference POTY.

He's far from cementing himself in the NBA, but he's had some decent outings including 26 and 7 a week ago. Gets very inconsistent minutes.

The 36ers are about the best place for Sotto right now given Humphries' situation and DJ having the season he is.

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Two years ago

I thought he was here for two years with NBA out clause. He's nominated for draft and it doesn’t look promising.

So is he back for 2023? CJ certainly loves him.

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Two years ago

Kai Sotto's agent Joel Bell says NBA teams have committed to draft him.

"He would have been drafted last year if he had been able to be in the draft. He'll be drafted this year if he chooses to remain in the draft," Bell told “We don't know [which round] exactly right now, but we have some assurances that he would be drafted.”

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Two years ago

It seems like Kai didn't do very well at NBA team workouts and is extremely unlikely to get drafted.

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Two years ago

Didn't do enough at Adelaide and another year at least in the NBL would be good for him , assuming he gets the minutes.

Some of these young guys are barely role players in the league and they all running for the NBA. Cooks for example has really played himself into star status last season to be attractive for Europe at least.

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Two years ago

I hope he comes back to Adelaide for another season. He can always go the Gleague route a bit later.

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