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Thybulle "ineligible to play" in Toronto

Bit of a noise today after Matisse Thybulle was listed as ineligible to play in Toronto, suggesting he's not vaccinated.

The 76ers are currently looking like they could match up against the Raptors early, and Canada has a vax policy for entry that could cause Philly trouble. Boston have also been non-committal about the status of their playing list.

Always adds a bit of spice to the machinations of matchups.

At the start of the season, the indication was that all but two of the Sixers were fully vaccinated. One of those players was Ben Simmons, who has since been vaccinated and traded to the Brooklyn Nets in a package for James Harden and Paul Millsap, who are fully vaccinated. A source confirmed that the second unvaccinated player is Thybulle.
From Wikipedia:
Thybulle was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, the son of Greg, a Haitian-born engineer raised in the Harlem neighborhood of New York,[3][4] and Dr. Elizabeth Thybulle, a naturopath who died of leukemia in 2015.
Emphasis mine.

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I would have thought he'd have to have been vaccinated to play in Tokyo? Seems odd

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Don't believe there was a requirement in Tokyo

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I believe Canada is requiring 3 vaxs now. Could be the issue.

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Could it just be because Canada requires people to wear shoes when out in public?

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For those who haven't yet, I suggest reading the relevant thread on /r/NBA - few anecdotes there detailing about what a kook his mother was, which goes a way to explaining why he’s unvaxxed.

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this year

People don't know the details yet, all speculation and I’ve already read some horrible things directed at him, his deceased mum, his sister, his dad...
He should die, he should be cut, he should have been traded, he’s a moron, he’s dumb, all Australians are idiots etc etc. crazy…

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Earlier this year

Yeah I had it in my head that Olympic athletes had to be vaccinated but looking at some old articles it doesnt seem that was the case. Just that they were offered the vaccine before the rest of us.

While I don't agree with not being vaccinated, abuse of people choosing not to doesnt help anyone (though laughing at crazy conspiracy theories is 100% fine)

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Earlier this year

I've enjoyed watching the anti-vax conspiracy theorists on my FB feed pivot from the vaccine to cloud seeding and chemtrails now with all the rain and flooding on the east coast.

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Earlier this year

damnit I thought he was cool

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this year

Likely he wont be available for WC or asia cup. Given they are taking place in asia which requires vaccinated entry.

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this year

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this year

Dont understand why he didn't just take the 1 shot of Johnson n Johnson vaccine over 1 of 2 Pfizer shots before the Olympics.

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Earlier this year

I am going to have my quick spiel on this and leave the subject alone from then on on this thread. But Matisse Thybulle has a god given right to decide what medications, vaccines or otherwise he has put in his body. If you look at the reasons our society insists that one should get vaccinated they usually boil down to:

1) preventing the spread of covid
2) preventing severe reactions to covid

What part of our current case numbers makes anyone think that the vaccine has been effective preventing the spread? "Oh yeah, South Australia is at 4000 cases a day, but it COULD BE MORE, according to the modelling."

Yes, the modelling. Which has consistently been wrong.

As for preventing severe reactions, Matisse is a healthy, fit young athlete who does not fall into a risk category that would make him particularly susceptible to this virus.

But what are young men like him actually having issues with? Myocarditis. It is beyond debate now that the vaccine causes heart issues and that there are various negative side effects to taking the shot. That is no longer in question. And even if that weren't nearly as certifiably true as it is, it would be entirely within Thybulle's right to decide which risk he is willing to take.

I am not an anti-vaxxer. But I am not vaccinated. I don't believe in chemtrails. I don't spend my life listening to David Icke. But when this vaccine came out I took a cautious "wait and see" attitude towards taking it, and for me the proof has been in the pudding. The virus has exploded regardless. Most people, even unvaccinated, have had reasonably mild reactions, restrictions have eased, vaccine mandates continue to be eased, and I feel like my personal choice has been vindicated - for me.

So Mattisse can decide he wants to stay unvaccinated. If that means we miss him for the World Cup, then so be it. But chances are vaccine mandates will be out the door by 2023 anyway. There are a portion of people who will never be vaccinated. They're not all lunatics. They're members of society which are integral to the ongoing function of the world. They cant be kept out forever for a vaccine, the effects and credentials of which are dubious at best - (what we're looking at four, five shots now to still end up getting it and passing it on???)

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Earlier this year

Hard to "stay unvaccinated" after you have been vaccinated I would have thought.

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this year

#735 it has been proven that getting covid if you are unvaccinated is far worse than getting Covid after vaccination. The heart issues occur in many vaccinated particular with Pfizer and AstraZeneca but not novavax and another I can't remember. Symptoms mainly last a few days for most and disappear, few severe cases, But less than .1%

My friend who works in Id at Austin hospital has many patients who were unvaccinated, got covid and now have a resting heart rate of 120 still after several months when before it was 60-80. 1/3 come in with covid vaccinated and have a short stay, the other 2/3 unvaccinated take months to recovery, about 1/3 of those have long term issues, mainly lung and heart health. I

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Earlier this year


Be careful talking sense around here. ::)))

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Earlier this year

I love "I'm not an anti vaxxer but..." nuffs

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You do realise that you're about a thousand times more likely to get myocarditis after covid19 infection than after the Pfizer vaccine? It’s only males aged 19-30 who seem to get myocarditis after the Pfizer VAD anyway.

There was some early research into cardiac issues resulting from Covid19.

I get my covid19 and vaccine info from reliable medical sources, including "Australia’s prominent cardiologist" (source: organ retrieval,Dr), JAMA, and vaccine updates from covid19 and vaccine research entities (a lot from Johns Hopkins Uni & Medical Centre).

There have been recorded instances of covid19 infections triggering chronic and acute cardiovascular and respiratory issues (it’s more common for respiratory). “Long covid19” is an emerging phenomenon, which we will learn more about over time.

In the USA, you can get other preventative treatments (eg Evushield). I’ve not heard of this being available in Australia.

Australia has been fortunate (so far) in being:
1. In Southern Hemisphere the virus seems to spread more in norther hemisphere winters so it travels here in our summer, when sneezing and coughing is less prevalent
2. We have a less densely packed population, and as a result people naturally are more socially distant outside of capital cities (just observe people’s comfort with each others’ physical proximity in rural areas to inner city areas
3. We have a very good public hospital system which, once again, has done the heavy lifting.
4. Our winters are comparatively mild

These factors have combined to keep rates of ICU admissions down compared to other countries.

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Earlier this year

I love a common man with no degree or education in genomic sequencing or vaccines or shit anything to do with global pandemics does their own research. You have no idea if assertion A is plausible or if assertion B is plausible because you have no idea and aren't educated. I love "own research “ people. You’re not qualified douche

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