Two years ago

Wetzell released to join EuroLeague team

the @NZBreakers and Yanni Wetzell have agreed to a release from the remainder of his contract.
Wetzell is set to join Spanish EuroLeague outfit Baskonia with DP Sam Timmins elevated to the roster.


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Two years ago

This is case in point why the league standards have dropped this season for all but a couple of over-talented squads. Great news for the player, bad news for the breakers and general league standards for next year.

Was better when players could play Euro and NBL as was back in the old days from a scheduling point of view.

Solution - more imports ?

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Two years ago

Hoping this means he comes back after the Euro season and resumes his contract with NZ. One of the best bigs in the NBL.

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Two years ago

By granting him a release they keep a great relationship with Wetzell so if there's not enough dough on the table or he’s not happy in Europe they’re in the pound seats to re-sign him

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Two years ago

Baskonia, season is over in euro league this season, missed out on play offs, finish 9th after the three Russian teams were punted. Currently 7th in ACB ( top league in Spain) probably end up in euro cup instead of league next season unless they got permanent license which I don't think they have.
As to get more imports to nbl, you want quality you better find some money, as even Siva was no where near the player he was.

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Two years ago

In 2019 the average budget of euro league team was 24.4 million and players wage 14.8 million.
Top line players go to Europe first if can't get nba gig, there is four European competitions. Now players like Casper were on big dollars in a australia, Cotton, Adams etc, these players stay while the money is compatible, English speaking, good weather and conditions, soon as money not there ie Casper, there gone.

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Two years ago

That's US dollars.

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Two years ago

NBL still a league for a bit of an unproven import to come in and make a name. Mooney, Newbill for example didn't get the big contracts in Japan until they picked up their game here.

For the cats Ennis and Prather both came over without big resumes and made careers after success here. These types of players we need whop come in and develop into something better.

Some ways it could improve:
- NBL maybe needs to make it easier to swap out underperforming imports to allow for more flexibility for teams to find the right mix. Ways to get out of contracts easier for poor performance.
- NBL allows long terms imports to be granted some sort of non-import status. For example someone like a Randle would be great off the bench for many teams if he wasnt holding a full import spot. Give players like Cotton, Muchado and others who play here 3-4 seasons to look at NBL as a "retirement" league. You play here for a bit less pay in the NBL in return for becoming eligble to be a Brokeoff or Dave Anderson type to play out the last few years in the NBL.

With the cats possibly going to miss the finals their short sighted decision to not approve John Brown will cost eyes on screens and people on seats. Biggest fan base in Australia potentially gone for the playoffs. NBL needs to focus on entertainment value and keep the big fan bases engaged. Make it easier to build depth and to swap out underperforming players.

You cant have it both ways with full stadiums and TV viewers with terrible teams and then making it hard to change pieces to fix a problem.

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Two years ago

@ ballman
Some very good ideas.

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Two years ago

Currently 7th in ACB ( top league in Spain) probably end up in euro cup instead of league next season unless they got permanent license which I don't think they have.

Baskonia do hold a permanent EuroLeague licence which is farcical since unlike the other long-term holders they regularly finish outside of the top two/three positions of their domestic league.

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Two years ago

If that's the case PW, they got plenty of money.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

On the feed it said he had signed for 400,000 euros.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

That's $584,000 aussie dollars...

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Two years ago

I'd be saying that is the whole package in total. Tax to come out, house and car, good player but I can’t see that as net.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

He's worth more Imo.

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Two years ago

I think you'll find that includes the option for next season too.

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Two years ago

I'll miss him, he was fun to watch and seemed to work hard.

Good luck to Timmons as I expect him to start as Ro bLoe has done sweet fuck all for a fair while now.

As for the suggestions on imports, I thought we once had something where imports after 4 seasons were considered locals.

I'd like to see an ability to swap underperforming imports with other NBL teams and I know monies come into it but if say Frazier was swapped for Hannahs earlier in the season and Frazier was on less (he wouldn't have been) then Adelaide gets a cheaper player on their books as their playoffs hopes diminish and Perth get a more reliable shot maker as they approach the playoffs (this is all and example as it could be argued any of the actual example is factual)... I hope you understand the point all the same

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Two years ago

Didn't Loe score 27 or something like that in their last game?

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Two years ago

Yeah Loe had a career night against Tasmania who didn't have a Centre of any sort let alone anyone notable so I would take that box score with a grain of salt.
Sam Timmins is worth developing but not starter material yet. I would go after Waardenburg and sign an Import to play the bulk of the minutes.

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Two years ago

I sorta get your point Baller, but it's the Perth Wildcats fault for not being organised getting the Brown deal done early.

NBL shouldn’t be rewarding the most popular teams every season. It means the Bullets, Taipans and Phoenix will most likely finish down the bottom every season.

I really do hope the Wildcats lose both games because if United win tonight then they secured top spot and potentially rest players against Tasmania.

Illawarra has a good chance beating the Wildcats if they have no Vic Law. Phoenix are very inconsistent, but still have enough fire power to beat them. Anything can happen, but I still think the Wildcats will scrape through on percent. Not even tiebreakers will save Tassie because they lost 1-2 in their series already.

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