Two years ago

NBL1 South

Made it to the Tigers Vs Wildcats game on Sunday. Both teams looked average to be honest. I havent made it to an NBL1 game since pre covid but is the talent drop across the board or just these two?

The Tigers did a good job coming back from 32-16 down early in the second to win the game. Always fun seeing a Gaze splash a few threes while his Dad is on the sidelines.

Tigers definitely feel like a budget operation, not even playing at the showcourt of MSAC

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Two years ago

Young Mason is a nice dude

Good to see he's still balling and doing well by the looks of it- in the starting 5, donning his Dad's number 10

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Boba Fett  
Two years ago

I suspect it's those 2 and probably a few others.

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Two years ago

Think you will find that some clubs will conserve the $$ this year after 2 years of minimal income, thus putting themselves into a bigger hole. While other clubs will buy themselves a chip this year and possibly suffer in a few years time when the money runs out.

You can go several directions, build from within, which it looks like what the Wildcats have done (looked like a fair number from their youth program???), or you can go out and recruit/buy a squad. Neither is right or wrong just different processes. Clubs just have to go with what works for them in any given time, both in the short term and the long term.

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Two years ago

It's very average across the board. U18 players filling in. Not good

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Pablo Escobar  
Two years ago

Mt. Gambier are looking like championship material. Harris, Kubank and Marshall are killing it and possibly the best 3 Aussie combo in the league. Stalwart Daly plus a second import are also still to come.

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Two years ago

Agreed 193. I've watched the Pioneers first two games and I must say both their women and men have been impressive. More so what their men have done isn't getting enough attention. Harris, Kubank, De Wit (first game, out second) and Marshall (out first, in for second) have played some of the most incredible basketball i've seen in a long time. They're out hustling teams that on paper are considerably bigger and meant to have more talent.

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Not Sure  
Two years ago

No comment after Geelong beat them at the Ice House!!!

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Two years ago

Mt Gambier vs Frankston for outright 1st on the standings.

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Two years ago

watched some clips of the game at Ringwood... that stadium doesn't look real safe, not much run off at the ends and the steel columns on the baseline also look super close and dangerous.

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Boba Fett  
Two years ago

Coe win both.

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Two years ago

Frankston Men drop both this weekend.

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Pablo Escobar  
Two years ago

Frankston and Geelong drop their bundle.

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Two years ago

Half way through the season, and Mt Gambier looking hard to stop from both sides.
Rest of the 8 on both sides looks really tight too.

But from the games I've seen MG look pretty unstoppable.

New teams Keilor & Casey have done ok in their first season, especially on both Womens side. Men have struggled a bit, but Keilor men have been in a lot of games.

Mt Gambier get the double and send 2 teams to Nationals ??

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Jack Rabbit  
Two years ago

Yep have to say both the new clubs have done better than most thought. Good on them.

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Young Gun  
Two years ago

Does anyone else think that there are too many teams in the south conference? On the women's ladder, Ballarat has a real chance of missing out of getting into the playoffs, even though they currently have a 13-8 record. I hear that Werribe are keen to enter. Is it time to refine the conference or create a relegation system? Is there any appetite from NBL1 leaders to divide the conference?

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Two years ago

Well Ballarat need to win more games is the answer

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

No issue with the amount of teams imo, would like to see more games packed into a shorter window tbh. 18-22 games over 4 months, would like to see it bumped to 25.

Don't like youth players sitting all the time either, each conference should have an u18 side made up of the best npp and sdp players before moving to nbl1 clubs or college. Those that aren’t npp/elite spp should be the ones sitting at the end of the bench and being developed by clubs.

Not a fan of the wildcard conference at all, keep the Coe in the east.
Stop flying everywhere, save $$$... and bring in more kids to the Coe, have 15 being developed instead of just 12.

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