Last week

U17 National Teams announced


Saffron Shiels - NSW

Lulu Twidale – QLD

Sienna Harvey – VIC

Rubi Gray – TAS

Monique Bobongie – QLD

Jayda Clark – WA

Olivia Bradley – SA

Summah Hanson – QLD

Tabitha Betson – VIC

Isla Juffermans – NSW

Jess Petrie – QLD

Sarah Portlock – VIC

Head Coach: Tracy York

Assistant coach: Zoe Carr

Assistant coach: Kayelee Stuart


Josh Dent – NSW

Kristian Ferronato – VIC

Tristan Devers – VIC

Lachlan Brewer – TAS

Carlin Briggs – VIC

Joshua Hughes – QLD

Roman Siulepa – QLD

James O'Donnell – NSW

Rocco Zikarsky – QLD

Austin Rapp – VIC

Jacob Furphy – TAS

Kye Savage – TAS

Head Coach: Justin Schueller

Assistant coach: Greg Vanderjagt

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Weedy Slug  
Last week

York, Carr and Stuart will lose all credibility as coaches after this campaign I reckon.

Step 1. Make the camp list really small and leave out the top performers from ajcs.
Step 2. Take all COE kids to the asia cup/WC regardless.
Step 3. Take girls who did not even make the ajc u18 state team.
Step 4. Take several players who were outclassed by others, even teammates.

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Earlier this week

From a Vic perspective having only 1 player from the Girls Vic Metro team that won AJC is pretty average. Its not like there weren't any standout performances from particular players either. As for the girl who wasn't in Vic the team, she clearly has a lot of potential but at the moment she's not even close to being a standout performer in VJBL.

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this week

The boys team was relatively easy to choose, the bigs, the forwards... only tough decision was choosing the pgs.

Ferranato and savage + dent were chosen but we still had Foxwell, pitman and Jonathan as other quality options.

Clearly the 2 u.s based players, Amir and maker were not available.
6'6-6’7; Amir would have been a great addition as a shooting wing/forward.

The only questionable decision was the selection of rapp who averaged 7 pts, 8 rbds at ajc.

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this week

Wasnt alot of quality pgs in the girls at u18s.
Coaches shouldn't be afraid to use double bottom agers in fiba comps.
We saw Ezi play u19s and potter as double bottoms, why not take a pg from 07? Lots of outstanding pgs in that age group that would outperform both 05/06.

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Earlier this week

I think the top 05 and 06 PG's are pretty decent. I would agree that the talent is higher in the 07 group, but I don't think they are there yet.

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this week

05/06 pg

Gray tas
Harvey vic c
Burrows vic m
Holmes qld n
Cameron(nz) qld s
Martin nsw m
Hinton sa m
Foster wa m

Harvey has probably the brightest future out of the above but collectively the rest of the group is well below the 99/00, 01/02, 03/04 and potential of the 07/08 group.

99/00 had pgs/cgs like Shelley, Conti, Goodchild, Cubillo, Hurst
01/02 had pgs/cgs like Heal, Melbourne, Amoore, Scanlon, Henderson, Ellis
03/04 had pgs/cgs like Deeble, Loughridge, Heal, Moffatt, Fakalata
07/08 has already quite a few standouts, hall, seumanutafa, Lehmann, Notoa etc etc
Even 09 is showing quite a few, Elliot...

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Earlier this week

Burrows showed herself to be the best PG at nationals. She out played all of them.

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Earlier this week

I think Burrows was pretty good too, she's very unlucky not to be in the team.

Re the 07 girls, I don't think Lehman or Notoa are PG's, very good players though. Seumanutafa seems more suited to SG also but you could call her a PG.

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this week

She was the best defensively in that position for sure. Would come in handy in asia.

When I watched the ajcs, I thought the selectors would come to their senses and pick the players that were easily outperforming the Coe kids and that their would be no bias, but it obviously did not happen.

Given that the asia tournament was first for qualification and that typically only 1 team can compete with us in the height department, I thought the team would look more guard heavy, particularly using guards that could defend and also initiate + also have mobile forwards who could crash the glass and do a bit of everything. slowing down teams like japan, Korea, Phillipines with a team full of bigs will be tough with the selected group.

Would have gone with...

5'6 Burrows pg
5’8 Harvey cg
5’9 Gray cg
5’9 Twidale cg
5’10 Bobongie sg
5’10 Wickstrom g/f
6’0 Clark sf
6’1 Shiels cf
6’1 Donnelly cf
6’2 Petrie pf/c
6’3 Crichton c
6’4 Juffermans c

Holmes pg
Alexander sg
Gardiner sf
Bradley pf
Betson c

If a player did not perform well or they needed more size, I expected that they would make a change or two before the WC.

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this week

Chosen squad...

5'8 Harvey cg
5’9 Gray cg
5’9 Twidale cg
5’10 Bobongie sg
6’0 Clark sf
6’1 Shiels cf
6’1 Bradley pf
6’1 Hanson pf
6’2 Petrie pf/c
6’2 Betson c
6’4 Juffermans c
6’6 Portlock c

You’ve got 6 players that play as a 4-5 man.

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this week

Boys selected

6'1 Savage pg
6’1 Ferranato pg
6’3 Dent cg
6’4 Devers g/f
6’4 Briggs g/f
6’5 Brewer g/f
6’5 Siulepa cf
6’5 Furphy cf
6’6 Rapp c
6’8 O’Donnell c
6’10 Hughes c
7’2 Zikarsky c

Rapp maybe the head scratching decision with this group. Only 1-2 good games in the tournament. Undersized big man that is strong, can shoot the 3 but a little slow getting up and down the floor.

6’7 Amir cf is a huge loss, someone ranked top 40 in the USA in the age group.
Raw 6’11 maker also missed out.

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Earlier this week

How many top age players?

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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this week


Saffron Shiels - NSW 06

Lulu Twidale - QLD 05

Sienna Harvey – VIC 06

Rubi Gray – TAS 05

Monique Bobongie – QLD 06

Jayda Clark – WA 05

Olivia Bradley – SA 05

Summah Hanson – QLD 05

Tabitha Betson – VIC 05

Isla Juffermans – NSW 05

Jess Petrie – QLD 05

Sarah Portlock – VIC 06


Josh Dent – NSW 05

Kristian Ferronato – VIC 05

Tristan Devers – VIC 05

Lachlan Brewer – TAS 05

Carlin Briggs – VIC 05

Joshua Hughes – QLD 05

Roman Siulepa – QLD 06

James O'Donnell – NSW 05

Rocco Zikarsky – QLD 06

Austin Rapp – VIC 05

Jacob Furphy – TAS 06

Kye Savage – TAS 05

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Earlier this week

How tall is Foxwell? Just trying to understand why not selected.m, because he loves well.

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Earlier this week


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Weedy Slug  
Earlier this week

Height estimates

Ayoubi 5'10
Oneill 5’10
Foxwell 5’10-5’11
Savage 6’1
Ferranato 6’1
Jonathan 6’1
Brooks 6’1-6’2
Pitman 6’1-6’2
Dent 6’2-6’3

All the best pgs were smallish

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Earlier this week

It works in juniors to be that height, but you have to be really, really, really exceptional at that height to take it to the next level as you move to seniors. Unfortunately, BV do not seem to recognise the end-game early enough, and put to much effort at u12-u16 into kids that have grown early, can dominate on the court but simply just ain't going to grow and so can’t compete at the highest level past 15 / 16 years old. TBH, unless a PG looks like being > 6’2", I’d pass. Sorry for being "height-est” but it is the sad reality in this game, and increasingly so. If you have parents that are short and want to make it to an elite level, try another game.

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Life is Basketball  
Earlier this week

kanga, and then you have the taller kids in up to U16's who have to play as bigs, but you know development wise they are not going to be big enough to play big as they progress so really need to be developed as gaurds (the u16’s who are the 6"1-6”3 type) The old question of winning V development for future.

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Earlier this week

Yeah, I agree with you. So many kids who are 13 / 14yo and basically fully grown being taught how to play big their whole bball life. A real shame. Parents need to take some responsibility here - they need to work with the coaches to make sure there is a vision as to what bball looks like for their kid as they get older ... and don't grow.

If I was a father who was < 6 foot or so, I would not let my kid play big in under-age teams, even if they were 5’10" at 13 or 14, as they will never be able to handle the ball well enough to enjoy basketball as they get older and don’t grow.

It all a shame, and never dealt with well. Football is much better for kids that grow early and won’t be tall, as there is a future for them even if they end up being 5’10” or so. They can be a nice junior baller but that’s about it.

IMO, BV should just not bother selecting kids at u16 and older who won’t be taller than 6’2”. Almost full stop … unless they are really, really, really exceptional.

And for SDP (don’t get me started with that race to pubity), they need to be much more selective - unless the kid is long at that age, don’t select. It’s just about being a bit more scientific and realistic. It takes effort to find the kids that will likely be worth the effort and for whom the extra training will pay off for the State, but worth it.

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If you follow that selection process you will deselect our next Patty Mills at u16 and push them into another sport. The flow on will be a lower standard overall which will also affect the development of the taller kids that might fit your profile. Not to mention that some of those shorter kids might keep growing and end up not being short, but you will have already lost them. There is a far bigger problem with bias towards early developers than there is with selecting shorter kids.

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You missed my comment about smaller guys who are really really really good and great shooters, like Patty!
You make some very good points though.
I still think the biggest issue is the focus on early developers, and putting too much time into kids who just won't get big enough. Think of those kids that just bully their way to the rim in juniors, head down racking up points and without regard to their teammates spacing the floor. They often get selected for SDP and other programmes, and it’s just a waste of State resources, and it’s all to the detriment of skilled kids who are long and will develop later. Smart coaches sit back and observe, looking at what the kid might become with their coaching input, rather than what the kid is now.

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Rapp over Ibukonaluwa is real head scratcher for me. I would of thought he did as much as he could given the team he had around him at nationals.

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Weedy Slug  

If all were available, this team would make 1/4 finals atleast at WC.

6'1 05 Savage pg
6'1 05 Ferranato pg
6’3 05 Dent cg
6’4 05 Devers g/f
6’4 05 Briggs g/f
6’5 05 Brewer g/f
6’5 06 Siulepa cf
6’7 05 Amir cf
6’8 05 O’Donnell c
6’10 05 Hughes c/pf
7’0 06 Maker c/pf
7’2 06 Zikarsky c

With the current selections, I predict
1st or 2nd in asia
7th-11th at WC

Previous result
1st - 2017 u16 asia
6th - 2018 u17 WC

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Weedy Slug  

Field set
China and Taipei not coming.

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Rapp can stretch the floor and shoot better than any of them.

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Will Australia send a team in the U-16 Asian Championship?

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My bad, never mind, didn't read the whole thread and just the title. I'm looking forward to seeing them in action.

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