Last month

Fans attempt to attack Ref

Disappointing incident happened in the Mens Sunbury Hume Champ Men game this afternoon, where 2 female specatators went onto the court attempting to attack the ref. Game was called off following the incident.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

The ref dissappeared from the scene. Probably a good idea.

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Last month

Why attack the ref? They didn't do anything wrong.

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Last month

It is disappointing at any level of sport.

Not sure if the big fella was malicious with the foul but the ref made the right call and spectators should never get involved like that, hope there is a Code of Conduct that covers having the spectators getting suspended.

The reason why it is hard to get referees to keep being involved.

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Jack Rabbit  
Last month


Hume should be kicked out of all basketball


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Last month

Disgraceful. The guy who committed the USF tackles the dark haired fan to the ground. Seriously so bad

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Last month

Omg. Something needs to happen after that. Champ men is meant to be the flagship of Big V and it's putting that embarrassing mess out there.

BTW, What was with that dude who fouled to start that shit?

Clean up the game FFS!

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Last month

F***ing pathetic. Those two peanuts should be banned for life. What a shitshow.

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a5ian nbl fan  
Last month

Banned for life from all levels surely

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Dave Q  
Last month

Clumsy foul by white #25. I get what he was trying to do, but the execution was... lacking. No idea what the spectators were thinking. Good call by the refs to can the game and disappear.

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Last month

In what is obviously an unusual and terrible situation. It looked as though all players and coaches from Hume and Sunbury handled the situation really well, particularly 11 from Sunbury for shielding the ref.

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Last month

Was it the fouling player's mother who came out?

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Last month

Yes it was the mum

A family with history in this area (maybe not attacking) but have gone very close to the line. It confuses me how anybody thinks this works or how these people can continue to be like this on a weekly basis and clubs wait until the worst thing happens.

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Last month

The video's been made private so I can't rewatch, but did the big dude apply a rough foul, ref called unsportsmanlike, and then for some reason the fans got upset at the ref's call? Surely that's a pretty unremarkable call given the foul?

Maybe if we're being very, very charitable there's some ignorance about what is reasonable behaviour for a basketball game, but surely you can pick up on the fact that no other fans are going on court to get upset about foul calls? If your child is in a life-threatening physical altercation, that's one thing, but the big dude was going to survive this.

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Jack Rabbit  
Last month

Great call Issac! One would think the big fella was going to be ok.

Why has the video been taken down? Is it not Big V policy to have video of all games available?

Is something being covered up?

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Last month

I'd say it has been taken down because it is not a very good look for Big V basketball.

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Red ‘n’ blue  
Last month

Hume must be kicked out of the comp immediately.This type of action simply cannot be condoned.i hope the referee's refuse to ref a state championship match until this happens.and of course those idiot spectators must be booted for LIFE.

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Last month

Quotes from press coverage at

'One spectator was held back by players and walked away but came back and charged towards the referee.'

'It's understood the offending spectators were relatives of a Broncos player.'

'"We would like to commend both teams on their conduct throughout the incident, as they immediately protected the referees and ensured their safety."'

'“Any further action will need to be investigated and possibly reported to the Basketball Victoria Tribunal for further investigation and as such Basketball Victoria will not make any further comment at this time,”...'

'The footage was swiftly taken down by the league after inquiries were made by the Herald Sun on Monday.'

"Broadmeadows Basketball Association has since banned both women from attending any Big V games that the Broncos’ play in."

The title of the article's tab in my browser was 'Mums banned after ugly basketball court abuse', which makes the relationships of the spectators to the players pretty clear.

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Last month

Was discussed on talk back radio today. Also on a number of new websites including Herald Sun.

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Last month

Player is Jah Solai and this isn't the first time his relatives have been suspended from big v games.

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Last month

^^ Correct why did they club wait till now to act

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Last month

Heard tonight the spectators got 3 and 5 years

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