Relaxed coach
Last month

BV Mandatory coaching requirements

Beginning in 2023, coaches will be required to go through coach education training before coaching in any Basketball Victoria-operated leagues. Upon completing the training, coaches will gain their Basketball Australia coaching accreditation, and will receive a certificate and additional resources to help with their coaching. Mandatory

More information on BV website

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Last month

Making it mandatory for assistants seems excessive.

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Last month

I do see it as a bit of a money grab but I don't mind the intentions behind it as far as education.

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William 23  
Last month

While I understand what they are trying to do e.g. increase coaching knowledge this just missing the mark. While they have completely removed the ability to find out how much these courses cost, I believe they start at $100 for Community and $300 Association?? I am not sure who is fronting the cost for these? As a coach I am already out of pocket over $1,000 a year in petrol etc and I don't think clubs can afford to be paying $100 x 4/6 teams (Boys+girls 1-3 teams) x coach and assistance in each age group.

I don’t believe any other state enforces this, I believe most other sports (AFL I know) has online coaching accreditation/membership courses ($50) so Basketball is going way over the top and I think after 2 years of COVID several parent coaches and volunteers would just be done with it.

Let’s not start with maybe investing some of this time and effort into training and recruiting umpires

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Dr Dre  
Last month

They will not be able to enforce it and will fall on it's head.

If current $$ are correct. Will lose lots of volunteer coaches in VJBL.

Top brass filling their pockets as usual in the BV palace. Massive money grab by BV.

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Last month

William costs are in the article

Community = $20
Club = $150
Association = $310

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William 23  
Last month

Not sure what post you are reading but have looked at the email, website and facebook and cant see it anywhere - only the cost of the RPL

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Flyers Get Wings  
Last month

It is under the FAQ section on the website

Will be interesting to see how this effects coach numbers.

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Melbourne Boy  
Last month

Clubs will end up paying for coaches courses which will raise fees a little, but it's a pure money grab by BV, do the maths, only 30% of VJBL coaches currently have accreditation, how many VJBL teams are there again? Well over 1000.

Plus the club course is merely a price of paper that doesn't really teach much, that's no disrespect to the coach leading the course, but how much can be taught to a large group of coaches at extremely varied levels of experience in half a day.

Also how will that work when a fill in coach is needed, especially in the current environment, there won't be all these "qualified" coaches just waiting to fill in on a Friday night when needed.

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Last month

I'd like it to effect team numbers stop rolling out 6th and 7th teams full of domestic level kids playing for Dad who just wants his son to stop crying about not being picked in VJBL that would be a good start.

the courses are only as good as their presenters, I attended a community coaching course (as a club official) the coach taking the course so engaging informative and spoke really well and with his experienced was happy to open the floor up for further details and questions. It was during the Banyule Hawks course his name has left me, but more people like that and we get better coaches period!

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Last month

Interesting timing, given that they took over administering around a million $ of Hawthorn's debt.

It HAS to be coincidental ....

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Last month

AFAIK this is the beginning of a BA push to install these requirements nation wide.

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Last month

Glad to hear that they're trying to raise the standards nation-wide, but wouldn’t a better approach be to encourage improvement by reducing charges to clubs which work hard to get all coaches to a certain level of competence?

As an earlier contributor said, how will they handle all those fill-in coaches?

I haven’t read the stuff on the website, so I hope that this initiative only applies to those who currently have no formal qualifications or are below a certain level of experience. (I don’t have formal quals but have over 25 years of experience, so I’m not going to welcome having to sit through a series of basic coaching courses.)

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Last month

Hoopie you can apply for RPL based on experience for community and club, at a reduced cost

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Last month

Cheers, Anon

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Last month

This wouldn't have anything to do with Basketball Vic trying to get some extra $$ to pay off Hawthorn’s $1 million debt does it?

It smells like a money maker to me.

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Last month

@BigD hahahaha!

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Old Coach  
Last month

The effect of this will be that many clubs reduce the number of teams that they field.
Maybe that is the effect desired by BV all laong.

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Last month

If it does have that affect Old Coach I'm all for it.

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