Last month

Kai Sotto returns with Adelaide 36ers

Quizzed on whether the 2022 Fans' MVP would return for a second season, coach C.J Bruton revealed the news all Adelaide fans were waiting to hear.

"He is, he is," Bruton said on the Aussie Hoopla Podcast.

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Last month

So are we happy or disappointed? Think he started to improve but some of those decisions left a lot to the imagination. Do we still have a roster spot left now?

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Last month

I wish him well, certainly not convinced he's that good though, shown glimpses offensively, defensively got improve a lot.

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Master Chief  
Last month

Obviously wish the kid all the best, but really need another big. DJ and Sotto is not going to get the job done if Adelaide are serious about contending.

What kind of money is he on? I wonder if they expected him to be off the books this season, plus maybe being compensated for being drafted while under contract and that's why Adelaide couldn't pull off another big. Dunno?

If they did have money to go after the bigs they claimed, plus another import, then maybe they should just sign a cheap big and go even harder at a high level import to round it out.

I think Sotto is a pinch hitting type big at the moment, but good luck to him this season!

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Last month

Do we still have a roster spot left now?

2 spots left.

Robert Franks*, Antonius Cleveland*, Daniel Johnson, Mitch McCarron, Sunday Dech, Anthony Drmic, Kai Sotto, Kyrin Galloway, Hyrum Harris

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Last month

He should never have stayed in the draft. He needed at least 1 more year. He'd probably be drafted then. The kid has potential, but his hype train, fans and management, are what is ruining his career.

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Last month

Did anyone listen to the Hoopla interview with CJ? He intimated there was more to Kai's decision to stay in the draft, something about having been on the Ignite team. I didn’t understand the connotation that was made though.

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Last month

I don't know what that means either but CJ is his coach and Sotto one of his players so it's natural he's going to defend his and his teams decision making in some way.

I agree Sotto could've done with one more year of seasoning before putting his name in the draft regardless I still assumed he would get picked anyway due to his unique skill set 7'2" guys with his range don't grow on trees.

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Last month

So with Sotto now locked in, the Sixers presumably know what they need for their final big man slot and can get it done soon?

Would a Bairstow/ Sotto backup combo to DJ be enough to get by, allowing the final import slot to go on an import point guard? (This would also presumably mean playing a fair amount of small ball with Franks @ the 4)

Or does McCarron's performance leading the Boomers at the Asian Cup strengthen his hand as the Sixers point guard and encourage the Sixers to invest in an import big man instead?

Seems to have been a fair amount of significant big man signings around the league recently. Maybe this forces the Sixers to add a quality big rather than a point guard?

I'm really in two minds about this, because the roster is still lacking a quick ball-handler who can break down defences and get everyone good shots.

Which will it be CJ? Run and gun offensive Sixers or strong interior defence Sixers?

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Last month

If the NBA wasn't so racist to Filipinos than Kai Sotto would of been a top 10 pick.

He really has a unicorn type of skill set. He has the potential to be like Jokic on offense and Gobert on defense.

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Last month

Beantown, Franks is a 4? DJ will presumably be the 5 and according to DJ's 'Sixers are in the championship mix' statement yesterday CJ intends to play an up tempo style this season.

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Last month

My meaning may not have been clear Zodiac. Yes, Franks is primarily a 4. I was just alluding to the fact that the COMBINATION of DJ and Franks may be slightly undersized vs some matchups (more because of DJ's defensive limitations than Franks).

DJs recent comments align with what I heard from CJ awhile back that he thinks this team can play uptempo ball. Seems more likely that CJ will choose to spend more on a guard at this point than the final big man spot?

If so, perhaps Bairstow can give the Sixers enough toughness and rebounding for 15-20 mins against bigger opponents? And Kai can soak up more minutes against the less beefy frontcourts?

What do you think? Is that the way to go? Or does McCarron's Asian Cup and signings like Baynes change the Sixers thinking to the opposite roster balance from the final two spots?

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Last month

Well the way I've been kinda viewing it is have the Sixers at any point said they intend to sign a third import? Not that I've read and the inference was we were in talks with Munford, who has since signed in Israel, before Franks had signed on so that might've been an intentional leak to Franks' agent to accept our offer.

If we don't sign a third import, which would be understandable considering the cost to lure Franks & Cleveland than obviously McCarron would be the starting PG. We haven't signed a back up PG yet Dufelmeier is still a FA as is Isaac White so not sure which way they're going. I assume the back up PF will likely be Bairstow.

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Last month

I hope we don't settle for only two imports. The team made a great start by signing Cleveland and Franks, but if we want to get back to the playoffs, then we need to round out the roster with at least one more impact player. I think if Bairstow can be signed, a quick import ball-handler might be higher impact than an import big man if its a choice between the two.

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Last month

The fact CJ has been on numerous late night zoom calls and been watching import film, I'd say that there will be 3 imports.

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Boba Fett  
Last month

"The fact CJ has been on numerous late night zoom calls and been watching import film, I'd say that there will be 3 imports.? You know this to be true?

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Last month

CJ did a podcast Friday with Aussiehoopla and discussed it, so yeah I do know.
Bairstow might not get up body wise.

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Pablo Escobar  
Last week

So he's coming back as per his contract. Not sure why this is huge news.

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Last week

Didn't he lead the league in jersey sales last season? That and his big social media following probably warrant the announcement.

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