Two years ago

Mitch Mccarron

How does this guy escape criticism and gets pats on the back every game?

The first play of the game against Phoenix he puts no effort in to stay with Broekhoff and lets him have an open 3. A few player later the same thing, Broekhoff with another 3. A few plays later same effort and fouls the 3 point shooter. Then he fouls another guy shooting a 3, Unlucky for him as it did look like the guy kicked his feet out but the reality is his effort to stay with the man is terrible at the moment. Later in the game instead of finishing the layup he whimps out and does a terrible pass to Johnson. They lose the ball and Phoenix gets it to Broekhoff for another 3. He "delivers" 2 turnovers and 1 assist in 40 minutes.

Against NZ his effort was poor again and Le'afa (especially) and Brantley embarrassed him. He "delivers" 3 turnovers and 3 assist.

The Sydney game he scored 15 but 2 turnovers and 2 assist. Walton dominates.

Game 1 against JJ's Magette absolutely destroys Mccarron with 23 points (since then his highest has been 11).

Are you seeing a pattern of how well guards go against the Sixers? Could be my imagination I guess.

Out of the 5 games the only time he actually delivered as a point guard was against Hawks who are the bottom of the ladder. He had 6 assist and 0 turnovers. 1 out of 5 games isn't bad I guess....

His foul shooting was 56% leading into the Phoenix game.

I ask the question how is he escaping criticism?

I actually think Mccarron has the ability to do well in defense if he puts the effort in but for some reason he is choosing not too. Offensively we know teams scout him and know he is always looking to pass. Some of his shots it looks like he doesn't want to shoot it but forces it up because he can't find anyone to pass to.

The Sixers obviously need to help Mccarron out at the point guard (Not that this should excuse the lack of criticism). Nick Marshall, after showing some promise last season and having a solid off season (23 points against Overtime Elite and had a good blitz in limited minutes), I can't believe they have him glued to the bench. He needs to be playing more.

Next game watch Mccarrons effort staying with the player he is guarding. I am hoping he starts improving as he is captain and should be leading by example.

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Two years ago

Think with DJ and CR2 now to run plays for. Picks and rolls and screens to free up CR on perimeters and greater spacing mighty mitch show be acrewing assists in fair greater numbers. Less reliance on him trying to shot create. Maybe having to do heavy lifting defensively is telling. Still plenty to like and upside

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Two years ago

I agree, he's not been giving us much. I'm not sure if its all on him (might be CJ failing to get the right offensive plan too) but he very rarely creates any easy looks for anyone. As a result, we just have an offence where players play hero ball. Randall occasionally makes that look good, but its fools gold, because everyone else gets used to standing around, not touching the ball, not cutting and not drawing the defence out of position.

I also would like to see more regular minutes for Marshall. He's shown quite a lot of ability and has improved his ball-handling since last season. At least he has a first step that allows him to get by his man occasionally, which McCarron is incapable of doing against any good guards.

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Master Chief  
Two years ago

I think Mitch is at risk of being drained physically and mentally. They don't really have a back up for him and lots of the plan is on him playing big minutes. I don't think it's fair to question his work ethic or commitment, but I think it's more a symptom of some apparent dysfunction and frustration.

I just think there's a disconnect between what CJ is trying to do and what the players think they should do. I know I'm not a genious for noticing that though.

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Two years ago

He's a solid role player getting paid like a superstar. But playing 40 minutes with his return is ridiculous. If he played defence like Damian Martin, ok. Is a good rebounder for a guard, but is odd man out in the offence. True that a lot of the game it was give the ball to Randall and let him go one on one. Or if he passed it or didn't get it, everyone jacked it up because they didn't know when their next shot was coming from.
For such a talented offensive team, the team high of 3 assist is pretty ordinary and should rest with CJs system, or lack of system. Even in last timeout of regulation, Drmic seemed confused about the play.

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Two years ago

The defense of the three ball by Adelaide is bad overall.

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Two years ago

The NZ game was one that stood out. Sixers were crying out for someone to stand up. I thought Dech, Harris and Drmic tried hard, but needed Mitch to throw caution to the wind insted of trying to just play safe and sit behind others. Only 8 field goal attempts and just 1 3pt attempt, was getting blow by's when on defence, especially full court.

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Two years ago

Had 16 assists against Suns & is not to good for the NBL! Needs to pull his finger out big time...

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Two years ago

Looking how the suns are going, it's making the nbl a super league.

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Two years ago

Much as I like Mitch's all-round ability, he’s looking pretty 'relaxed’ in his defence tonight. Not the quickest going sideways or chasing his player round a screen, and easily beaten by a quick first step like Siva has.

Is he injured, or was he always this ‘relaxed’ with Sixers?

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Two years ago

Donut so far tonight.

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