Years ago

How bad is farleys shooting?

would average 20-25 shot attemps per game.he hits about this ok for a import whos on big money.i think if farley played for any other team in the nbl right now he would get cut.

comments on his shot selection and his forced shots?

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what the  
Years ago


that is around 30%

if he hit a couple more the % would be ok

it is the threat - if he does not get in the face defence - they will drop

wash your mouth out

we love willy

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Years ago

He averages 17.4 field goal attempts per game, so not 20-25.

He averages 7.1 field goals a game, so you are not wrong there, but again, not 20-25 attempts.

The way Farley has been playing this season the only NBL club that would be stupid enough to cut him would be the Victora Giants, and they don't exist anymore.

A lot of those forced shots you talk of are often when the shot clock is down to 4-5 seconds. He is probably the best player in the NBL at making tough forced shots against the shot clock. While his shot selection isn't always 100%, his ability to make forced shots is actually one of his greatest strengths.

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Years ago

Cheezeburger you are a goose!!

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now that everyone has figured out how to defend the 36ers, watch farley's shooting % go down even more.

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Years ago

While i agree that Cheezeburger is off a little on his stats, i DO agree that Farley takes bad shots.
Yes it is true he does get the "clutch" shots forced upon him by mostly offensively timid teammates - BUT he does not do a good job of working off the ball to get easier shots. This season i have felt at times that he is show-boating a little and not putting in the hard work to get off good looks at the basket.
I have mentioned this before also, but i think he has been soft taking it to the basket this season and has settled for a fall away jumper far too often .

Great guy and a great player , i just dont know what to expect from him week in week out at the moment.

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Years ago

As usual Cheezeburger, you've let yourself down with another ill-educated, ill-researched and just plain stupid comment. The stats you've put up for Farley are so far off the mark, they're not even worth discussing. And, no other team in their right mind would let him go. You moron!!!

I have no problem with his shot selection. He probably does take a lot of forced shots, but he hits a fair percentage of them, so that's fine with me. Jeez, some people have short memories. Do you remember who was our No. 1 import in our last championship season? I'll leave you with that toughie.

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undersized pf  
Years ago

what i see when willie plays is inconsistant Defense and terrible shot selection. Hes one of the clutchest players in the game but his shot selection (at times) has been appauling. He takes his jab step fake and fade away with 3 seconds used on the shot clock. he wastes so many offences that he (at times) hurts the squad. what i think cheezy is getting at, is that although willie is a good player, he is not of the level of some other imports in the league(e.g groves etc.)

i think that next season the sixers should look in a new direction. with our current squad we cannot win a championship. watch our win/loss record decline in the upcoming weeks.

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Years ago

I see the Sixer's feeding Farley - and if that works then so be it.

I see Farley with WSR a season or two ago, and what became of that?

I see Maher and Rychart not performing at the moment causing losses ( GET IT TOGETHER GUYS - I'D BE FIRED FOR NOT PERFORMING!).
Dusty saying 'we're in a bit of a slump at the moment, lost our fire' - well, find your FRIGGIN FIRE! At most, you have to find your 'FIRE' twice a week - what is the problem! People go to work 5/6/7 DAYS A WEEK.

Not impressed at the moment!

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Years ago

And Dusty screwed up my Fantasy Team this week - NOT IMPRESSED!

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Years ago

Farley, you're doing fine - don't listen to these posts, they're obviously aimed at those who aren't doing what they are paid for.

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Years ago

Willie does take some bad shots sometimes but he makes up for it most of the time with great hustle and firing up his team mates.

WHy is it that after 2 losses in a row people are suddenly throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Its only 2 losses guys geez did you think we would go smooth all season long??

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Years ago

I agree with wak, we need a player like Farley on this team. It is just that at the moment he is the only one playing at his 'normal' output.

Everyone knows that the Sixers good record over the last few seasons comes on the back of the 'big three' - Maher, Rychart and Farley - combining each night for 60-65 points.

If you look at each of our losses the usual suspects are not putting up their normal figures.

Farley has never been a 45% shooter - not even when we won a championship with him. Farley is the only one doing what he normally does. When Maher and Rychart also play well, history says this usually results in a win.

Forman is playing much better this season, which is a bonus, and Holmes and Coops seem marginally improved on last year. But our team still rides the back of the big three, an the rest of the team is not yet ready to step up if two of those three are out of form at the same time.

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Years ago

Adendum to the above, Farley did shoot at 46% in his first season here (sorry Willie). But still shooting at 41% this season, and consistent throughout his career to date.

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Years ago

I have wondered if opponents have decided that the best strategy is to take Maher and Rychart out of the game, and let Farley shoot from outside at his normal percentage?

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Years ago

Cut Farley, get rid of Nash bring in B. Mann or an import PG which takes presure off Brett to run the point and find D.Moore which will free up Dusty and play Oscar more to pick up the scoring. 6ers need a true big and a solid point.

This won't happen but its food for thought for next year.

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Years ago

Kriss! SPOT ON! Sheesh. Wouldn't it be wonderful if none of us EVER had a slump?
Give them a break! I think it's a bit unfair to blame it all on Farley when the whole team seemed 'flat' let alone were unwell over the past couple of weeks.
They're not stupid and know they have had bad defence all around.
Dusty got one rebound on Saturday. VERY unusual for him, but then hey....could it be that the Tigers may have done a brilliant job boxing him out?
I think that sometimes it's not necessarily our team that are playing badly or taking 'illadvised shots'. Maybe the credit should go to the opposition for defending brilliantly?

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Years ago

Tigers got 21 offensive boards to our 11 defensive boards. Game over.

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Old Schooler  
Years ago

I agree doc - see my earlier post

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panther lover  
Years ago

Of course we will lose the rebound count against Melbourne. We need a storng big man who will get his 15 rebounds a game and score about 15 to. Mottram 6'8, Hoare 6'8, Tucker 6'6, Anstey 7'2, Stiff 6'10. Thats a bit of bulk to contend with, Holmes and Rychart get most of our rebounds so if those two are blocked out who's gonna get our rebounds?

and guys, it's only two straight losses and you guys have gone all negative and bagging players about their shooting. Farley does take some bad sots at times. But please tell if you might, on Wenesday when everything was struggling for us offensively, i ask who steeped up?????? Big Willie did with 16 points in the third. So please don't tell me we should drop him. We should drop Nash, and we need to start playing the bench a bit more. Hill needs to see more court time for my liking and even try Hambour for a few minutes. If we are going to win a championship we neeed our young guys to step up when times are tough during playoffs. Teams that win Championships often have a lot of depth and good solid young guys off the bench.

Sixers had one of the best benches in 2002.

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Years ago

The current bench is nothing compared to 2002. Hambour shouldnt even be in the team let alone getting minutes!!! Hambour getting minutes = turnovers and bad shots!!!

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Years ago

hambour hasn't had a turnover yet and he's 2/3 from the field..

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Years ago

Yeah and it should stay like that. Im not saying he has done a bad job im just saying thats what will happen if he sees any more court time.

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

your saying its our only second loss in a row, can anyone honestly state that where gonna make a splash in the finals. we cannot compete with the big teams in this league with our roster.

and for those who are saying maher is playing shit. hes just changing his role. he's smart enough to realise that he'g getting older maybe a step slower and so now hes becoming a devestating passer and playmaker. just becuase a person doesnt score doesnt mean there not performing

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Years ago


What are you basing your assessment of Hambour on ?

Give the guy a break - he has put in the hard yards at training the past 2 years and had a pretty good ABA season, why not give him a run ? Clearly Nash is not healthy and cannot board like he used to and Reesy ,as much as i love the guy, cant play more than about 10-12 mins effectively.

Another big body in the paint cant hurt the sixers right now. Enthusiasm and ambition might surprise experience and weary legs !

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Years ago

Na he isnt going to help the team out one bit!!! I've seen him play and played against him on many occasions but not in the same position and he just cant cut it in the big league he wont help one bit!!! Im not saying he doesnt work his butt off and give everything (credit where credit is due) but he just cant cut it!!! I would like to see him playing in a different ABA conference against some actual size and some big guys who can hoop then you will see where im coming from........ They are all TOO BIG and TOO STRONG!!!

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Years ago

Oh and ease up on the Big Fella, Reesy is my man, he is a dinosaur and will run until he can run no more!!! Keep that heart beating and those legs pumpin big fella!!!

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

where are all the disbelievers now. Scout posts by ELG and myself , we predicted it

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