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2023/2024 Tryout

It's the time of the year, Tryout is not far

this year, most eastern suburb tryout time falls on 1st 6th and 8th

How can kids/parent manage it?

Is Hawthorn Magic a good club to give a go for girls?

thank you for all your comments

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a5ian nbl fan  
Last year

i don't think Hawthron is a good club due to what the past things happen.

parents can manage it but making sure their kids got enough fluids good amount of rest the night before

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Last year

Thank you

sometimes opportunities come with challenge. I am waiting to see the coach list from Hawthorn.

Nunawading has already announced their coach list.

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Last year

Most of the larger clubs have announced the age group head coaches - basically the #1 teams. Other coaches for teams 2+ are yet to be formally announced, but are are normally sorted out when teams are selected.

Personally, I'd be steering clear of Hawthorn. Why go there and inherit the debt of sins past as new families who now have to help pay off that debt?

Nearby: Nunawading (super strong in girls in particular), Camberwell, Bulleen and Waverley - all are better options that Hawthorn.

Do your research, get to a few tryouts and see what may suit your child and their level of talent, skills an experience best, both now and into the future.

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Last year

Thank you LC.

It wont be my first choice for sure.

two clubs you mentioned also on my list plus one more. then that goes to my first question,

you can't tryout too many clubs in one day. :)

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Last year

My only advice regarding trying out at multiple clubs which can be challenging as many are held on the same dates and times: be honest and upfront about what you are doing with the clubs you are trying out at.

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Last year

Certainly going to be an issue. I would prioritise the first try out of your preferred club, at least get a gauge on other talent, coaches etc.

Depending on the talent/aspirations of your young athlete, priority might be getting on a team, full stop. I know last year, clubs at U14/16 cut a lot of kids. Devastating for all concerned.

Some clubs go 10 deep, many to 5-6. And all clubs prioritise existing rep players for precious roster spots. And some prioritise bottom age over top age too when it comes to transfers/new.

Unfortunately, you do need to keep options open across multiple clubs if you're new to rep. I saw a young athlete trial with one club only, made it to last trial and were cut, with no other options so missed another year of chance to play rep.

May want to consider Blackburn and Doncaster, they tend to not be "destination" clubs, so might be easier to get a roster spot. Nunawading girls are super strong and I know Nunawading boys cut athletes who made number one/two teams at other clubs last year.

Good luck

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Relaxed coach  
Last year

There is also that contentious issue of whether parents should be allowed in the stadium during tryouts or not. So sometimes it's a little hard to gauge where your child is fitting into the group.

Do not be afraid of asking the coaches. Don’t guess just ask. All the coaches are volunteers and they’re trying their best to help people.

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Last year

Doncaster??? They take anyone as they struggle to get even 1 team in some age group, let alone girls!

If your daughter is talented and has potential, and is willing to work hard, you go where you feel your child will be best supported to achieve their best.

Good advice regarding trials in relation ton whether parents can attend and watch or not. Most are now veering away from having parents on the sidelines which IMO is a good thing.

However with parents not being present, they are not able to see the talent on display, and nor can they accurately assess where their child is at. Always tough. So as Relaxed Coach suggests, ask if you ever are unsure as the coaches will be happy to chat.

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Last year

Thank you for all above comments and thoughts

I will put my daughter name in for a large club, a medium size and a small club.

In my mind, Dandenong has best coaches. strong boys teams than girls side.

How do you feel about Camberwell? this is the only club on my list has not post any tryout time yet.

Camberwell absorbed a lot of kids from hawthorn last year , does the club have the ability to run such large number of teams?

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Last year

Camberwell are definitely on the improve, but with rapid growth in absorbing a lot of Hawthorn kids, they may or may not have the depth of coaches. Definitely worth considering, especially if you live nearby their venues.

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Last year

I agree on the contentious issue, in many cases, parents/athletes are trying out the club as much as the clubs is trying out the athletes.

Not a fan of the "parents put too much pressure on the child" and "they can't focus with parents watching", but I do appreciate why parents are not permitted to observe, it's more to stop parents from bothering the coaches.

Camberwell run a lot of teams and have some decent coaches on board. Always difficult to ascertain the quality and experience of the coach coaching the 9th, 10th or 11th team.

Could come down to being top tier team at smaller club or low tier team are larger club, but ultimately probably end up in similar VJL grade!

Good luck!

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