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CJ’s Press Conference Quote

CJ after the United game...

"Clearly in this league everyone's got three imports but it is what it is right now. While I had the pre-season to get that right, I didn’t get that right. We’ll see where we get to this week and beyond.

Am I correct to say that United only have one import and actually didn’t have an import playing against Adelaide?

Wow…what is happening to this coach and team…digging his own grave.

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Last year

He is not digging his own grave. Totally the opposite. He is clearly taking accountability.

United is obviously spending more money on locals. So essentially it is 3 imports worth.

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Last year

Hold on SixersFan...The 36ers had the 3 imports, one in the stands watching the game that CJ chose only a few months ago and said he was a perfect fit. I watched 5 minutes of Franklins highlights in the Philippines and my thoughts were, was this an April's Fools Day joke about the signing. The guy was never going to be a NBL import, lucky to be an NBL 1 import.

So you are saying with Adelaide’s 3 imports and Melbourne’s ZERO imports, Melbourne is still much much better??

Please, I’m fed up with all these excuses from the 36ers and fans…This Team is so wrong on all Levels, Im struggling to think how CJ even considered putting this team together. It is an insult to all 36ers supports, sponsors and partners.

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Q Anon  
Last year

CJ isn't a very good communicator. I wouldn't read much into what he says. Franklin and Kell was bizarre from the start. Two coaches vouched for Franklin and his attitude.

CJ wanted Walton but owner cant afford him. Not sure what CJ was doing in Summer League when looking for a PG. Normally an import wouldn't be sacked without his replacement being in train.

36ers do not have a single player that would be in discussion of best player at their position in the league. That is the issue, talent cant overcome the coaching deficiencies.

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Master Chief  
Last year

But it's not Franklin performed badly at all. What didn't they like about him?

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Last year

I agree CJ doesn't communicate well. Around the time of the Flowers announcement he said something about how they needed a point guard so he got Cadee, then realized he needed another one who had to be legit, so he went after Flowers lmao. If that wasn't bad enough, he went on to say Flowers would be the starting pg in round 1 and he was 100% on that.

It's nonsensical, they should have got an import to run point, not some kid who is clearly a raw prospect not suited at all to be the primary playmaker.Flowers wasn't even up to it in Louisville practices against other kids for goodness sake...

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Last year

But it's not Franklin performed badly at all. What didn't they like about him?

He played four pre-season games and was averaging 9.5ppg, that's unacceptable from your top import.

Like QAnon said what is bizarre is they sacked Franklin before even finding his replacement. We could still be playing him now whilst locking in his replacement and he's still here sitting in the stands. A guy who given his rep never should've been signed in the first place.

Nothing surprises me anymore with the Sixers and how poorly they operate.

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Ballin Fan  
Last year

I wanna really like the guy
Because of who he is and what he has done.

But in the pressers Its never clear to me what he is saying.

And he is getting off pretty lightly in these pressers also.

Why do players always slip screens instead of laying a hard screen. ?
Are they giving up so many O boards because they don't block out or is it a personal issue?
And I don’t think I have seen anyone take a charge ...

Are these issues because this playing group avoids contact?
Or are these game plan issues?
So many questions begging to be asked

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Last year

"CJ wanted Walton but owner cant afford him."

This interests me because CJ keeps replying to import questions with something along the lines of “that's for me to discuss with the owner” or “it’s up to the owner” etc.

That’s not usually how coaches respond when they’re looking for an import, it makes it sound like there’s disagreement or constraints placed on CJ.

I get that there will always be some sort of limitation and guys priced out, but the coach doesn’t usually publicly put that on the owner purse strings or draw that connection (unless you’re Lemanis airing grievance as Bullets coach), they usually just say straight up “we are looking for x type” or “that specific guy isn’t in our range unfortunately”.

Am I the only one that gets that kinda odd vibe with the responses?

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Q Anon  
Last year

CJ at the airport when asked about Franklins future was a lesson in not what to say or do.

They had already sacked him and he was dancing around like he was surprised to be questioned when it was already public.

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Last year

At this point i'm pretty convinced it wouldn't have mattered if the owner shelled out the cash for Walton or not, CJ would have found a way to get in the guys way.

Good lord did I want the signing to work out, loved him as a player, seems like a good dude, but a head coach he ain't.

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Last year

I dare say CJ knows who he wants and can get just needs to get the owner to pay for it

I actually want CJ to be less the company guy and just outright say it and put pressure on the club to do it

Mccarron Is basically our Gibson 2.0, for it to work he basically needs a 20ppg guard next to him like joey had with Ervin, Wilson, randle types , and I think CJ knows thus and wants this but others keep getting in the way

At this point he has nothing to lose may aswell get sacked demanding things his way,

If we also need a front court import then I'd replace kell too

Also have a consistent 8 or 9 man rotation and don't worry about salary or reputation, you bring it or you sit,

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