Last year

Record number of fouls per minute currently in the NBL

Across all 37 games played so far:

The NBL averages 44.6 free-throws per game - the most ever per minute of game time in League history.

Fouls called per game:
This year 39.6
2023: 38.2
2022: 36.0
2021: 35.2

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Last year

How does this compare to Euro Leagues ? We need some context on Fiba leagues elsewhere.

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Last year

This is false...
The following seasons had a higher foul rate per minute:

1991, 2001/02, 2009/10, 2011/12, 2013/14, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2018/19, 2019/20.
So this season ranks 9th all time.

In terms of FT attempts, 2006/07 was higher than this current season, per minute. So again, false.

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Last year

Sorry ^ - 10th all time.

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Last year

Euroleague fouls per game - 39.4

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Last year

I don't know the stats from euro club competitions but they seem to have certain things they all agree is foul and you get more consistency, it’s the biggest problem with nbl, the inconsistency, just watching the kings game now and it’s totally different to the reffing we just saw at SEM, it must drive coaches and players mad. In euro they let you body up a lot more under the basket and call arm wacks but let stronger bodies back you down. They don’t seem to call a charge, block unless they are certain, otherwise it’s play on.

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Last year


The stat say nothing about fouls per minute

It is about FTs per minute

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Last year

Record is in regards to free throws

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Last year

Your thread title is about "fouls per minute"...

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Last year

Auto correct

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Last year

I love the nbl, but most of the hard core basketball fans I know believe the refs have been woeful, let them play straight up D.

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Last year

You can't put all the blame on the Refs. Some of the blame needs to be put on the players. Players aren't adjusting to the way the game is being called.

Glover today was a great example of adjusting. Gets called for bringing his hands down, very next possession walls up and forces the miss.

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Last year


Article from today

Crying foul: Is the whistle NBL's biggest problem?
A round 6 foul-fest that has left frustrated NBL fans pulling their hair out and turned up the heat on the referees. Crosscourt looks at why players, coaches and fans are crying foul. SUBSCRIBE TO READ NOW.

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Last year

You can blame the refs, the consistency is appalling. The two games today are a classic s example of frustration. Game 1 went from some touch touchy calls to not blowing a thing. Then game two was officiated different again. Folks saying players need to adjust to officiating. That's ref speak for " we know we got some problems with consistency but you players need to bail us out and play to our level"

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a5ian nbl fan  
Last year

anyone remember this

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Easy As  
Last year

Has anyone taken into consideration the rule change that the NBL have applied to the no charge semi-circle? The rule change is that when in a legal guarding position inside the circle, they now need to jump to challenge a shot or get called for a block. In the past, provided they were legal and the offense was in the air, it was a no call.

With the rule change, which could now result in a block call resulting in free throws, means this could be a justified reason for both an increase in fouls and free throw attempts per game.

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Last year

The inconsistency in the charge, block in the same game has been terrible, refs got get on the same page, sometimes a no call can be fine or review it. A player sprinting down the court looking where the ball is or even straight ahead only to have a defender jump in front of him meters off the ball for the charging foul is also horrible. How does the attacker stop at full pace, you just can't vanish. Even the commentary said it was crap on the weekend, let them play and players will stop flopping and diving all over the place.

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Last year

Players and coaches are at least as much or more to blame for this. Who'd be a ref with the amount of holding, grappling and acting that goes on. Who knows what is an actual foul or not? The way players and coaches carry on you'd be certain that none have ever fouled at the defensive end and are fouled every time at the offensive end.

Playing devils advocate, what do you think would happen if they started calling less fouls? Coaches would encourage and coach players to get away with more and soon enough you'll have players being hammered non stop. Injuries would go up and you would have stars sitting instead of playing. I suspect the same people would then start sooking about their team being smashed and not getting calls. And you think the game would be more attractive? LOL

Human beings make human errors and with all the BS that players carry on with, it makes it very very difficult. Just stop the whining FFS and get on with it.

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Last year

Just stop the whining FFS and get on with it.

Spot on. I'm no ref defender but fans whinging about the standard of umpiring is usually done to try and mask poor play by the players.

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Last year

As I said elsewhere, stop coaches screaming abuse at refs, give each coach a review per quarter, let them talk to the refs in time outs, free throws. They were very reasonable today, it makes a difference, yes they let them play a bit more physical but it's a better product.

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Ratty Mussell  
Last year

Something has to be done about the abuse the refs are getting. Coaches want the refs to listen to them and want respect but the way they talk to the refs is disrespectful and a disgrace. The league should step in and take action as this abuse is already out of control. Coaches should be ashamed about how they act and to think they are grown men.

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Last year

I don't see how LK can try to sell this as a professional league when the refs can be treated like shit like this.

Even in the NBA with its multi-millionaires, the refs take less shit and have more power.

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