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How to see VJBL grading phase 1 results on Play HQ

As the title says ... grading phase 2 fixtures are out but i can't see how to look at how new opposition went in grading phase 1

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Earlier this year

One of the Terrific aspects of playHQ is that you can't see results from the previous phases.

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Earlier this year

You can't! It's a big flaw of their current system.

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Billy Bob  
Earlier this year

Made for basketball by basketball though!

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Earlier this year

You've never been able to see results from previous grading phases, even with the previous software Gameday. Let’s not make it out like this is a new thing with PlayHQ.

Which also highlights it’s not a software issue, more likely an active decision from Basketball Victoria.

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Earlier this year

Which highlights it is a flaw as people want to be able to see the results!

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Relaxed coach  
Earlier this year

Lots of coaches keep good notes on the teams that they play against. Potentially the coaches of the same age group, in your club, may have already played against those teams.

Alternatively, depending on how much time you have, and how desperate you are to know the key players of the opposition teams. You can reverse engineer. By looking at the individual players of the teams and their stats for the season so far.

This only helps where is one or 2 key scorers in the opposition. No help if the teams are well balanced.
Good luck.

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Earlier this year

Yeah, i've tried the reverse engineer thing before asking ... problem is i'm unfamiliar with players from these teams, and most clubs seem pretty lax at posting details on their websites so can't even google-fu up some PlayHQ stats and work my way into it that way.

If it's by design, i'd love to know the reasoning, otherwise it's pretty shite UX

But i'm not gonna stress about it, the kids are only in a regional grading pool, we're not playing for sheep stations here

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Karma Basketball  
Earlier this year

Always been like this as far as I know.

Just cut and paste the results from week to week when they are published during the Grading periods.

Keep in mind teams can change their player rosters between the end of Grading Phase One and the start of Grading Phase Two ...


Q/ When can a player change teams or move Associations?

A/ Once a player plays for an association in Grading Phase One, a player is not permitted to change teams or Associations until the end of that Grading Phase.

Prior to the start of Grading Phase Two, Associations can move players between teams, or bring in players that have cleared from other associations.

As soon as a player takes the court in a VJBL game in either Grading Phase Two or the Championship season, that player is no longer allowed to move teams or associations for the remainder of the year.

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Earlier this year

You can use the good old "cache" with Google which will give you the box score of the game you want to know.

Also, Sonicboomer, many teams play in lead up tournaments, so you can find their roster from there. Check Southern Peninsula, Geelong and even some pre-grading games have box scores in PlayHQ, see Diamond Valley pre-season hit-out. Then you can build a team box score based on player stats.

For grading two, and even for EDJBT this weekend, I have all the box scores from our opponents, so I know who scores, who fouls and who hit 3PT's. I also know head to head match ups.

But agree, don't see why they can't keep them up somewhere....

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Earlier this year

Phizzer this is some good stuff. Dunno why i didn't think of checking the Southern Pen scores

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Earlier this year

Coming back to this thread .... For all PlayHQ's detractions, I’ve got to say it’s a dream compared to trying to fumble around GameDay at the Eltham-Dandenong tourney. Sheesh.

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Earlier this year

I agree with your comment. Although GameDay has been a bit different at E-D this weekend I still prefer our usual PlayHQ. Able to see live scores as well.

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Two months ago

There is an easy way of collecting the grading data. After each phase and cross over game do a web scrape of playhq. And export it to excel.
It will capture, teams, players, jerseys, fouls,
points etc. for your scout you can then create a dashboard highlighting the teams pathway and who the threats are on each team

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Two months ago

Would love more information on how you do a "web scrape" and create a dashboard to show pathways etc.

Also, speaking of PlayHQ, the new app is brilliant, live scores, easy to track kids and check on other teams too.

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Two months ago

Phizzer, I have done it to align bball and afl pathways. Very interesting. Demonstrates that BV are essentially wasting resources to develop footballers in pursuit of age-group wins over long term development of bball players.

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Karma Basketball  
Last month

Last month

Would love more information on how you do a "web scrape" and create a dashboard to show pathways etc.


@Phizzer, there are probably automated ways of doing it by cobbling up some software or using some scraping tools.

Personally, I just copy the Box Score data of the games I am interested in from the relevant web pages into Google Calc spreadsheets. Once I have that data I use the Sort tools and Pivot Tables in Google Calc to manipulate and summarise the data. That way I can keep track of a lot of information regarding the teams and players I am interested in.

The manual method is repetative and tedious. But as I am only focusing on a maxiumum of twenty or so teams with a couple of hundred players it doesn't take me too long to collect the data from week to week.

Keep in mind that PlayHQ does have a STATS tab now which provides a pretty useful summary about the players. That's good for tracking player stats. But if you want to track team scores, team quarter by quarter performance, player performance by round, player performance against specific teams, etc. then creating detailed spreadsheets with pivot tables from the scraped data is definitely the way to go.

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