Q Anon
Two months ago

DJV Contract extension

Either 2 or 3 year extension to be announced shortly with Adelaide

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Master Chief  
Two months ago

What are the chances of retaining Humphries now? Do you think Ninnis will get the job?

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Two months ago

Q Anon is correct.

Humphries has a strong relationship with DVJ as well as Popovic. As long as it is a fair offer he will stay

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Two months ago

Absolutely huge if they can re-sign DJV & Humphries to multi year deals

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Two months ago

This is good news.

I know he goes rogue sometimes with his perimeter shots but that's part of who he is, a streaky shooter that can set it alight on shots you’d call angry if he misses.

What he has been really effective at is driving to the basket for layups or drawing the defender and dishing. This with Ice and Galloway cutting has been super effective. Kell doing the exact same thing as a PG has done wonders too. The offensive movement we haven’t seen in about one and a half seasons minimum.

The pessimist in me wonders if we see all our players exit and Humphries finds a different landing spot that DJV sees the writing on the wall and ends up in Europe or I suppose another NBA opportunity anyway.

If we are optimistic and bring back Humphries at a minimum and even more ambitiously, convince Galloway to stay with a backup SF/PF/C combo role of 28-30 minutes a game, we could have a great building block.

C Humphries
F Wiley
F Import
G Import (last 5 games Kell?!)

Galloway backup C/PF primarily with a couple of SF mins to make up 28-30mins
Marshall backup SG/SF minutes primarily with a couple of PG mins to be 15-20mins
Cadee backup PG for when things go to haywire

Thoughts? Feelings?

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Two months ago

Sixers would be mad to replace Ninnis IMO. This is the best they've looked in a long time, and to quote Kylie Minogue, it's better the devil you know... especially given their recent history. Of course this probably means that they WILL replace Ninnis.

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Two months ago

Are the Adelaide faithful in on Ninnis remaining as coach?

I'm merely an outside observer, but he hasn't done anything to move the needle imo. The Sixers literally couldn't get any worse before he took over. Morale picked up and voila a few wins being racked up.

Could Adelaide sell recruits to Ninnis being HC and improve the club's fortunes? Seems like a trap to lock him down for a couple seasons moving forward.

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Two months ago

I think Ninnis has shown enough to be given at least a one year deal over an unknown coach. If you could get a Goorj or Gleeson over, which is unlikely, you do it. Otherwise I think he has shown enough on and off the court that he should be a top option outside of the no brainers.

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Two months ago

Yeah Goorj or Gleeson in a heartbeat, but neither of those is happening. The only other realistic name that they might consider is Chase Buford. I don't think you throw a 2-3 year deal at him and obviously you'd want to have a feel for how the locker room respond to him versus just responding to not playing under Bruton's system - if there's no red flags, they could do much worse than bring him back.

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Two months ago

Yes sometimes the devil you know is the best, Buford wouldn't be able to get away with his ref screaming like he did previously, he also had two super stacked teams, I would not go down that path.

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Two months ago

I haven't watched enough sixers games is Ninnis really much different or better than he was first stint?

Must be careful not to be swayed by recent wins. There is always that honeymoon period with an interim coach where players play with more freedom then other teams eventually figure you out. It happens in all sports after a coach gets sacked mid season look at the Hawks now four losses in a row

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Two months ago

In saying that i think Ninnis should be retained in some capacity if not HC if he still wants to be there. He is heart and soul Adelaide 36ers

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Two months ago

I'm surprised that DJV did not test the market first, but its a good sign for the club that despite all that has happened this year that a marquee signing would elect to stay and for that long.

Now for Humphries, who I think will be more expensive given his good health and form.

Let's say we get both, are no longer tethered by the McCaccron contract, and have a decent core of DJV and IH. This indicates to me that winning a championship is GK's goal.

If Championship is the goal, then its a no to Ninnis, especially when they are persuing Goorj. Only if all other high calibre HCs are exhausted then settle on Ninnis.

By all means given Ninnis back his AC job if a HC is found.

CJ was 4-9. Ninnis is 5-5 albeit in a rich vein of form right now. We need better than a .50 HC, thats a small sample space and we've got another 5 more games, which will provide more clarity.

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Your boy blue  
Two months ago

Key signings like this shouldn't be happening before you know who you have in the HC role. He may or may not fit the style.
You’re also giving the new coach an excuse (if he fails) before he even starts by not allowing him to handpick his marquee Aussie talent.

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Basket 91  
Two months ago

Good move get 2 elite Aussies.

Would imagine Ninnis is back just not as head coach - maybe assistant or gm of basketball instead.

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Master Chief  
Two months ago

Not actually convinced that Goorjian is the right move for Adelaide anyway.

Obviously it's just bad luck for Ninnis if they landed someone like Gleeson, but in the absence of a stand out alternative, Ninnis deserves a 2 year deal, IMO.

I hope they don't chase a G League coach.

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Two months ago

If Ninnis wins, 2-3 of the next five games he'd have to be favourites. Quality Australian players signed is a good move no matter who ends up as coach, bot DJV and Humphries are certainly that. Get import one, back five import and either a three or four import.

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Two months ago

I don't like this at all. I haven’t rated this guy as highly as the separate masses have. He has been terrible on key stages of games, and is one dimensional, and his success is usually at the expense of the team rhythm offensively. But Adelaide can’t recruit with any decent consistency so they’re ably feeling vulnerable and desperate to lock someone in. This one could bite Adelaide in the ass financially.

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Two months ago

"and is one dimensional"

What about his ability to drive to the basket and make passes to the cutters? It has been effective...

Seems a little more than one dimensional to me!

“If Ninnis wins, 2-3 of the next five games he'd have to be favourites”

I put this in the other thread - at what point is Ninnis mounting a strong stronggggg argument to be HC?

There's potential for 36ers to win 3 or 4 of the 5 games. I think 3 might land him a touch short of convincing, but 4 would be convincing and 5 VERY convincing.

I know it’s a fine line, but that record would then stack up really well.

Other factor is player relationships. If DJV, Humphries, Galloway, Marshall, Cadee and *maybe Wiley* all like Ninnis, that could go a long way.

Moreover, if they had that 5 or 6, they can have continuity but still drastically improve with 2 (or 3) further imports in the right spots.

Then you just look for a couple of specific connector role pieces and you’re set.

Adelaide came in down on talent to the tune of multiple players, down on balance and rotations that were far too big. There’s no reason why they can’t fix all those issues without completely starting again.

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Two months ago

He has been terrible on key stages of games, and is one dimensional, and his success is usually at the expense of the team rhythm offensively.

There is some validity to this.

I wouldn't call him one dimensional, but he is not a PG either. He can pass but looks to create for himself first it seems (which lends to your assertion it comes at the expense of the team).

This is why it is imperative he is teamed up with someone that can create and will get him the shots he wants.

Giving him the keys to the offence I think will have similar results to what we have seen so far, ie some big games where shots are dropping, some stinkers.

Now that the McCarron contract is gone there is a clear opening at PG calling for an import. Not Kell, not Gary Browne, maybe PJC.

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Two months ago

He demands defensive attention, along with Kell, which maintains important spacing for the likes of Humphries, and driving lines. It obvious to see how having an offensive lynch pin of his ilk has improved us.

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Two months ago

Question is, do we think we'd love to bring back recent form Kell?

If so, as a PG or a SF? If SF does he keep his form or regress? If PG is he sufficient to avoid Adelaide issues of the past?

Let’s say Adelaide knocked it out of the park and brought back Cleveland or a Cleveland type for SF, then you have Kell that’s tall, offensive and decent defensively...

Then you’d basically have your scorer in DJV that they didn’t have last year, your big combo in Wiley, Humphries, Galloway that are much better defensively than Franks/DJ/Sotto but honestly wouldn’t be much worse if Humphries stays so dominant offensively.

It would be a smarter better version of last years team…maybe!

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Two months ago

Kell is a 2-3. DJ is a 2. Both can play some 1. Put a quality PG alongside them and the perimeter looks very good offensively.

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Two months ago

I'm confident that DJV will still want to go to Europe or the NBA, so there’s likely to be an out clause in his contract.

Sixers may not have him for the full period of his contract, in other words.

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Two months ago

That's honestly my thinking aswell hoopie

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Two months ago

DJ is the best Aussie guard we have had in years and years, whilst not perfect is sorta a young Goulding so at the right price should be kept if possible, ideally a 2 year deal with a team option for a 3rd.

I like what Ninnis has done and would consider him over most untried coaches, but if we can get a proven great coach with playoffs/championship experience then we should.

Roster wise I'd swap out McCarron for a stud import PG, Kell I'd swap out for an athletic defensive wing like Cleveland or Simon, but not completely against keeping him with his recent form.

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Two months ago

McCarron was already swapped out at the beginning of this season its just that he had to be paid for another year and he had to act like he cared for another year.

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Two months ago

Will Isaac and DJV stay under Ninnis? Rumours that Ninnis is going to be signed up as HC soon....

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Two months ago

Ninnis will be signed..just working out $$

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Two months ago

Did everyone forget about his wooden spoon the last time he coached?

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Two months ago

Fair, coaches do improve with time though.
I'd be keeping him in some role. But there’s always that "dead cat bounce", you see the caretakers do well but then win the job and it turns crap. Especially in AFL.
But if he can keep Ice and DJ, get good imports, and there’s a chance we will be competitive!

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Two months ago

That goes against all the prior talk of looking all over Sydney Kings style.

I wonder why they'd make that decision so early? If in the next 5 games they go 2-3, 1-4, 0-5, are they going to find themselves backtracking and causing more angst?

Even if let’s say he’s used to keep DJV and Humphries- are they really going to not sign if another coach comes in and looks the goods anyway?

Just feels like a decision that kind of should be made end of season if you’re going to make that particular decision because the proof isn’t quite there yet.

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Two months ago

I dare say if they're talking with Ninnis it'd be because every coach on their want list has already told 'em they're not interested. So basically you're down to the same scenario that saw CJ get the job that became a total disaster, so they'll go with the devil they know, rather than another unknown.

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Two months ago

The decision about the coaching staff really needs to be made now so they can begin scouting and recruiting next year's team. They don't want a repeat of last year where some strange decisions were made, which I believe in some cases was due to a genuine lack of available options.

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Two months ago

Ninnis ran wine tours between 2010 and 2022 after being a perennial assistant coach.

This will end in tears.

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Two months ago

Maybe Pop should run wine tours instead...

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Two months ago

In this era of professionalism they've hired a coach who was recently out of the game for over a decade.

Let that sink in.

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Two months ago

For the sake of throwing continued hypotheticals out there - we have seen Galloway do well with Wiley injured, we have seen Kell improve big time.

Completely understand that when your shot drops everything can look different to when you go ice cold as the 36ers have mostly been.

Do we think, for the lack of affording a Cleveland type, we have something like:

C Humphries
F Galloway
F Kell
G Vasiljevic
G Import

Essentially what the team is lately plus a point guard that can ideally move the ball and shoot at a decent clip.

Then look for a backup big that can do a really solid job, and because of the Galloway promo, you'd be able to look global rather than restrict to Aussies.

Then have Cadee, Marshall as your 8 man rotation.

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