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VJBL Problem and a maybe Solution

VJBL Problem and a maybe Solution

After returning to watch VJBL games after many years absent I noticed a few things that annoy me and I'm not sure it’s only me. Just about every game I’m hearing the coach YELLING at Referees Travel, Foul, 3 Seconds, How long, And 1 Etc. This used to be TRYING TO INTIMEDATE the REFEREE and the refs used to call a Tech and explain that if I call a second Tech you will have to leave the stadium. Of course some didn’t listen and a few team managers and assistant coaches got a chance to coach but within a few weeks Refs were not being intimidated and the game seemed to progress.. What concerns me most is the junior VJBL players listening to coaches CONTINUALLY whining on just about every call year after year and they will continue this awful trend when they maybe progress to become coaches themselves .

A directive from VJBL RULES COMMITTEE be sent out to all coaches and referees at the start of the new year 2024 all "TRYING TO INTIMEDATE the REFEREE" yelling out from a coach, assistant coach, team manager or anyone else on the team bench ( yes I would like to include spectators but I realize that might be a bit hard) will be a Tech Foul ( no exceptions ) 3 weeks into the new year Problem Solved ( I hope ) It might take some coaches a bit longer? I’m sure spectators will enjoy the game a lot more. I can’t see any problems? Coaches coach... Referees referee....

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Two months ago

It's not only annoying Shooter, it's boring! can't stand it when the coach is continually counting seconds in the key "how long", etc and usually all the while, they also have players camping in the key. It's junior basketball, if worrying about what the refs are doing is all you have to offer your players as a coach, you shouldn't be the coach.

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Two months ago

Watched a game yesterday where the opp coach basically spent the majority of a time out glaring at the refs, almost forgetting that he had to draw something up for the team. Kids were sitting down waiting for him. Probably didn't have much for them anyway given his focus was on some call. Not a good look at all.

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