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Will Patty Mills come to the NBL next season?

Last 4 Games

vs DEN

2PTS (FG 1-6 16.7%, 3P 0-3)

vs DET

0PTS (FG 0-4, 3P 0-3)

vs DET

1PTS (FG 0-4, 3P 0-4, FT 1-1)

vs PHI

3PTS (FG 1-6 16.7%, 3P 1-5 20%)

Total (FG 2-20 10%, 3P 1-15 6.6%)


His first game in Miami was incredible. But his performance did not last long. If he can't score, he shouldn't be in the NBA.
What struck me so much about him was how many times he missed open layups. He can no longer drive-in or hit a 3-pointer.
I knew he went through huge ups and downs at last year's Basketball World Cup. This season will likely be his last in the NBA.
I think he will be coming to the NBL next season.

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Last month

With those sort stats, who would take him, certainly would not be cheap.

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Last month

The airball he threw with 12 seconds left in the fourth quarter today appeared to be the last shot of his NBA career.

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Last month

He played close to almost 22 mins today so he must be doing something right

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Last month

This is a problem because 22 minutes were played.
Patty is a player with defensive weaknesses, but Miami needed a 3-pointer, so they used him for 22 minutes. However, at really important moments, all of Patty's open shots failed. He has had a lot of ups and downs, and what is certain is that he cannot be a high-efficiency shooter in short periods of time like he used to be.
Patty now needs to take close to 20 shots to score. But he can't attempt many shots in the NBA. That's why I think there's a chance that Patty will play in the NBL next season.

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Last month

No chance

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Last month

This question was asked a few weeks ago

Per Olgun, the answer is a firm no. /endthread

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Last month

If Mills returns to the NBL then Gorrijan will probably go after him as well.Forget the salary cap

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Last month

He's not on a multi-year deal, so what happened a few weeks ago doesn't mean much. He was already traded to many teams last offseason. This means there are very few teams that want him now. I'm thinking Miami is his last chance.
If he retires and takes on a coaching role, he might stay in the NBA, but an old, ups and downs shooter with a poor defense can't stay in the NBA anymore. He's shooting 31.6% from 3-point range this season and 21.7% in Miami.

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Last month

this season

Josh Giddey
FG 46%, 3P 32.3%

Patty Mills
FG 34.1%, 3P 31.6%

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Last month

He was traded a lot because he had a sizable expiring deal. That happens.

People were saying the same thing about Joe last off season and he found himself a home and a role.

Patty will be fine. At veterans minimum, there are certainly teams that will want him.

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Last month

This is not FIBA. In the NBA, Joe and Patty are in different situations.
Unlike Patty, Joe has not experienced any record declines.

Joe Ingles
22.7 MIN / 6.9 PTS (FG 43.5%, 3P 40.9%) / 2.8 REB / 3.3 AST
17.2 MIN / 4.5 PTS (FG 42.9%, 3P 42.9%) / 2.1 REB / 3 AST
Patty Mills
14.2 MIN / 6.2 PTS (FG 41.1%, 3P 36.6%) / 1.1 REB / 1.4 AST
11.7 MIN / 3.1 PTS (FG 34.1%, 3P 31.6%) / 1.2 REB / 0.9 AST

In the current NBA, both players are 3-point shooters, but Joe can do more than Patty. Joe can rebound and assist.

However, in the current NBA, the only role Patty can play is making 3-point shots. That's why he can't play in the NBA if he's shooting 31.6% from three-point range.

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Last month

To me, it seems that he wants to stay in the US, now after his career, for his wife's business interests. Not unreasonable after 15 years of the reverse.

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Last month

Will need to start hitting a few. It's looking like he's coming to the end...

NBL very likely soon

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Last month

He started today. They must like him.

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Last month

Miami Injury List
Bam Adebayo
Duncan Robinson
Kevin Love
Tyler Herro
Josh Richardson
Patty vs CLE
10PTS (FG 3-11, 3P 1-8, FT 3-3)

Appearing as a starter is meaningless.
Patty played as a starter today because Robinson, Herro, and Richardson were unable to play due to injury. However, Patty recorded poor shooting efficiency today and did not play even a second in the 4th quarter.

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Last month

The airball he threw with 12 seconds left in the fourth quarter today appeared to be the last shot of his NBA career.

Thankfully most people are not this fickle

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Last month

I wrote a comment earlier saying that Patty didn't play even a second in the 4th quarter.
But on second thought, He played 1 second.

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Last month

Time to change your nickname douche

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Last month

after sitting on the bench for nearly two seasons at BKN and ATL he finally gets a solid run and plays in every game since signing maybe he's feeling a bit fatigued??

players always say there is a massive difference from being in shape to being in GAME shape

He has played in 7 games with Miami in two weeks after playing in 19 games in 4 months and is averaging 6 mins more per game. He'll get his legs back

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

He gonna be in the Nbl this year or next, 36 in august.
Would love if he was marquee for a new Canberra team but likely going to be 1 of the 3 big cities.

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Last month

That's a good point.
His NBA contract runs through the end of this season and he soon turns 36. The NBA is very cold and everything is business, so if he doesn't recover as quickly as possible and improve his shooting efficiency consistently before the end of this season, he really won't be seen in the NBA next season. I'd love to see him retire with honors from Spurs, but I don't know if that's realistically possible.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Ingles is the same, the man is already 36 turning 37.

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Last month

Word coming out of the US is that Patty has asked to be traded to Phoenix.
(not the Suns, the SEM Phoenix). I wish! Ha ha. I have gone a week and a half early on that one.

Patty is a down right superstar and legend. Fingers crossed that one day he would like to play in the NBL. with his fitness and work ethic he will still be running rings around people in 4 years time.
Fairytale would be Tassie JJs, but reality is more likely that Sydney might tap into that big brown paper bag full of goodies. Just add his name to the ownership list like a few others.

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Last month

Re-read the last 2 paras of Billo's post and for me, I change JJs to Darwin. Reality is that Patty's NBA career may be over before Darwin happens. BUT, say he goes to Europe for a couple of years THEN returns to AUS.

Would he not be the perfect signing as a Marquee, to play out his career then even a coach at that end? What a drawcard for player recruitment and for the supporters.

Darwin will naturally be a (very) small-market club with few opps for large membership, following, or external interest. Patty's profile would help a fledgling club to establish those. Hopefully the NT govt would do like they did with Nate Jawa and subsidise Patty's Darwin involvement.

Patty has already done so much for his extended "mob" and this would /could be an extra cherry on his cake.

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Last month

NBL won't be going to Darwin

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Last month

Patty has said he wanted to play for Canberra in the NBL, so if there is a chance of them coming back in in next 2 years, then he's a real possibility.

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