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Scott Roth

With what roth has achieved in three seasons with a expansion club , where does he sit amongst the great nbl coaches?

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Best one at present, be interesting to see how it goes from here as now they are the hunted. No other coach at present is near him, Goorj and Tatum will try next season, no one else in same league.

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he is awesome - listen to his podcast on basketball Immersion - knows how to put a team together

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Last month

Immortalised for sure

Roth is now the NBL's Paul Roos- culture builder, won a premiership by a whisker, in an unlikely place (Sydney) built on culture ("bloods") and forever immortalised as a coaching great

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Two weeks ago

I think he should be the next Boomers coach. What he's done with a fairly modest JJs line up is pretty astounding.

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Two weeks ago

Tall Blacks should recruit him

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Two weeks ago

Scott Roth and JJ's have demonstrated over the past 3 years, that success does not depend on having "the greatest Import in NBL history", NBA Champions in your team of even in your support staff, and it doesn't depend on having the biggest budget and it doesn't depend on having an injury free run. So success is clearly possible for ANY NBL team!
As supporters we need to stop using excuses and demand better recruiting by our teams. We clearly do not need to spend big and sign the best players. We need to be smarter and recruit the right people.

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Two weeks ago

Doyle was in the top 2/3 players in the league and Crawford not far behind, but yes I do agree that it's team work and chemistry that is required. JJs certainly not the lowest spending club either.

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Two weeks ago

This is not to take anything away from Roth who I think is the best coach in the NBL, but Tassie are no longer the overachievers they were in year 1. They have a genuinely talented, deep team.

Magnay, Deng and Krslovic is comfortably the best bench big group in the NBL. Magnay was a starter in Perth before arriving in Tassie, and only got pushed to the bench by Marcus Lee- who played at near All-NBL level for United last year. Deng was a starter for 3 years in Cairns. Krslovic started 20 games for Cairns in 20-21 before signing with the JJ's.

Jordon Crawford was the leading scorer in Turkey last year with 19.6ppg. Ahead of familiar names like PJC, Scottie Wilbekin, John Roberson, XRM, Kuzminskas, Manek.

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Two weeks ago

Roth has done an unbelievable job with what he has set up in Tasmania with culture and bringing in players that nobody else wanted and made them into much better players and having them buy into his program.

He should be approached by BA to be the next Boomers Coach as it is time for the current coach to move on.

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Two weeks ago

I think he'd be ideal in the Tall Blacks culture right now.

If he does well there, then he might become acceptable to the Aussie NBA players to take over the Boomers at some stage.

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Two weeks ago

Great interview with Roth. Highly recommend

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Two weeks ago

Narrative has changed over the last 3 years and Scott Roth has put a plan in place and implemented it.

Clearly remember the posts on here ridiculing, laughing at the list that the JJs put together and the long term contracts including McVeigh, Krslovic and Bairstow.

Even if Bairstow has not played more than a couple of minutes a game I am sure he has contributed to this championship and Roth would be pleased with his signing.

McVeigh was a bench warmer, I have been unsure of how he plays and so has he but his goofy foot shots and belief have been phenomenal.

Fab - absolute glue player who hits the boards and knocks down 3s. Does not look like a basketballer is not athletic. His signing was ridiculed on here - his game has been the answer.

Roth has put together a moneyball team ....including Crawford who hit shots when open due to Doyle being double teamed but also created shots.

Add a player like MacDonald who has improved out of sight and is now a legit NBL player and demands a full long term contract.

The team is a reflection of Roth full of character over talent, yep it has talent but it is character first.

Yep it was gutsy putting Stiendl, Baistow, Krslovic on long term contracts but the fountation is there and they have a championship.

Have read a lot of posts on Magnay as soft and should have played through injury etc. He didn't need to answer that but he did in a big way in Game 5

The narrative has changed.

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Two weeks ago

@ Scout, 100% I'll be honest when I saw that 1st squad put together, I thought no chance and probably said it. Roth was smart, did put some quality imports in, Doyle is an absolute gun, congratulations to you, good luck and I’m waiting to see how you go as the champions with everyone chasing you.

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Two weeks ago

Good points Scout.

Krslovic is so often directly influential in a play when on the floor.
His overall effect has increased from when he was in Cairns.

Regarding Doyle, when he struggled at the beginning of last season with pretty underwhelming form, many were calling for his departure. But Roth knew what he could do and stuck with him.
He went on to make NBL 1st team, and this year, 2nd team.
He also took on a significant leadership role this season, and while he's a legit bucket who can score often at will in the 2 spot, his ability and willingness to set up teamates added to the JJ's overall potency.

IMO, Roth is an outstanding recruiter and coach, and has established the blue print for culture and success for the NBL

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Two weeks ago

Fab had a timely 3 in the gf too, big shot at the time...

JJ's big man rotation was elite -


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Two weeks ago

The line up has changed significantly, that was the point of my earlier post

They were universally tipped bottom 3 and made a GF. Excellent effort

But they didn't have Jordon Crawford or Marcus Lee or Will Magnay in year 1. They didn't have a Majok Deng off the bench

Magnay always had NBA potential. Lee was one of the best bigs in the NBL. Crawford led scoring in one of the better leagues in the world

Take nothing from Roth though, the way he's been a culture and a team who performs consistently, his trust in his players and his ability to make adjustments, all rightly make him an all-time NBL coach- very few could say they've done more in their first 3 years or set a culture like this

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Two weeks ago

Sorry they had Magnay year 1 but he played minimally

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Two weeks ago

In still surprised they won the title with Doyle and Crawford. Through the season I commented several times that they were susceptible to taking bad shots and in Doyles case going missing for long periods.

What I hadn't realised was roths ability to bring others into the scoring equation, especially mcveigh, Deng and Macdonald.

It does illustrate the importance of 5-6 key local depth players

Ironically MU had the local depth but probably not the imports to support them

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