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Two weeks ago

NBL1 Central Round 2 Power Rankings

Early season power rankings based on what I've seen - bits and pieces of most games, a few full games. Keen to hear others thoughts.

#1 Sturt Sabres
Jacob Rigoni has come back looking every bit an NBL player. Was fortunate enough to see him first hand against Forestville and he looked a different level. Forbes is all class even while taking a back seat, we know he has another gear. Well balanced group, calling it now, this could easily be the year they break through for a title.

#2 Woodville Warriors
Did they replace one Woollcott medalist with another? Black had a mega debut for the Warriors and getting Wurm back is an underrated move after he led them to the GF in 2022. Could it be an all bald GF between Whitmore and Rigoni? Early indicators point to yes.

#3 South Adelaide Panthers
Have had some tight results against a pair of winless teams but they know how to win and have plenty of championship pedigree. Starling with 6 3s on the weekend if he’s added that look out league. Keeping themselves afloat before Jeremy Smith arrives.

#4 Forestville Eagles
Here by default as their loss came against the best team right now. Haven’t hit their straps but Mays and DJ will be the leagues best big duo and we know Doyle will be a great PG, their success will rely on the play of their wings Rathjen, Dibiamaka and Ipassou.

#5 Central District Lions
Took a tough first up loss to an improved Mavs side but bounced back to beat a fancied Norwood team at Starplex. Jenkins remains one of the best scorers in the league and Richards looked dangerous in game 2 after a tough first outing. Jimma is a handy pickup and we know they have some big pieces to come in too.

#6 Norwood Flames
Couldn’t put them above Centrals after their loss but this looks like a finals team and were methodical in their dismantling of North in game 1. Have plenty of talent in all positions along with good size up front. I expect this to be as low as we see Norwood all season.

#7 Eastern Mavericks
Could this be the year they compete for finals? A great game - victory over a talented Centrals side and a competitive game 2 against Forestville in a game closer than the score suggests. Hunter has a new lease on life after not seeing much time last year and could Freddy Webb be an upgrade on Rentoy? Exciting times for Mavs fans (at least after 8pm)

#8 Southern Tigers
Tough loss in round 1 but showed promise with a gritty performance before Starling got hold of them late. Both imports showed a bit and Abergut could be the recruit of the season. Coach Lake has them well drilled already and will cause their share of upsets this year.

#9 West Adelaide Bearcats
0-2 isn’t the start the defending champs would have been looking for. Lost by double digits to Woodville before playing South a little tighter this week. While Drmic will help, it may not be enough considering South still has Smith to add too. Heading a shining light for the Bearcats, I assume he’s an import and will use a restricted spot along with Drmic. Will get better but can they compete with the best sides?

#10 North Adelaide Rockets
Not sure what happened to Richard McCallop but he arrived to much fanfare and delivered little in his 10 minutes against Norwood. Happened to catch the Sturt game which was embarrassing for the Rockets, Sturts bench continuing to punish the Rockets starters deep into the 4th. Their talent is unquestioned so if things don’t improve soon questions will be asked of the staff.

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Two weeks ago

way too early to say whose year it will be - there are 4-5 teams capable on the day - injuries will play a big part and if anyone adds players during the season.

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Two weeks ago

Heading is a local, West with more players than just Drimic to come. Forestville looked unimpressive.

Looking like a good season.

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Two weeks ago

With new signings announced for west, i'm sure they will turn around the season. Gak looked impressive when getting minutes at cairns, and certainly had some highlights in NBL1 last season. Mobile big, will add an interesting dynamic.

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Two weeks ago

How do new players at this time of year benefit the club? Better to run locals and work to the future. Coach can't be up to much if the solution is just bring in someone else at this stage. What has he been doing since September? Any NBL1 club should have a development focused coach at the helm.

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Two weeks ago

Not a problem being only 2 games into the season, 1 if not in SA, @massive

College kids coming back are usually later, could be juniors of the club, other players playing around the world, as long as team/club doesn't end up being all "imports" it's good for the clubs and can assist the juniors even more. And all conferences have a points system anyway so can't really happen.

Yes still need a HC that has one eye on junior development and looking at squads there are a few Central Conference clubs that have that view, looking at ages of players in men and women. Only checked Central Conference in detail as they are a game ahead of the rest, but seeing Facebook announcements which suggest other conferences seem to be doing the same, not all clubs as you may expect though for their own choices.

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Two weeks ago

Probably signed a while ago, just waiting for them to finish other commitments. 2 weeks in doesn't seem late

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Two weeks ago

West skyrocket into first with those signings. Say what you will, but no one forced them to sign here.

Drmic, Gak, Krslovic, Djeric, Heading, Spear, West. No one sports a top 7 close to that.

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The Phantom  
Two weeks ago

Massive, have you ever looked at a Deano run team? Just gets in the best players money can buy.

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Two weeks ago

Yeah, Sharif from Woodville is legit. He averaged 40 a few years ago in div 2 Big V and last season lead his Big V team to win state championship...

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Two weeks ago

Yeah I've seen his approach. I don’t like it phantom. I’d pretty much call it cheating but might get shot down for that view.

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Two weeks ago

Cheating how?

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Fun coolers  
Two weeks ago

Nbl1 central has a points system that all coaches have to recruit within , Dean no different , some get Americans , Deano gets nbl guys , not sure how he cheats , but yeah plenty of cash though

Regards Mrs Nyberg

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Last week

Mavericks won Women's and Men’s against Woodville last night. I cannot remember the last time both teams won on the same day. This is great for the Mavs and the competition.

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Last week

@JSH please run me through last time a 14 year old dominated at game in NBL1 women's with 16 points and 7 rebounds on debut! Wowsers that kid has talent

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Last week

we can all see that you must be her pops as you 100 percent certainly know every detail about that girl. always talking her up consistently on here and many times listing her as a def lock Aus player. why do that? she can try it without the extra help from the sidelines. why are you doing this pops???? chill

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