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Shane Heal loses court case

Shane Heal, who chose to sue WNBL club Sydney Flames, has had 95% of his case thrown out of court. The judge found the club acted in the correct way when dealing with alleged bullying and belittling claims made against Heal by 4 players.
The judge did find the club in breach of contract in relation to payments that should have been made to Heal due to sponsorships they he brought in to the club. This was the only win he had, with all other claims dismissed.

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Last month

Great news.

Hopefully he is banished from the NBL and WNBL for good now.

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Last month

Exactly PW.

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Last month

Oh, The Hammer, the epitome of basketball greatness! What a gem to the game, right? So respectful, such an outstanding coach and player. He just sets the bar so darn high for everyone else. Such a pity.

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Last month

I've not been following this What exactly did he do and to whom? Anyone got a linky?

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Last month

Quick summary: https://x.com/aussiehoopla/status/1781244525295611944

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Last month

This is the article I've seen about it recently
ESPN Article

There was at least one thread about it on this forum at the time.

Now that Mangakahia's ongoing cancer battles forcing her retirement from basketball is in the rear view mirror, the thought of Heal bullying oops I mean lovingly ribbing her at training is especially funny hahaha what a larrikin he was lol. Kids these days are too soft I reckon ay. I can't believe other teams weren't queueing up to sign him after the Flames let him slip through their sensitive fingers.

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Last month

jokes aside Luuuc, after he traumatised the players at SEQ Stars, he should never have been appointed as a coach in the league again. I love that it was his buddy who gave him another chance (much more than a 2nd one too, as he was a complete bust as a coach in the NBL as well), and that it all went south. Everyone sees his shit behaviour & thinks 'we're friends though, he wouldn't screw me over like he did them', um, yes he will, he has no friends, he's Benjamin (Rob Lowe's character) out of Wayne's World.

Sucks that another group of players had to 'experience' him for it to be finally over though.

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Last month

He sounds a bit narcissistic if what is said about him is true. I wonder if he's as bad as Peter Buckle was back in the day. There's some real horror stories around that man as well, he was lucky he was able to hide in FNQ for awhile though as his sh$t wouldn't fly today.

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Last month

Best person coming out of this is Keely Froling sticking up for her team mates. That's the sort of leadership you want to see. Heal and his antiquated backwards methods can do one. Bet he still won't lose his media gigs.

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Last month

He's the epitome of narcissism Frog39. And yes I have heard that many of the players who've experienced Buckle also required counseling afterwards. Angry men stuck in a bygone era.

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Last month

Wonder what Shyla has to say now after rubbishing the claims about her old man and effectively stating her teammates were liars.

Glad Shane got found out on this one after escaping numerous previous (alleged) indiscretions. The old 'I'll see you in court’ routine didn’t work for once.

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Billy Bob  
Last month

Massive vibes that if he wasn't good at basketball would have been a con man with pyramid schemes and multi level marketing,
Or multiple franchises that he got mates to invest in....

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Last month

"Massive vibes that if he wasn't good at basketball would have been a con man with pyramid schemes and multi level marketing,"

Wasn't he alleged to have conned Brett Brown out of a significant sum of money?

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Last month

Alleged to have misused funds provided by Brett Brown. A little different to 'conned' but still ordinary.

In my opinion, Shane extended the court action as long as possible to the point Brett had had enough and eventually couldn't make a required court appearance as a vital witness due to a 76ers playoff run. Matter subsequently withdrawn by prosecution.

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Last month

Just finished reading the judgement and its easy to see how this all fell apart

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Last month

Just finished reading the judgement and its easy to see how this all fell apart, paying Shyla as a marquee player was the first mistake I have heard that she was making the sort of money that they were offering Jacquee Young. So many conflicts of interest I am actually surprised it lasted as long as it did.

If they had acquired Young they would have had Young, Heal, Mangakahia and Pannousis in the Point Guard role and he was going to drop the import forward to allow for Young to play and be payed $125k for the rest of the season.

Anyway that's that, the Heal Roadshow moves onto its next venue for more of the same in another place.

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Last month

I'm not entirely familiar with how professional basketball organisations operate, but in many other businesses, there's typically an annual review involving key personnel. During these sessions, staff (in this case players)can discuss the positives, negatives, and challenges, often resulting in the establishment of key performance indicators.

Considering where the Flames finished on the ladder in Heals first season, it seems likely that such a review would have taken place, giving players a chance to voice their thoughts at the end of Heals' first year. I'm just really curious why all this seemed to happen in the second year.

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Last month

good read PW, thanks for posting that

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Last month

"Massive vibes that if he wasn't good at basketball would have been a con man with pyramid schemes and multi level marketing,"

A bunch of old footy players doing this right now. Guys that didnt have anything except for being good at footy and have no idea how to make an honest buck afterwards. Of course worse are the ones who turn to dealing drugs afterwards...

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Cool Howie  
Last month

Hopefully this means this useless tool is banished from the media.

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Last month

He ripped off both Brett Brown and Matt Neilson of quite a bit of money and set up businesses that ended up closing down.

Then he also got involved in other ventures that folded.

When he was the Head Coach of Qld Southern WNBL Team in Brisbane he also apparently was dipping there as well.

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Last month

Cool Howie - he already has been, for all intents and purposes, banished. The NBL dumped him from commentary because he bagged out other commentators on social media, and the Daily Telegraph dumped his useless The Basketball Show from their socials and website - he's doing it on his own now. No one wants anything to do wth him now, because everywhere he goes, trouble follows, and finally he's getting his just desserts for everything he's done for years. He's completely irrelevant, and that's exactly what he deserves.

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