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Fire Mitch Kupchack

Is Mitch Kupchack the worst GM in the NBA or what? It only took him 5 years to turn a star studded championship team into a lottery that even one of the greatest coaches in the league can't help win.

While teams went out and grabbed quality players like Antonio Daniels and Sam Cassell in the offseason to help their themselves, Kupchack goes out and grabs duds like Aaron MacKie and Smush Parker.

Is owner Jerry Buss happy to see his team deteriate year after year?

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Years ago

Worst GM in the league is Isiah, by an longshot. Anyone the gives Jermome James the whole MLE for 5 years needs his head examined. Not a fan of McHale either as a GM.

Babcock from the Raps doesn't get much love either.

Best GM's are Dumars and Pop. Danny Ferry has also done pretty well as a new and upcoming GM.

Joe, check Smush's stats before labelling him as a dud...

Moral of this story: You never, I'll repeat never trade a franchise centre.

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Years ago

The one move I don't blame Kupchack for is the Shaq trade. Shaq demanded to be traded away from the Lakers and owner Jerry Buss was only too happy to satisfy his requests after the way he carried on. Shaq had to go.

But what is the point of keeping dead weight on the roster like Slava Medvedenko and Sasha Vujacic. I don't think either of those guys can play basketball.

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Years ago

Yes, but also remember at the time Shaq also said that he'll only play for the Zen Master, and then the Lakers fired Phil. Talk about pissing off your star player. Kobe will not win another title...

Oh, the Lakers are good at dumb trades... Butler and Chucky for Kwame... Shaq for Odom, Grant and Butler....crazy.

I'll stick with my moral.....

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Slava Medvedenko has to stay on the roster, even if it's just for his nickname ..... ;-)

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Years ago

Best GMs:
Joe Dumars - Detroit Pistons
R.C. Buford - San Antonio Spurs
Larry Bird - Indiana Pacers
Kiki Vandeweghe - Denver Nuggets
Danny Ainge - Boston Celtics

Worst GMs:
Isiah Thomas - New York Knicks
John Weisbrod - Orlando Magic
Mitch Kupchak - LA Lakers
Ron Babcock - Toronto Raptors
Billy Knight - Atlanta Hawks

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Years ago

I have to admit, every time Stephen A. Smith chastises Slava's name.. I have to smile :)

I don't see how Danny Ainge is a good GM when the Celtics haven't actually improved since he took over. They were winning when he got there, then they started losing, now they're back to winning again.. but no more games than when get got there 2 years ago. He's a mediocre GM at best.

And why is everyone giving Isiaih a hard time? He inherited an attrocious roster from Scott Layden that had no true C or PG and was over laden with grossly overpaid 2,3 and 4's. How does anyone manage to have a roster that costs over $100m a year and the team actually sucks?

The Knicks roster is now well balanced, with new and old players, and has depth. It is only a matter of time before Larry Brown turns this team around.

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Years ago

No Isiah is out of control - he signs un-needed players to crazy contracts. It's only a matter of time before Larry Brown bails.

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Bill Walton  
Years ago

Let Mitchy do his job...

Let him screw up the the Lakers totally,

Time for the Clippers to finally shine.

I would love to see KG on the Clips roster aswell to keep the Lakers looking second rate for a few years.

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Years ago

Trust me, the Lakers don't need KG or anyone else of his magnitude to keep on making the Lakers look bad. Kupchack is their best freind in that department.

What frustrates me is that Jackson is one of the best coaches to ever coach the game. But it must be frustrating when Kupchack's incompetence as management is working directly against his brilliance as a coach.

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Bill Walton  
Years ago

That was KG in a Clippers uniform Smoking Joe.

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Years ago

Sorry, I meant Clippers.

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Years ago

New York now has depth???

What depth??

Also, Isiah has sucked in my opinion. Here's why:

1. Giving Eddy a 6 year $60 million contract. I doubt Eddy will even stay in decent shape for 4 years.

2. Traden Van Horn just when he was fitting in.

3. Also, he traded the Knicks' only center (Mohammad ) for Malik Rose, who is certainly a fine player but not worth more than 20 minutes per night, scoring maybe 7-8 points and playing solid defense. So yet again, the Knicks are stuck with another huge salary, for no return!!!

4. The Maurice Taylor trade was even worse, because the Knicks are stuck with yet another undersized power forward for 3 years at about 9 mil a year.

So I say Isiah sucks...

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Years ago

1. Eddie Curry is 6'11" 285lb and at times is unstoppable. He's only 22 and could one day be a 20-10 centre, which would make the $60m worth it. Only time will tell, though I agree it is a big risk.

2. Last time I checked Van Horn was a bench warmer for the Mavs.

3. Malik Rose was a valuable defensive backup for the Spurs when they gave him his current contract, until they signed Robert Horry and Rose was delegeated to bench warmer. It's possible Isiaih thought he could revive Rose's game in NY. Tho, recently Larry Brown has been starting him at the 3 for his D.

4. Mo Taylor. I can't understand this move. He could provide low post offence off the be bench, but not much else.

Rememebr, Isiaih was being praised as a saviour when he brought Marbury back to his home town. And Crawford has been a solid 2-guard since his arrival.

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Years ago

Actually Layden set the ground work for Marbury to goto the Knicks, Isiah just pulled the trigger. What stopped Layden was the Penny contract, but Isiah didn't have a problem with that.

Isiah had the opportunity to create something in Toronto with a new franchise, he stuffed it. He's now stuffed the Knicks. What type of idiot gives away the MLE for the next 5 years, then wants to trade that player 2 weeks later.

I will give Isiah some credit, he does draft very well, but he's hopeless with FA's.

That Curry trade was retarded, he gave away a upcoming PF, and two unprotected (idiot) draft picks, which goes to a conference rival. That pick looks likes lottery to me.

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Years ago

Isiah bought in Starbury and Crawford - 2 shoot first PG/SG + Curry who can play at times.

Agree TR draft wise very good picking up Frye who looks the goods and Nate.

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Years ago

Isiaih intended Jerome James to be the Knicks starting centre on opening night. That was before he acquired Eddy Curry from the Bulls. Even then James would have been a suitable backup to the developing Curry.

That ceased to be an option tho when Larry Brown arrived on the scene and decided he had no intention of playing James and told Isiaih to trade him. But of course that is Larry's MO.

Of course Isiaih had to pay big for Eddy, John Paxson wasn't going to let him go for nothing. But Curry has far more potential to be a dominant force in this league than Sweetney.

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Years ago

I can't understand why people still refer to Crawford as a PG. Last season he started next to Marbury as their SG averaging 18ppg.

Disregardless of what ambitions Jerry Krause had for Crawford when he brought him in as a rookie, Crawford is purely a 2 guard now.

I am shocked as anyone how quickly Channing Frye has been able to make a contribution to the Knicks. Ad playing for a coach who traditionally has resisted giving minutes to rookies.

David Lee can rebound and hussle, while Nate Robinson has been playing so well it's allowed Marbury to spend time at the 2 guard spot.

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Years ago

Eeesh! NY just got thumped by Charlotte :/

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Years ago

Good!!!!! Go Cats.......

I have no problem with the Knicks giving up TT and Sweetney (I would of tried Rose and Taylor before Sweetney) for Curry, what I do have the problem with is Isiah giving the Bulls to unprotected draft picks. That's just stupid, at least have one lottery protected and the other top 3.

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