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Talking Hoops Recap

Talking Hoops Recap 10/7/06

Hosted by Paul Bell, Brett Maher, Scott Ninnis, Corlette Brown.

Spoke about Brett Maher's coaching camps at Mars, and Scott Ninnis was in town for the under 18 nationals, he is providing a presence on behalf of the dragons and doing some scouting to create a dossier of the kids coming through.

Spoke about the nationals, just starting, gets better as the week goes on in the finals, mentioned some of the sons of ex nbl players such as Mike Ellis and Eric Cooks, and mentioned the size of some of the players, and mentioned Tasmania as a surprise team, showing some good form. Spoke about referees getting a gold medal at the nationals, they said they have earnt a reward of some sorts as far as doing the work load, but not sure if it deserves a gold medal, as they have done well all week and copped a lot from players, etc. They spoke about referees and how they are critiqued as they feel that they often making the same mistakes each week, and are often inconsistent, but do the best job that they can do. Mentioned it would be good to have the more experienced and best referees around the country to critique them regularly, and they feel referees need to referee all year round not just in the NBL they need to keep the practice up by refereeing in aba competitions to keep them practiced and help the younger referees coming through.
Mentioned using past players, ala cricket with Paul Reiffle. Also spoke about communication, feel they should crack down and not cop so much, but need to be able to talk to and communicate with the players properly. Feel the best referees are the ones you can talk to and discuss things with.

Next topic they discussed was whether or not the Boomers Coach should be a current NBL coach. Maher said he could go either way, but said its important they are coaching all year round at some level, and not just a national team coach as they don't play many games. Spoke about selection issues, such as boomers running kings offenses, giving the kings players such as Barlow an advantage over guys like Holmes. And also spoke about the advantage of the recruiting process, with the boomers coach being able to intise them to come to his club, offering boomer selection. Mentioned that one reason given to Holmes v Barlow, Barlow knowing the kings offenses better, Ninnis said he believed Holmes was a better player, but hadn't seen the camps and do feel Barlow will be a great player. Mentioned the visiting coaches, such as Dunlap saying they shouldn't have input into selection, that should be left to coach and assistant coaches. Spoke about the possibility of someone like the AIS coach combining the boomers role with the AIS, to avoid the conflicts of having a NBL coach favouring his club players.

Announced the Boomers Squad for New Zealand series: Anstey, Barlow, Bogut, Bruce, Helliwell, Hinder, Kendall, Mackinnon, Maric, Markovich, Newley, Jason Smith.

Maric and Bruce have been playing in the US College system, think it looks like a good squad, having 2 legitimite bigs with Bogut and Anstey, and feel having in experienced point guards being the biggest issue. Maher said he was retired and wasn't contacted or considering a boomers contact.

Spoke again about the nationals said people such as Aaron Fearne, Cairns Assistant Coach, Kevin Brooks 36ers assistant, from NBL clubs and some of the AIS coaches, were in attendance. Some US college coaches were also in attendance, scouting the players. Said there probably were not any kids playing like a Ingles who could go straight into the NBL now and know that they would make it. Said there was some good players but no real big stand outs at this stage.
Maher mentioned a story they are doing on Ingles and Kirsten, 1 going to college 1 going to nbl, to compare them.

Chris Anstey interview: He is currently in New Zealand with the Boomers squad. Mentioned they are missing guys like Bruton, Nielsen and Andersen. Said Aaron Bruce will probably be the starting point guard, and mentioned Nathan Jawai and Patrick Mills as guys with great potential for the future. Said New Zealand have a pretty experienced and similar team to usual, said the series will be great for the boomers to gain experience with a new side. Said Nielsen and Andersen are huge losses, Andersen due to his leg injury and Nielsen's contract insurance which would cost him more than $100,000, so he cant play, and said C.J being in Cleveland hurts as he feels the need of a experienced point guard in international basketball. Maher also said Nielsen would do anything to play for the Boomers, and would be devastated, and Anstey believes Matt made the right decision for his career and family. Asked about what he has been doing in the off season, played in Spain for a Caja San Fernando team trying to avoid relegation, which they succeeded. Some NBA work outs for one last crack, enjoyed the experience, but is happy to be returning to the Tigers. Was glad to be fit going into Goorjians Boomers Camp. Asked about Tigers filling Mottram's spot, said not exactly sure as there are not many bigs left, and will be looking to fill the spot with the best player available, and are lucky to have Stiff and Hoare who can start at power forward. Is excited to be coming back to Melbourne with Bogut and the Boomers as it will be Boguts first game in Australia for many years.

The boys spoke about the Boomers and said it would be interesting to see the Boomers since they lost the last series to the New Zealanders under Smyth with a young in experienced team before the last World Champs, with Brett Maher being one of the only players remaining from the Olympics in 2000. Mentioned having guys like Anstey and Bogut as a huge plus.

Spoke about the 36ers ownership situation. Due to Kevin Foley being away, expecting a decision late this week or early next week, mentioned the frustrations due to the amount of things needed to be done before the new season, new owners will probably be under the pump to get it all done. Maher and Ninnis spoke about how it has taken so long to get done, and should have started earlier once the financial situation was realised, and the bids being in for a few weeks, and said it seems like it could be too late for the new owners to make any real changes. Maher said that he belives Bruce Carter should just make the decision and should be done by Friday, as they also have sponsors waiting to see the result and needs to be done quicker.

Paul Prior, Forestville President interview: Said its going well at the champs, SA metro are playing and down by 6 points as they speak. Said they were a bit disappointed to lose there first game, and said it's a hard week after that. Said Vic Metro and NSW are doing well from what he has seen, but he has been busy looking after the event. Joked about the program, and possible tool of the day, lol. Spoke about the girls sides, said country looking good, winning most of there games, and hopefully will make top 4. Said it takes a huge effort from all involved in the club and volunteers to put on a event like this. Organising venue, hospitality, etc. Said it was lots of work but very rewarding and good to see the support of the event. Said the umpiring has been fantastic and at a high level with lots of feedback.

Pat Hunt, national coaching director, Interview: Said its going well, SA just lost, which might mean they miss out on top 4. Asked about standouts, said there are some playing well, with one of the top scorers breaking his foot, mentioned some players from Queensland and Tasmania, and some girls including Cayla Francis from SA country, he believes the players they pick from this group will be good, with the size being good, average size being 6'7 for the boys. He is involved with 10 programs around each state and Territory developing kids which feed into the AIS which he is a coach and mentor in.
They pick the all Australian team after a camp in August with 35 players male and female going, which some will be picked for the next one at the AIS. Named Lindsay Gaze, Adrian Hurley, Bob Knight, Mike K (Duke Coach), and a Yugoslavian coach as his biggest influences.

Pat Mills Interview: Who has been recently at the boomers camp, Ninnis said he is a very exciting prospect. He found the boomers camp very exciting and intense, he was thrilled to make it to the 2nd camp, and wasn't sure how close he got to making the 12. he said its very different to playing at aba level, and he was given good feed back by Goorjian. Said the AIS is hitting there straps, and common for them to do well at the end of the season, and have won some close ones recently and are now finding ways to win. Hoping to have Ingles, Weigh and Jawai available for the finals as they are leaving the AIS this year, Ninnis said he would be available. Mills said he aims to go to college after the AIS, to experience College Basketball and then come back and play NBL, with the 36ers!!. He has dreams of making NBA and playing in Olympics, named his heros as his relatives, his uncle who made the AIS in the 1980's, Sammy Mills

They spoke about Mills, saying he has great talent and unbelievable quickness, and he was MVP of the recent under 20 nationals.

Read out the ABA results (see hoops SA site)

Spoke about Austin Smylie, Dragons had a look at him but the spot went to Hobba, Ninnis said he is a little surprised he hasn't landed in 36ers colours.

Narelle Lindsay interview: She said she is very excited to be able to play for Adelaide Lightning career. Last few years played in Sydney for 4 years, and had a year off and lived in Naracourt for a year. Lucas had coached her before at State Level and she was looking forward to playing with a great group. They are into there 2nd week of training session. She sees her self as a older player sharing her experience with the young players making a impact off the bench. Doesn't think the Lightning's ownership situation is a big problem for the team as they are not earning big dollars anyway. Hadn't heard any news on the situation. Said losing players such as Summerton and Wiley will be big, said Stirling and Lucas had different coaching styles, Stirling would do all the fitness things and Lucas gets professionals in, as an example of the difference.

Spoke about the Dragons new import signing Christian Anderson, 6'6 off guard, want a Dave Thomas type player, unbelievably athletic, can hit the shot, can be put on guys like Darnell Mee, and that completes the Dragons roster.

Spoke about how it is good to see new imports come into the league. Spoke about Freeman, sixers situation, he is looking at Europe aswell as the 36ers, Smyth and Breheny are looking in the US at Freeman like players and are believed to have a couple of guys in mind. Spoke about the difficulty to get imports to sign now as they all harbour NBA or European Aspirations, as Australia cant compete financially, we have to sell them the life style, and also coming down for 1 year and going back to the NBA ala Overton and Brunson. Ninnis spoke about how Price was selling his ability to get them NBA trials with any team, and said that was a massive pro having him involved, and he played with many NBA coaches and General Managers and knows them well so is able to recommend players to them.

Spoke about Forman and Holmes moving, and how they have now put themselves out of there comfort zones and everyone should wish them well.

Thanks for the mention guys!!

Great show look forward to next week!!

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Not as good as your previous updates.
Sort of confusing as to who is mentioning what.
Not complaining though because you really are the man! Surely you have gotta do a live in the studio update (note to Belly).
Keep up the fantastic work.

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Shows the ignorance of the panel by saying that referees should referee all year, most of them do and I am pretty sure it is now a requirement that do a certain number of games during the NBL off season to be able to referee NBL. Of course in the case of injury this isnt the case.

A side note why should they have to referee all year, the players don't play all year and they are paid as full time, the refs have jobs as well.

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1) Most referees don't umpire all year.
2)I think the "ignorant" panel actually mentioned about the requirement to do a certain amount of games doing the NBL off-season.
3) You obviously did not listen to the show.
4) And if you really want to be pedantic, the players may not play all year, but at least they keep themselves in shape!

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Top work Jonno, keep up the GREAT work, it was as good as your other write ups!
What do others think about having the national coach as a non NBL coach? I beleive it is the wrong way to go ala Barry Barnes who had no idea of what players could do what in tight situations, as he was not coaching against them. Having said that, there is definately a bias towards Sydney and previously Goorj coached players when national teams have been named in the last 2 years...
Interested in a healthy debate here people.

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Years ago

Cheers Jonno. How long does that all take you mate!?!

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Years ago

thanks jonno great recap as per usual

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Years ago

Yeah thanks jonno it is a great read when you cant listen in. I look forward to it each week. Keep it up.

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