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Carfino as a commentator

I have never been a big fan of Carfino as a commentator (always extremely bias towards Sydney) however listening to him during the Women's World Champs was even more irritating. Surely after watching numerous games he should be able to recognise the Aussie girls now, so many times he called the girls by the wrong name and obviously did no research about the players before hand. I think it comes across as a little disrespectful.

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Tony Blair  
Years ago

to his defence they are calling the game back in here in australia (i believe) calling a game from a tape must be difficult due to the limited vision you have.

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Years ago

I see your point Tony but calling players by the name of someone who has subbed out and on the bench shows he has limited interest in my opinion. A couple of errors is understandable but he consistently makes mistakes and lacks the knowledge of the female game and its players. There is more to the Opals than Lauren Jackson. The discussions about how they look seem more important to him.

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RuMoR MoNgEr  
Years ago

he is C R A P

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

True but at least we dont have to hear two pieces of the iron without success and user friendly roll and other disgraceful expressions.

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Years ago

To be honest who really has an interest in womens basketball other than seeing them win the world championship??? Womens basketball is terrible the only highlights every two years is seeing the aussie girls do well in olympic games and world championship!!! I dare any true man to tell me i am wrong!!!

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Tony Blair  
Years ago

you are wrong

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Years ago

Understand he is the play by play caller here - not the colour man as he normally is for Fox in the NBL.

I am not fan either but he is a woeful play by play caller - Casey not much better but its what we've got.

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Years ago

He is not the most exiting commentator that is around. Who else could of done it?

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Anonymous - What does that have to do with Carfino's commentary... The guy has been working this gig for how long???... He stank back in the day (12 years or so) with Bill Woods... and i catch his plays of the week on the web (I'm in Japan) - and he still lets WHATEVER comes into his head out of his mouth... "the measure of a man isn't what he says - it's what he doesn't"...

And i think alot of people will disagree with your hypothesis...

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Years ago

(#97449) You are a total disgrace!!

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Years ago

97449, I don't find it as entertaining as the NBL, but don't mind watching the WNBL on ABC if I get the chance. Sure, sometimes they shoot some low percentages, but basketball is basketball.

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Years ago

Anon 97449

You are so wrong it's not even funny.

Some of the best basketball I have ever seen has been Women's games.

A lot of the WNBL games are much more interesting to watch than a lot of NBL games, and when I was at the Commonwealth Games, some of the toghest, tightest games were women's matches. In fact for a lot of us who were there and saw a LOT of basketball in 2 weeks still class the prelim rounds India vs Malta women's match as one of the best games of basketball ever seen (ok, the quality of skills wasnt the nest, but the game overall, the way it was played, the tension, and the drama at the end was awesome).

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Years ago

Back luck Steve cannot pronounce Australia (Ostraya)---grating!
Did anybody find Carrie Graf's commentary equally annoying with her machine gun delivery and adding "Steve" to about every second sentence?

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Years ago

mm i watch WNBL on abc cos its the only basketball i get to watch! only free to air thing on tv and i make the most of it.

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Years ago

At one stage Carfino referred to the Opals as the Boomers...I agree with you moose that Carrie was also irritating at times as well however she had to have a machine gun delivery in order to keep up with correcting his mistakes. Someone else questioned who else could have commentated...Michele Timms would have been a better choice, at least she would have been passionate about the cause.

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Years ago

97449, is that you Nathan ???

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Years ago

My opinion of Steve Carfino's commentary and as a person has changed today.... okay so he can be a little boring and a little hard to understand with all his 'street-like' made up terms. But I thought at least he can comment on the game sufficiently, being a past NBL player.

But Today when I sat down and watched the Fiba World Champs Women's Gold Medal Game, I heard a disgraceful comment come from Steve Carfino.

2nd Qtr - 4:20ish to go - Penny Taylor goes to the rack and gets fouled (I think she made the play). As she goes to the foul line, Steve Carfino mentions her brazilian husband sitting in the crowd. And says something along the lines of - 'could have a boyfriend as well'.

Graf replies with 'Not our Penny', to which Carfino replies with 'Cmon, different country, have an open mind'.

This is a dreadful thing to say and disrespectful to a star performer of the game. Not to mention, it has nothing to do with the game that was being played.

Please somebody tell me that I heard this commentary all wrong...

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Nope i heard that the same as you anon, there was also an awkward moment when Graff mentioned that one of the Russian gilrs had a "few more inches than Lauren" you could just tell where Carfino's mind was at as he fluffed his next few comments and there was this weird silence from Graff

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Years ago

IMO - Carfino is treading on thin ice with comments such as this.

That is a disgrace to imply that about someone personally on national television.

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Years ago

Ditto to much of the above, and Yes, I found them BOTH bloody irritating during the Gold Medal presentation, especially Carrie Graf. I wanted them both to shut up so you could hear the intros. And then to top it off, they cut off the presentation of what I presume was the tournament lead scorers trophy to Lauren Jackson & didn't even show the presentation of the MVP to Penny Taylor.
On a positive note....thank goodness Penny Taylor went to the USA and met her hunk of a volleyball player husband and didn't waste too much time on that 'tosser' Simon Kerle.

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Years ago

anon #97449 disrespectfull, go crawl back under the rock u came from,

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