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Fee's Structure for Juniors and Seniors

Can someone in club admin fill me in on the fee differential between seniors and juniors?
1. Why is it more expensive for juniors? (It's almost double and court fees for training and play are the same).
2. Why are fees the same for Summer and Winter seasons when one is half the length and called the silly season? Wouldn't it make more sense to have only one season with a longer break for Juniors in particular, say an extra month?
I know there must be a good reason for it and would appreciate knowing what it is.
It might be a good idea for clubs to let parents know why the structure is the way it is rather than take it for granted everyone knows.
I've been told it is the way it is because it's a money spinner but I can't believe that is the only reason.

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Years ago

Have you asked your Club's Committee to explain this to you, because if you have and haven't got an anwser then you might have a problem.

I am involved in a Committee of a Club and haven't had any of these questions raised at Committee level

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Years ago

Why not ask your club then? AS each club may have a different system for fee's.

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Ripped Off!!  
Years ago

One Club up Southern way asked for their first installmanet of $200 on the 1st of October before the new season had already started!! Is this early compared to other clubs or am I over reacting.

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Stephen D  
Years ago

The fee structure for visitors to junior basketball games is too much.
$4.50 to watch junior basketball.

If the fees were lower for spectators, say $2, then you will definately get more spectators.

Every week I go watch my son play, the canteen does well and if on a Friday night, the bar will benefit as well. I spend more at basketball games on the canteen / bar than at the door.

I would like to invite a few of my friends to have a beer with me after I watch my sons game on a Friday night. But to expect them to pay $4.50 each is too much.

I suppose on the other side, the beers are reasonably priced.

I think it should be a clubs goals to get more spectators to the games.
More spectators, means more is spent at the canteen / bar, and the clubs will make more money.

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Years ago

I did ask a committee member and she said it was the way it was done all over and that we/juniors subsidised the 36ers???
As I didnt and dont understand that explanation , I thought someone might know and explain it to me without me looking a complete idiot within the club.
People assume 'you know things' and there is a reluctance to have anything explained other than to say BASA and now BSA keep putting it (door charges etc ) up.

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Years ago

A money spinner? Pfft...Yeah, coz all the clubs are SO well off with all these "schemes" to part you with your money....

Perhaps it's a better idea for YOU to ask your committee if you don't understand instead clubs having to work out who knows what.

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Years ago

Junior & Senior Fees are based on the cost to run a club.
Most clubs then distribute this cost back to the players with juniors taking the brunt as overall to train 50 plus teams twice a week cost in excess of $60,000 per annum with out any other cost involved.
Seniors are probably charged less as most outside of div 1 &2 do not train so they have no associated costs other than registration and fines.If you enquire to your club treasurer you will probably be given more details.
Otherwise attend an agm where club budget reports are given

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Years ago

It vary's from Club to Club, but you would probably find that Juniors are more because of training. Juniors tend to train twice a week while some Senior Teams (particularly the lower divisions) don't train at all. Also, some clubs may split the annual fee over 2 seasons as it is easier than 1 annual fee. some clubs do charge less in summer and more in winter where others just split the cost down the middle. The best person to speak to would either be the Club Secretary or Treasurer.

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Years ago

Does any one else see a problem with alcohol being served during junior matches??

Not casting aspersions on anyone at all, and please dont think I am, but surely the clubs should be promoting a healthy and socially responsible attitude, not letting parents liquor up watching little johnny or little suzie play their game, then put little johnny or suzie in the car with a liquored up parent driving home?

Just doesnt sit quite right with me.

And seriously, what does it say about a parent who cant go to a junior game for 2 hours without needing to have a booze on?

I dont think I have ever seen a request for a West End trailer to be set up at my son's Saturday morning football.

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Years ago

yogee you must live under a rock, or your son dosent play club footy because most footy clubs bars are open when junior games are on

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Years ago

C - out of all of that - thats the only response you can come up with?

Maybe I am living under a rock if everyone else thinks alcohol consumption at kids sporting matches is ok, especially when those same people drinking are then getting on the roads with kids in their cars. What sort of message is it sending to the kids?

Also, givien the reported increses in incredibly pack savagery at junior sporting matches lately (even within the last month where a kids head was stomped on by a parent during an all in brawl), do we want to leave the door open to that sort of potential here as well?

I am sure the majority of parents are responsible if they do have a drink, but I just ask why they need to at a kids sporting game???

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Years ago

Sorry for hijacking the thread - Ill go start one of its own....

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Years ago

Well, I tried to start one, but one of the mods for some reason deleted it.....not sure why

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Years ago

New topics just don't show in the index for 30 seconds - pretty sure your topic is intact.

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