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Shane Heal to Blame!!!

Just got this in an email. No surprises. Stupid little bugger!

It's all Heal's fault

October 24, 2006 02:00pm

Article from: AAP

SACKED South Dragons NBL coach Mark Price has pointed the finger of blame for his demise squarely at his replacement Shane Heal.

Price was dumped as coach yesterday after the new Melbourne-based franchise started the season with five successive losses.

Today Price said he was devastated by his axing, especially for his wife and four children who relocated to Melbourne from the United States with him two months ago.

Price says he was given no warning about the club wanting to get rid of him and was even more stunned to find yesterday that plans to replace him with Heal had been going on for nearly a week.

"It's most disturbing to know while I was trying to get our guys to come together as a team, there was another agenda going on behind the scenes," Price said.

"I've been in professional basketball a long time and I've never seen undermining of a coach quite like this before."

Price said he believed the Dragons had used him because of his stature in the game to help launch their franchise.

Price had a stellar playing career in the NBA and was a four-time NBA All-Star, but had never coached at senior level before his appointment to the Dragons.

And Price left no doubt who he believed was responsible for undermining him, saying former Olympian Heal clearly had his own agenda.

"Obviously he had his own agenda going on," Price said.

"I've done nothing but spoken well of Shane Heal ever since I've been here. I thought he was the guy who could lead our team."

Price is expected to take his family home to the US in the next few weeks.

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Years ago

Sorry, should have just posted a link.

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Years ago

not really a big surprise, i thought he lacked any tack during his interview and showed no respect for the efforts of price. Just say it did not work out and they are moving on, no need to tear him a new one and make him look like he had no clue (even if he didn't)

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Years ago

can anyone remember a coach being fired only five games into a season (or less) before?

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Years ago

Not good for australian basketball. Next time we recruit an nba star to coach they will think twice. watch the dragons crowd numbers begin to go backwards.

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Years ago

The Dragons had done so well in starting the franchise. They had great marketing and had recruited a team that wasn't a championship contender but was interesting, with a former NBA all-star as head coach, a returning star of the league from retirement, the likely rookie of the year, and so on. In one foul swoop they look like nothing more than a farce.

Then again, I suppose they are still interesting, aren't they.

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Years ago

Takes the attention away from the Sixers for a week at least.....

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Years ago

Yeah Phil and Lanard are gonna sleep well this week !

Dont know about Scotty Ninnis though, might be a tough couple of months for him.

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Years ago

It does seem like Ninnis is a big victim in this, yet outside of forums like this, you probably wont read anything about it.

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Years ago

how is he a victim? Nothing has changed for him.

He was the asst.
He is now the asst.

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Uwe Blab  
Years ago

Molloy is noow the assistant and Ninnis the second assistant, so he has been demoted.

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Hoop Addict  
Years ago

But he *was* the 1st asst, and it's now being reported that he's the 2nd asst.

Whether it's a big demotion or a demotion at all I guess is yet to be seen.

Maybe he'll shed some light on what his role was & what it will be going forward tonight on Talking Hoops.

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Years ago

I'm guessing completely, but my theory is that he stayed too close to Price trying to give some support to his 1UP and perhaps Heal didn't like it?

If he has any issue with Heal, airing it on radio would be a significant risk.

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The Worm  
Years ago

I watched the game against the Tigers and from just listening to Mark Price during Time Outs I wasnt overly impressed with his style. Not very technical with his comments and Shane Heal spoke as much as Price did!

They were in the Tigers game at half time due to the fact Heal was on fire from a long way out. Not due to good structure. At the end of the day playing NBA doesn't mean you will be able to coach.

He did get shafted and probably deserved at least a season to get used to coaching as well as the league.

Sixers might need a new coach soon (or right now!!) so the Price could be right!

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Years ago

Dragons might get their first win of the season tomorrow night.

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Its an absolute joke what they have done to Price. Whether he could coach or not, he deserved more then four games to prove his worth. Surely they could have ironed out the problems together, the NBL has stepped it up this season and wins are hard to come by. Especially for a new team that has never played together. Its a poor decision to axe a man like Price because he has a bigger fan base around here then the Dragons.

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Years ago

I cannot believe this absolute farce.The biggest name to ever be involved in aussie bball gets shafted.What the hell are the dragons management thinking?This has to be right up there with some of the worst decisions in aussie sporting history.The NBL damm sure needed someone of Price's calibre for legitimacy.The NBL as a brand needed price..Price doesnt need the NBL.He can get himself a major coaching job anywhere in the world.I for one am hoping the dragons fold.NBL u just lost a long time fan.Im gonna watch college or nba hoops instead.

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Years ago

Shane is an absoulte toss bag who doest not give a rats butt about anything but his own agenda!!! Shane you are a freaking joke and i hope your team does not win a game all season you selfish piece of s**t!!!! Mark Price on behalf of all Australians i sincerely apologise for the way you have been treated. Please come and coach in Adelaide when Phil gets the boot shortly!!!

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Years ago

Im all for it......Price came in with big raps and no coaching experience......that was the biggest mistake the Dragons made

They wouldve been better off with a more experienced coach who has NBL coaching experience

Price got what he deserved i reckon

I too thought he wasnt that vocal during timeouts

Go em u can get the Dragons first win

Former Dragons Fan....ur a fool....jump ship if u sure the dragons dont need fans like you

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Years ago

Hidden Agendas

I notice that a lot in this day and age in our sport.

Its all about control... if you have control, you can have your own agenda!!

Stuff it, I say - basketball will not be a successful sport in this country with agendas!!


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Years ago

Why do people want Price to coach here? The Dragons might have dealt with it in a very messy fashion, but they just offloaded the guy because he couldn't get the job done. Why would the 36ers want him?

From all accounts, he did no one-on-one sessions with players, wasn't very vocal in trainings and didn't give much at games.

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Years ago

Sounds like he is already here then Isaac ;)

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Years ago

Sounds like the Dragons have paid the price!!


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Tony Blair  
Years ago

"From all accounts, he did no one-on-one sessions with players, wasn't very vocal in trainings and didn't give much at games."

Smyth clone then Isaac?

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Years ago

price deserved to be allowed to coach longer than 5 weeks come on. heal has always been a backstabber anyway. he is the scum of the earth.
This sacking his seriously hurt the credit of australian basketball. if price hadnt been sacked australian basketball could have flourished into the overseas market. Way to take australian basketball back another few pegs. our mens team will never compete with the overseas teams without someone like price giving teams the knowledge gained from playing in the nba

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Ken Richardson  
Years ago

Surely if he wasn't doing the things that management expected, a quiet word on the side would have been in order so everybody could get on the same page.
Sacking is a drastic step and I think shows Cowans lack of experience.
Can't help but feel that this negates all the good work they have done and makes them look like a 'Laurel and Hardy' show.

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Tony Blair  
Years ago

Ken you saying that

"Cowan & Heal"

are up there with
Laurel & Hardy, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Martin & Lewis.

now i can believe the three stooges, can see Hammer being the Moe of the outfit and smacking people across the face if they don't get it right.

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Ken Richardson  
Years ago

Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

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Two months ago

Mark Price just wasn't meant to coach here.
Doesn't detract from a serviceable NBA playing career though.

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Two months ago

Felt sorry for Price

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Two months ago

I can never see the Dragons coming back because of how they have dealt with the Price situation. Very unprofessional by the Dragons.

And to say I was so excited for them!

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