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Talking Hoops Recap

Talking Hoops Recap 12/12/06

Hosted by Paul Bell and Raj

They spoke about the Wollongong/Brendan Joyce situation, read out the press conference, see, and said they have suspended him from coaching for 14 days, Bell said he believed he was apparently rude and aggressive to a sponsor who made some comments to him. They said his job could be in trouble in the long term, and Bell said it would be interesting to see the financial status of the Hawks.

They said Wheeler has torn a calf muscle,

They said they should be rejoicing as the 36ers won a game, and said is it just a coincidence with Timmons's first game being there first win in Sydney for 7 years. They said take nothing away from the 6ers, Maher leading from the front, Majstrovich playing well, Ng returning from exams, how ever the kings are not looking that great as Smith isn't the marquee player he once was and the rest of the team is role players and thinks they are over achieving. They said that they didn't pick the win and hoped the 36ers could string a few wins together, as they should beat West Sydney, who they cant take lightly, as they have come close to beating teams recently, then they play Singapore at home so it could be 3 wins in a row.

Spoke about a few upsets, mentioning the Singapore beating Wollongong and there import Marquin Chandler winning the player of the week award.

Spoke about Maher returning to top form, said he is one of the best leaders in the league and he always leads from the front, and Bell said the kings don't have a player like a Maher, Farley or Horvath. Said that the race for 7.8.9,10 positions is very tight and will be very interesting.

Spoke about the Joyce situation again, said that being the Head coach you should be setting the example and spoke about how Wollongong had been very good to Joyce, letting him be interviewed for the Townsville job last season and then letting him return. Said anger management could be a issue and he has been fined by the NBL before.

They read out last rounds results. See the NBL website.

They said tomorrow nights game could be a danger game for Adelaide as West Sydney have been around the mark, and have been in every game they have played.

Bob Elvy, Hawks Chairman Interview: Asked what happened, he said the issue was behaviour of head coach as they believe it has bought the club into disrepute and have received complaints from fans, sponsors and the NBL, and they have a responsibility to provide a family friendly environment, and they have requested the behaviour be rectified and it hasn't been at this stage. Asked if he has a anger management issue, he said not necessarily and you would have to ask him, but he is a animated and capable coach and there are issues that need to be controlled. Asked about the 48 hour cooling off period, he said under his contract with his management company they have to provide 14 days notice and they provided the stay of 48 hours as a gesture of good faith. Asked if it involved a sponsor or a spectator, and he said there has been a range of comments from spectators or a range of things. Said no decision had been made on who will take over from the suspension. Joyce has another year on his contract.

Bell and Raj spoke about the Hawks, Bell said he had heard there is some player dissatisfaction about the time his son receives on the court, and Joyce cant take that criticism well. Said from the outside it looks like he is getting too much time, but they are not in the inner sanctum and Joyce would have his rumours. Said it was interesting that Joyce was employed through his own management company probably for tax reasons.

Dana called in: Said it was deja vu mentioning the Gazes, at Apollo people thought Werner Lin was shafted by Gaze playing Andrew at the time, they said Lindsay wouldn't have reacted in the same way. Raj said its similar to when Darryl Pearce was moved on for Brett Maher, and in the long term it was justified. Dana asked if Smyth coached Maher as a junior, Bell said when Smyth was in Canberra he did some coaching with the AIS when Maher would have been there, and when Smyth played for Adelaide under Dunlap Maher would have been a young player then. Dana said she didnt tip the 36ers for the first time against the kings and they won, and good on them, winning for the first time in 7 years, she said she expected it to be interesting against the Razorbacks.

Adrian Majstrovich Interview: Asked if he was happy with the kings game, said it was good to get a win and contribute. He said they had 7 guys in double figures which is a good sign that the ball is moving well, said things have been flat in the win column so glad to break the drought, said they are focused on West Sydney and hope to develop a streak going forward, asked about Timmons, said he has a great basketball brain, a little bit out of shape, and knows the game well enough to make a huge contribution, asked about the injuries, said Sutton and Copeland trained and are not far off and Wheeler has a Calf tear and they will probably play that one by ear, and doesn't think it will end his season. Said he is enjoying it in Adelaide, said the atmosphere around the club was as predicted but they hoped they would have done better on the court. Asked about adjusting to his role, said it was a steep learning curve, he is trying to fit in where he can and help the other quality players out, said he doesn't worry about substitution patterns and Smyth is really positive with him and tells him what he expects of him. Asked about West Sydney said they will probably play hard and run at every opportunity and said Harvey will be a focus point of there offense, said it was a danger game, and said the Razorbacks are due for a win and have been close pretty often.

Bell and Raj, said it's the key having many contributors as teams will focus on Maher, Farley and Horvath, and they need the other guys to step up and any time when like the kings 7 guys are in double figures you are going to win a lot and hoped they could continue into the top 8. They said smyth said they were looking at the kings game as a turning point in the season, and if they can get 3 in a row they are back on track, the next few games after are against Hawks and the Dragons so it's a opportunity to string 4,5,6 wins together which would push them to around 5th or 6th.

Bell and Raj did there tips, 36ers v Razorbacks, tipped 36ers, Slingers v Breakers, Bell tipped Slingers, Raj tipped Breakers, Kings v Tigers, tipped Tigers, 36ers v Slingers, tipped the 36ers, Crocs v Taipans, Bell tipped Cairns, Raj tipped Crocs, Dragons v Breakers, tipped the Dragons, Wildcats v Hawks, tipped Wildcats, Tigers v Breakers, tipped Tigers, Bullets v Razorbacks, tipped Bullets.

Said at this stage of the season people already expecting a Brisbane v Melbourne Grand Final, Bell said the only team he can see competing with them is Perth as no other team has the size and bench depth of those teams, spoke about Bradtke being out so they are playing 4 perimeter guys with Dusty in the middle, said Dusty is enjoying it and he is sometimes coming off the bench as Wright likes to play small ball, and said his numbers are down abit due to the amount of scorers on there team, and he is a good team and complimentary player, they said they think Melbourne will be too big too strong, and they are just cruising at the moment, said it would be a great series to watch, but hoped the 36ers would get there, but cant see it happening, they said if the 36ers make the play offs you never know, as with guys Farley and Maher they could beat anyone and no one would want to play them in a 1 game series.

Rick Castle, Razorbacks Assistant Coach, interview: Said its been mixed emotions having so many winnable games and they seem to invent ways to lose games, asked if they were feeling confident as they have been close recently, he said winning is a habbit losing is a habbit, they need to break the losing habbit and once they get one win they think they will quickly get another, spoke about blowing the lead to the 36ers last time. Asked if it was a confidence thing, he said it was a habbit, when they get into a winning situation, they take a bad shot or turn it over, they need to break the habbit, by getting in the right position and doing the right thing and winning. Asked how he has found Cal, he said Cal has had a emphasis in building a team and changing the culture of the group, he thinks they have made in roads defensively and the culture of the team is still tight and united towards getting the win. Asked how he personally handled the change of coaches, he said it was a scary day, after going through it in Hunter where he was also sacked, he said he has started a solid relationship with Cal, he has taken on things such as video editing, and he has been doing a lot more now. Asked about any lesser knowns impressing him he said Julian Khazzoah, he said he is a kid to keep the eye on and he said he is the only one people would consider taking a vote off Ingles for rookie of the year which Ingles has wrapped up already. Asked about Watkins, he said he is still in Sydney and still wants to coach, and is a good coach, the club just decided to go in a different direction. Asked about coaching the Nuggets in the New Zealand NBL, said it was a experience to be apart of a losing program, and he has learnt to appreciate the finer points of winning and not to underestimate the little aspects of the game and it was a great experience and believes they will be better next year when he is heading back as he had a 2 year deal, and he hopes to extend it longer. Asked how the NZBL compares to the SA ABA, he said its tougher in NZBL as teams have national team players and quality imports mentioned acouple of teams including Hawkes bay with Henare at the 1, Import at the 2, Winitana at the 3, Majstrovich at the 4, import 5, he said his team would fit in ok to the SA ABL, the stronger teams would be comparable with the top notch SEABL teams who have imports and NBL players. Asked about the status of the club, said he hasn't heard anything, said he wants to concentrate on what he is doing right now, and as far as he knows they are going ahead next year and Cal wants to coach again next year.

Bell and Raj said it would be a interesting environment in West Sydney, said its tough to attract crowds in Sydney, and spoke about rumours of the NRL pulling out on them, and said Khazzoah is a big lad with a lot of potential.

Warrick Giddey, Tigers ex player and Assistant coach, Interview: Asked what he does these days, he said he is Al Westovers Assistant coach, and it has been great fun. Asked about the Tigers said they are working hard and with Ansteys injury he hasn't been as consistent, he said this year its important they have been able to win games with more defense, he said they are on track and will get better. Asked about his fondest memeories, he said the championships in 93,97, said in 93 they had to win Game 3 in Perth, having never won a game in Perth. He said he was rapt to have a role along side the gazes and Bradtkes, said he used his skills to compliment the greta players he had with him. Said Lindsay Gaze was a relaxed coach and all his players were at ease, and he taught them the Shuffle and he said he reckons its one of the best offenses about, and many teams use part of it these days. Asked about the changes when Westover took over, he said Westover paces the sidelines abit more, and said he implemented new things like defensive strategies, introducing a zone defence as with Lindsay they were 90% man team, said there has been some subtle changes which has been for the better, asked about the changes in the NBL, he said the Aussie content has gone up with so much players in there, and the league has been big gone back to small, said its more a big mans league again, Asked who his toughest person was to guard, he said Dave Simmons going against him at practice everyday, and mentioned Davis, Loggins Crawford, said he was fortunate enough to have to mark the great players in the opposition. Joked about Gaze in the Dancing with the stars.

Bell and Raj spoke about Giddey, said he was the perfect role player, did the basics, played defence, setting screens, etc.

Liam Flynn Interview: asked what is happening in the NBA, said the huge story Is Iverson wanting to be traded, said to be in the hunt you need 17m cap room or salary, asked where he will end up, said it depends what Philly want, said if they smart they would be looking for expiring contracts for salary cap room, mentioned Garnett and Carter being free agents, and Draft picks, said it was a super draft coming up, said there is some strong rumours about Sacramento being in the hunt, and it will be interesting to see Iverson and Artest together, asked about Miami's slow start, said the conferences have been weighted towards the west the last few years said the East only have 3 teams with Winning records, where the West have 6 teams with winning road records, asked about Shaq, said it could be fair enough that veterans such as Shaq don't want to or need to play 82 games, so they play around 60 games rest up and come good for play offs. Said the Jazz have been a surprise leading the conference, but it's a marathon not a sprint said the Spurs are looking good, and got a wake up call last season and said they are primed to be the toughest teams around, said the Suns, Hornets and Rockets are also doing well. Asked about Bogut, said he had a great November, but is down abit in December, and not shooting aswell and is wondering about injury, and probably hasn't helped with Bucks having some injuries.

Brett Maher called in: having dinner for his wedding anniversary. Said it was a good win having 7 guys in double figures and hopefully gives them a plat form to build from, said tomorrow nights game is a danger game as Razorbacks have been playing really well, much better than there record, said the Sydney win has given them some boyancey and he said they should win the next few games, said Timmons has fitted in well, a little bit out of shape, but gave a good contribution against Sydney and has sparked some of the other guys to playing better, he said it should be easily done to get 7 guys double figures every week.

Bell and Raj spoke about the Academy, asked about likely types coming through the Acadmey, mentioned Zorich who is now in Melbourne, mentioned Erik Burdon, Jordan Dodman, Chris Moliter, Luke Mupunda, Garry Birmingham, and a lot of guys, all deserve a chance if they work hard enough, asked about the Bearcats, said they have got Brendan Mann and Blake Truslove for next season so they are looking good, asked how he thinks Forrsetville will go, said Sutton will probably take over and they will be competitive as usual.

Another great show look forward to next week!!

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Good write up again Jonno . Well done.

You did forget to mention that Dana took a swipe at her detractors on this site.
Good one Dana (insert sarcasm here)

I also thought "Maestro" spoke really well and did himself and the club proud. They should have him more visible for club IMO.

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Great work Johnno sounded like a great show.

Keep stirring them up Dana

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Grwat show love your work Johhno

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Brilliant wright up Jonno!

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Years ago

great work as per usual jonno,

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I hear Forestville have employed Paul Bell as their Foul shooting coach. No wonder he thinks they will be competitive.

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On next week's Talking Hoops line up, you might as well schedule in "Call from Dana" as it happens almost every week now.

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which is a good thing

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Years ago

I think she could have a regular segment called "Haters".

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