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Academy team to precede Sixers game

so apparently the side was suppose to be named at this mornings training session. so do we know who will be playing???

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Years ago

Team as appears in paper:


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Years ago

And the players not selected

Benson is playing for Sturt
Campbell is going to Cairns
Marcus Ng is very injured
Blight is also injured

I think thats everyone

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Years ago

Here's Boti's article about it all.

The Academy needs a nickname for their team.

"We're certainly open to suggestions and would love the public to get involved in the nickname process," Ninnis said. "It probably needs to stay with the historic Adelaide theme."

Game starts at 5:15 Saturday (before the Sixers game); doors open at 5:30.

Academy team: Michael Zorich, Eric Burdon, Bronson Kies, Nick Hambour (North), Brad Gerlach (Southern), Matt Sutton (Forestville), Andrew Puddifoot (Woodville), Chris Clausen (Central), Thomas McKenzie (South), Brad Bungey (Eastern), Ben Evans (West), Andrew Webber (Norwood).

Any thoughts on nicknames?

The Adelaide Plains? :P

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Years ago

What about MT Lofty Summits? Indicates where they are from and where they want to go!

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Years ago

The Stanford Grand Animals

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Years ago

Stamford Knights?

(Hotel logo)

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Years ago

interesting the story was wasn't by Boti - Miles Kemp!

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Years ago

stamford sleazes!!

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Years ago

Every team is represented?

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Years ago

Except Sturt, who they're playing on the night.

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easy rider  
Years ago

Sullivan from Forestville is missing however I believe he has been on the sick list for just over a week

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Years ago

who is the team playing against?????

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Hoop Addict  
Years ago

re: Academy team to precede Sixers game (#10941)
Except Sturt, who they're playing on the night.

Isaac, 22/10/04

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Years ago

Stamford Chargers Maybe

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

I'd say Sturt know already, and that the Sixers have guaranteed the winning team a future with the 36ers. Oh hang on, we already know that Sturt players are safe for that .....

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Years ago

Jirachi, Moses,

The reason why The Academy is playing Sturt is because none of the other ABA teams wanted to play this game - they said they weren't ready. The other teams are all fighting for the games vs Academy later in the NBL season. So, because no other team wanted to play this game, Sturt did the right thing by the Academy and said that they would play them.

So please, whilst your cynicism is noted, try for once, just for once, to get the facts before passing judgment on a situation. If Sturt didn't step forward, there would be no Academy game tonight.

So, there's no conspiracy here, just a bunch of people trying to help South Australian basketball - sorry to disappoint you both.

PS. Are you both going to come to the Academy game and support the future of South Australian basketball? Or will you both be too busy at your computers thinking of new conspiracy theories while other people are actually doing something to try and salvage SA basketball!!

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Strewth, it appears that some people are leaving their sense of humour at the front door. It was a joke - you know, something not serious - a light-hearted attempt at humour. Ah well, back to the drawing board.

Signed Justin Wilkey.

PS. Yes, this was a joke too!

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Years ago

How did the game go? many people get there early to watch?

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Years ago

why delete the last biased!!

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Years ago

It was a troll so I deleted it. Gower went through trials and pre-season opportunities like everyone else. He was picked for a reason and I don't think the Sturt connection was it. Ask Smyth why and stop forcing digressions.

Let's talk about the Academy vs Sturt game if that's OK with you?

I managed to catch the last quarter and found it entertaining. Not a big crowd there early but certainly not a handful either. Looking forward to future games.

Hopefully the Sixers actually publicise it on their site and more people find out about up and coming players in our local competition.

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Years ago

moses what is the big joke with signing it justin?? what has he done?

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

To speakup,

Firstly, I think Justin's a great kid. The joke was he went to Sturt and it didn't work out - obviously it went over like a lead balloon.

On that note, it's good to see he's returned to Centrals. Why leave something that's working for ya?

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Years ago

any news on the game last night vs west?

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Years ago

Academy were down all game but fought back and ended up winning by 2 thanks to a post move from Bronson Kies.

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Years ago

86-84 according to the paper. Gerlach and Sutton in double figures for the Academy, Phillips with 17 for West.

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Years ago

As someone who is starting to gain an interest in local basketball through reading this forum, it would have been nice to have the players names up on the board for the game instead of the advertising so I could tell who was who.

Is this posssible, or isnt there anyone there anyone there to run the board at the time, or is it already programmed for the main game or something?

Alternatively, names on the singlets would be appreciated.

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Years ago

avanti, they had names on the board for Academy vs Sturt. No luck in the game against West?

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Years ago

Nope, I was there from about half time, and all that was up from then was advertising....

Bit of a bummer when you are trying to get to know who these young guys are....

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Years ago

can we get an academy schedule up on the site please, like when do they play which abl clubs....or visiting teams??

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