Years ago

Ah Wildcats?

With the Wildcats losing Ronaldson, Ryan, No word on Brooks yet & Caporn undetermined with injury, the squad is startin to look pretty pathetic.. again..

In '05 i was thinkin "WOW! We might actually go all the way this year!"

In '06 i was thinkin "WOW! New squad, we might actually go all the way this year!"

You can't keep rebuilding a team every frikn year, where's the chemistry??

I'm wondering wether Jack Bendat has buyers regrets.

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Years ago

Hardly a write-off yet - still got a very good import likely to naturalise, Rogers was great last year and that takes care of the tough-to-fill starting centre spot. Then Crawford is fairly flexible and fired up towards the end of the season. If they pick up Loughton or Conn to back-up the frontcourt and pick a decent import, they'll be OK.

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Years ago

Rogers is Good, Redhage is Good, Crawford has been scrappy, who else have they got thats really worth merit?

An import isn't gonna make this team win finals, Carlos Powell was possibly best import in the league last season - Remind me where NZ Finished?

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Years ago

Fair enough, they're not stacked in any sense, but at least have some good pieces.

Dowdell is worth sticking with. Robbins is an OK 10th man. I agree that the rest are not really worth keeping.

But then they looked average on paper and in the pre-season last year and did fine.

NZ were running with Henare, Olson and Forman as three of their starters for most of the season - none of them are marquee-level players. They lost Wethers to injury and picked up a dud to replace him which never helped. And Powell was hardly a team player which, I'd guess, Redhage might be.

Who's on the radar for Perth?

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Years ago

I dont think the squad necessarily looked average, but as I said before, How can you get team chemistry when you introduce 5 or 6 new players to a squad?
That's 50% new blood,

They're now down to 8 players, of which 1 or 2 more may be questionable, and only three (redhage rogers crawford) are really starting material.

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Years ago

Bogut - stop complaining. Have you checked the Sixers signings for next season! Give me Perth's squad plus Maher any day. Only good news so far has been the Ballinger signing.

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Years ago

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Whats ur prob man? this is supposed to be a forum for discussing views and you come back with "stop your whinging".

Everything I've said is valid, this club cannot keep players anymore because they're inconsistent, Scotties love affair with Redhage is pathetic.

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Years ago

Wasn't having a go mate - the joys of written conversation! I agree with everything you have said. Just saying Perth still look a hell of a lot better than Adelaide at this point. What has that rule got to do with my post? My post was simply comparing two clubs at this point in the off season, and saying that to a Sixers fan, your list looks pretty good.

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Years ago

thedoctor ok no probs.

Well with the league expanding its only gonna get worse for some teams isn't it?

With teams limited to two imports & with the really good aussie players choosing europe/college/nba, doesn't leave many options does it?

Team Salary Caps, player points & number of imports should be raised, or we will become the 'Kindergarten' of Basketball.

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Years ago

Where has Damien Ryan gone?

I was hoping the Cats could hold onto him

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Years ago

Bogut, I am a biiter man at the moment. Ever since Paul Rees left I have had nothing worth cheering for. I hope the Sixers and Wildcats manage to put a decent team on the floor next year. With our current team, we are starting Cooper, Copeland and Davidson. Thats Wooden Spoon material.

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Years ago

Fez - Europe, I think.

Think about how much trouble Singapore (Ben Knight, two imports, what else?), Wollongong (just signed John Philip, have got Campbell, what else?) and West Sydney (fringe starters at best) are in.

At least Adelaide have a marquee PG/SG, a mid-level PG who can start, a C who has started in the past and a known-quantity, quality import - in a tough spot, but could be worse.

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ahh wildcats!  
Years ago

Fez/Isaac -
Yep ryan's goin to Europe,
Tho nbl website doesnt show it under transaction trackers, but that boys goin to chase bigger bux.
And yes it is a huge shame because that kid has game.

I reckon he was a better pickup than Darren Brooks by far.

Hey, maybe they'll let Brooks go and get Ontario '5 fouls a minute' Lett back into the squad?
We need a fat 'tard that cant shoot freethrows.

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