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What the Sixers need to do to win

Sounds simple but my solution would be to keep passing the ball to Ballinger and Schenscher. Let them take 35-40 shots between them each game. You'd think they'd make most of their shots!

Sixers in the past have not made the most of their high percentage shooters (eg. even Horvath was under-used).

Create some plays for our bigs please!

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Years ago

No wonder you made that crap anonymous!!!!

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Years ago

Who cares if I use anonymous or the name "Spinner" or "Bob"? Either way I'm not going to use my real name nor am I a regular poster

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Years ago

with the rubbish you just wrote no wonder its anon. horvath was under used lol. i presume were talking about first half horvath! we have to get the ball to ballinger. he was not even playing. How about when we have a healthy team, then we might start winning.

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Years ago

Perhaps when they play 4 quarters we might start winning. They had one good quarter last night. I assume it came after an ear bashing from the coach at half time. If they can play 1 quarter, they can play 4.

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Years ago

"Adelaide 36ers coach Scott Ninnis said he was pleased with his team's effort but added the players' first-quarter turnovers put them on the back foot."

This is a quote from the match report on the NBL site. Is Ninnis in denial? His team's effort apart from 1 or 2 players was awful. How can someone who has the job of head coach watch his team play last night and say it was a good effort? Surely a good effort comes over the whole game and not just 1 quarter. The first 2 quarters was nothing short of woeful and the catalyst for setting up the loss. If this is the standard we can expect from him as being a "good effort", then the season is already over. He repeated a similar comment upstairs after the game. Is he just being polite to the media or is he seriously lacking leadership?

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Years ago

you 36ers fans stop making excuses if you cant win you dont have the depth or you recruited badly either way you have no excuse.

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Years ago

Might help if we could get everyone playing

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Years ago

ist 1/4 was crap 2nd was a little better, 2nd half we out played them

first quater killed us my count had 12 of our 17 turnovers in the 1st

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Achtung Baby  
Years ago

Schensher was a monster in the 3rd, with 18 and 10, yet because of the effort he showed, and Ninnis' lack of use of the bench, he ran out of puff. I'm pretty sure he played the full 24 mins in the second half? Was visibly tired, and needed a rest, the start of the 4th would have been perfect to give the most effective guy on the court a break, as he was quite obviously too spent to contribute effectively.

No Ballinger to take some time off him hurts, but even having coop play the 5 spot with jacob on the 4, as was the usual rotation for the first half, for just 3 mins while schensh sat and rested would have been fine. Maybe Ninnis needs to show some confidence in his bench. Winitana could easily have spent some time, 3 or 4 mins playing the 4 spot in the last, as he works hard, and is almost as big as holmes, if not taller?

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Years ago

What they need is to have the whole team showing more hustle for the whole game. In the first half, Perth had every player looking like they were going 100% while it seemed that some of the 36ers weren't really moving that quickly.

Schenscher got the ball about as much as he could handle and had an absolutely outstanding game with 33 and 20.

That was the first game I've seen of Tyndale's outside of one pre-season game and I wasn't too impressed. 40 minutes on court for 10/2/2 when he was needed to step up wasn't helpful.

Hill was OK. Holmes picked up over time. Bruce had a bad night. Davidson could've sparked up for a 20 point game like past seasons but didn't seem to look to shoot that much - thought he seemed pretty fit at least.

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Years ago

Turnovers killed us in the 1st. The fact that it was 10 of them would've been bad enough, but they were high risk showtime turnovers, which salted the wound.
I wasn't confident of a win in any case, but having Balls out, was massive. Big Red was a stand-out, but there's only so much 1 guy can do. I disagree that he was overplayed, & that fatigue stymied his scoring in the 2nd half. He was either double or triple teamed, & heavily at that. Not that I have a problem with that, it's part of the game. It should've freed up a couple of our guys, but we lacked movement & players wanting the ball in offence. Maybe it was because we had to conserve the 8 players that got court time, or we need to work on getting players open. By contrast, the Cats were perptual motion off the ball, spread their scoring load & utilised more players (got court time).
We should learn from last night, & I'll be happy if that's the case. The fact that we got to within 6 in the last, showed that the guys kept their heads up & played a whole lot smarter in the 2nd half. I have to admit, I wasn't confident about that eventuating at the major break.
Another thing that I was relieved about, was seeing Winnie running smoothly for the night. I had concerns that he may have been shoved back into the line-up in a moment of panic (with Balls' late withdrawal), with the risk of aggravating his ankle injury.
All said & done, it could've been a lot worse. Balls would've been a big part of the practice sessions during the week, but Gastro hits hard & doesn't give much notice.
Anyway, chill guys & the lady, the season ain't over yet.

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love the bludge  
Years ago

if they play the Blaze (0-8) it might help get a win

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Years ago

Both Hill and Cooper need to be used less. Hill's body is willing, but his decision making and defence is awful. Cooper more often than not has more fouls than points, although granted his d is handy as a bench player. Tyndale is an issue, if keeping him start him off the bench with Bruce, Maher, Holmes, Ballinger and Schenscher making the starting 5, or else cut Tyndale and get a better import (Hodge is free from the NBA at the moment, at least contact him). Start creating more on offence, more screens, movement off the ball etc. With Schensch on fire, the outside 3 should open up much more readily - be able to knock it down! Learn to defend the 3 and rotate better on defence.

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Years ago

Do good stuff

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Years ago

There's a fat lady walking onto the stage.....

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Years ago

Is it round 13 yet?

Just hope Ninnis doesn't use the Port Power way of calling it season over

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Bretts the man  
Years ago

We get decent import and fit Ballinger we will be ok.
When Schens being triple defended all we need is someone outside that can actually shoot.
How can you criticize Hill at least he attacked the basket and made less mistakes than many others.
Give Winitana extra time hell he had a wondeful opportunity last night with players out and he was horrible. Him and Tyndale would be the 2 worst open shooters we have had for a bloo- y long time

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Years ago

If this was last season we would be calling for the coach to be sacked.Don't let this happen look at the other areas of the club Ninnis will have to toe the club line then wear it when they cut corners

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Years ago

"How can you criticize Hill at least he attacked the basket and made less mistakes than many others."

Perimeter D was atrocious and most of his buckets came in garbage time.

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Years ago

winitana is not in the side for shooting and it shows where the team is lacking for us to rely on him to shoot, again balls and maher out didnt help and would have been the 11 points difference last night, and another functioning import scoring wise would have helped

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Years ago

Thomo, but Winitana can be a scorer too and had a good opportunity last night. I think a couple of early fouls had him on the bench in the first quarter.

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Years ago

Winitana needs to start to set a tone defensively. Some players provide more than just stats. and he is one who has a 'presence' about him. Others feed off this.

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Years ago

Winitana just needs a couple of games under his belt after injury. The same thing has been said for Davidson since the start of the season. He did have a shocker, but he'll get better. As for Hill, he sure does attack the basket - every time he has the ball. Doesn't matter who's in front of him defensively or who else is free to pass off to, you can bank on him driving EVERY play if he has the rock. He has talent, but needs to be more of a team player and definitely needs to learn how to defend

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Years ago

I have been saying ever since I first saw him that Hill does not have the basketball intelligence to make it at this level. Sure, he has the athleticism, but I don't think he has the brain to get it done. I don't think that it is that he is a selfish player, just not able to work out what to do to help the team. I am surprised his turnover stats are so low, he always seems to have a hand in so many more.

Whilst I love the way he plays, Winitana is and always will be a good role player at this level. He can't be relied upon to do it all. He is there to support our gun players, Maher, Ballinger, Bruce, Tyndale, and, after last Sat. night, Schenscher. In the same way, Cooper is an average role player, and can't be relied upon.

With Maher and Ballinger out, and Bruce and Tyndale playing poorly, we were always going to struggle. I was disappointed with Bruce, and we really need a lot more from an import position than Tyndale is presently providing.

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