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Sixers Vs Hawks

ok people its game day and im getting damn excited! peoples predictions and the usual predictions of players etc. Im really hoping to see a huge improvement with howard, not too big though but seeing him move on the offensive plays will be good to see as he did look a little lost last week but fair enough though as he had only been in the country 4 days and he still put the numbers up.

brain is saying hawks by not much, heart is saying sixers by 10 (as usual).

After losing twice at home for the hawks im sure they have no intention of losing this one but if there is ever a time to strike at wollongongs confidence this would be the game. we really need to kick them while they are down. its just whether it goes that way.

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Years ago

36ers Will get this 1, Think the bubble is about burst!!! kings get 2nyt to, good odds 4 the kings!!!! There 1 game closer to a win. Perth playing very very averge & still 3rd no matty & jesse, damn good TEAM!!!!

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Years ago

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

Our ten man rotation will be useful in the heat, although Gordie is such a smart coach he will probably adjust and do the same.

I am expecting our point guard work to be done by committee, i.e. mostly Shannon, but a bit of Howard (to give Ervin something to think about) but also Bruce to maybe get 5 minutes against their back up point man. I would be very surprised if Howard did not know the offensive sets inside out by now.

Hoping DJ is over his big toe infection, and is able to hit the boards hard with Dowdell, and looking to see plenty of work very close to the ring by our small forward duo of HillBilly and Wolf Creek.

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Years ago

I am hoping our imports can adapt to the heat too, as Howard said he did just come from chicago where it was -8, now to be somewhere where its 40 degrees is going to hit him hard, however yesterdays weather hopefully helped them adjust.

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Years ago

Really excited for this game, just hope the A/C is doing a half decent job.

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Years ago

Bruce has been cleared to play!

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Years ago

Can't wait for the game, looking forward to seein Howard rip it up, good to see Bruce playin too crazy stuff. 6ers by 7

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Years ago

I'm mostly interested to see how Howard does second time out. He got his fair share of points on debut and looked very comfortable at the stripe, but a lot of his points came from simply being at the right place at the right time and that might not happen every game. I'm hoping he can create a bit more himself and get to the line while shooting not only while the Hawks are over the limit. If Saville doesn't play, I guess he might be up against Coenraad?

As usual, even though the team's record isn't great, there are things to look forward to - watching Creek play is always good, seeing how Shannon goes, Howard, Johnson, whether Bruce gets much time, etc.

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Years ago

It should be a great game. I can't quite see us getting the win, as I think Wollongong will want to bounce back from a poor loss at home to the Blaze. I am looking forward to seeing how Bruce goes, though guarding Gary Ervin (then Williams on Sunday) is probably not the ideal way to ease back into professional basketball! Props again to Sixers management and coaching staff for securing a replacement player so quickly once again.

It will be interesting to see how Howard goes second time out, and hopefully Eddie Shannon will have a better shooting game. Last time out Oscar burned us here also, and it will be interesting to see who is matched up with him at various points in the game (Creek maybe?).

Hawks by 6.

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Years ago

Will young Mitch do a good job on gary? The kid may be the only one who can keep up.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

We will need Shannon to play better than last week and to at least help put some defensive pressure on Ervin.
Whilst looking fwd to seeing Bruce play much rather have Carter out there.
Looking fwd to seeing to seeing Howard follow up 1st game .
Certainly looked quick once had the ball but did not seem a real open shot taker .
If DJ fully fit please start him.
Hopefully we dont give the bro of so many open 3 point shots this game

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Years ago

It doesn't sound like Saville will be playing.

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Years ago

It will be interesting to see how Mitch would go against Ervin or at least play him on Oscar.

It will be a good game! Sixers are favourites with the bookies

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

Very interested to see what defence Gordie's team plays tonight.

Last time here, they played a lot of extended 1-3-1 match up zone, and that seemed to bamboozle our guards, so my guess is with our new guards, Gordie might try that wacky stretched zone defence again.

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Years ago

Bruce is clear to play and should get minutes backing up Shannon, especially with no other reliable ball handlers on the team (IMO).

Also have heard that Saville is definitely out tonight (hope my source is accurate on this), which should help the Sixers matchups.

I'm not heaps confident going into this game, but I'm going to have to tip the Sixers winning by 6ish

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Reckon they'll be able to keep it pretty cool , temperature wise that is.. was cool in there yesterday, very cool, in fact..
About 7000 in there tonite, I'd expect.
Radford spoke about D on Oscar and Clarke on Davidson.
No Saville will help us.. Not sure how to stop Ervin.
Howard was pretty good first game..
Bruce and Ng stole the show , at training, looked very very good.
Gonna be overtime I reckon.

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Years ago

7,000? We haven't had that many to a game since the Brett Maher retirement game at the end of the 08-09 season.

I think they would be chuffed with 5,500 especially as 5,400 is the largest crowd the Sixers have had this season and the Hawks only drew 4,500 last time they were here earlier this season.

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Years ago

I'd be happy with 4,000

NYE, Heat, No Corporates, Families on holidays, coming off loses......

Bruce is in, Saville is out.

Although I can't see Bruce getting minutes unless needed due to foul trouble or injury.

Tipping Sixers to sneak a win here.

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Years ago

anon, i agree we wont get 7000, but that hawks game we got 4500 last time was a sunday night game. hopefully in the mid 5's too 6000 like u stated tonight. but being new years and hot as hell who knows. just cant wait for the game and hopefully some more aerial action from creek.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Crowd'll be interesting.
Twenty five bucks for a family of four is a pretty cheap way to start NYE and plenty of time after to do other things.

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Years ago

New years eve game usually draws a deceny crowd, playing a good team and Aaron Bruce is back so that is bound to add at least 100 women there to see him...

For the crowd I'm predicting about 5238 or there abouts...

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Years ago

Mutley, you say you can't see the 36ers getting the win. The fact is we just changed 2 imports. We did not do that to throw the rest of the season away. At this point in time, there is not much time to turn the season around. Teams like Wollongong have to beaten to progress well into the rest of the season. We can't do it just winning to a select number of teams. The 36ers are aware of what's expected of them and I doubt they are going into this game thinking they can't win it. I personally cannot predict who will actually win but hope the 36ers give it all they've got and pray to God its enough.

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Years ago

For those not attending Perth at Gold Coast tonight on One HD.

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Years ago

I have two spare tickets for the game tonight, 4 rows back in the North-East section, will sell cheap, can meet at front entrance.

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Years ago

I think the 6ers are due and will win by 5.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

We gotta young point guard, sitting on the bench.
Fired up Eddie Shannon.
Meanwhile, substitution , . - five (5) out.
Five (5) on ! ? !

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Years ago

anyone else seeing this ludacris performance by the refs tonight. Dont care what anyone says but these refs need to go back to social league

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Years ago

looking at the live scores- well done sixers!!!

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Years ago

ervin having a shocker- atm 2/13 from the field!

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Years ago

Who won? What was the score?

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Years ago

Check out the Box Scores on for all the details - 36ers

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Years ago

nbl live stats are down for the game,

anyone care to give some details?

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Years ago

87-66 36ers win according to

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Years ago

can anyone out there tell me if adelaide won. I know it's new year's eve but surely there should be a result posted somewhere!!!!!

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Years ago

98-83 Adelaide win

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Years ago



Happy new year peoples!

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Years ago

Adelaide won, Bruce did a decent job in his first game back, Hill and NG played very well and Daly got his first two NBL points.

Crowd would have been around 4000 however as usual the 36ers will pump the numbers up to around 4,600-5,000.

Can't have been much over 4000 as both basket ends were pretty much empty, as was much of the South Upper section.

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Years ago

While Aaron really didnt shoot the lights out, his defence down the court really stood out. Did a great job guarding. Am pleased from that perspective.
Disappointing crowd but..... with the 3 bombs from outside, I thinkwe made a bit of noise.
Brad Hill, a surprise again with great points and some good work.
Darren Ng, awesome defensive rebounds at times and love it when he hits 3.
Anm impressed that Daly got a go with 3 to go. Didnt do a lot but happy with him getting a go. Would have loved a triple outside but alas, didnt happen.
Great work 6ers, now back it up against Melbourne and ya never know.

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Years ago

Great win by the boys, thought everybody played well. Bruce was great considering its his first run and i thought they played fantastic D on Ervin and you could see him trying to pad his stats late in the game. I want to say that was Hills best game as a 36ers, agressive, shot well and no bone head plays.

Hopefully the boys can build on this in the coming games.

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Years ago

Oh and Darren had a green light the minute he stepped over the time line.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Pretty noisey anyways..
Ng is a pretty good shot. Although I mentioned that before. Although I think he missed one shot.
We were 24 points up in the third qtr.
Good D . very good D
Good offense.
Shannon probably best of a real good team.

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Bobby Tables  
Years ago

Hilarious night with the dudes behind us starting the wave and heckling the Hawks. Just goes to show that a court announcer is nowhere near as effective as 5 blokes on the piss =P

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Years ago

Our hold the ball up and let the game run out offence was terrible. Made us stale both ends of the floor for about 3 minutes. (saved by the energy Daly brought into the game). Hopefully we play to score in future situations.

Great defence on Ervin: Ng, Shannon, Hill, Bruce, Howard, Holmes, Ballinger all did well regardless of the at times forced miss matches.

36ers defiantly exposed that Ervin can't play team defence. So many drives to the basket and Ervin was on weak side with no movement towards the ball. Good to see Ng put 3 in a row on him. Ervin was rescued by a bullshit call on NG for ummmm well no one knows what Ng did (2nd foul prior to the half). Otherwise should have been 5 in a row in the 2nd quarter.

Nothing better than having your first five sitting whilst the bench is tearing up the court. Good all round game.

Disappointment for the game is watching the predicted season MVP throwing cheap shots during his numerous dummy spits.

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Years ago

MVP went to Eddy Shannon's 24 or was it 22?
Howard got hit by the heat ,Im sure.3 votes
Aaron Bruce had a couple of insides refused and will fit in well.His transitions and presence was impressive.
Brad was driving to the Hoop like no tomorrow.2 votes
Ng's 3's were flat and AWSEOME.1 vote
Wolf Creek found the basket as the Hawks said"who...wha...??"(ie he was quick).
Balls and Holmes were rebound drunk.Good to see Adam get some.
The whole Teaim(sic) played with focus and loads of energy.I thought at half time they ran their marathon with Red and Sweaty faces but the 20 point lead was good enough to stop Ervins' late charge.If someone was down someone else picked up.
What is especially good for 2nd half of the season is, the 2nd five are potent as well.
Clarkes plays and rotations seemed to be efficient.Someone can add to his contribution.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Brucey is back in town!!

Ng's 3's were the highlight

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Years ago

Crows officially listed as 4,728.

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Years ago


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Years ago

dave blocknorth aka the only bloke who's arguably as big an irrational Hill-basher as Skud. Nice to see you actually give him some recognition. Hilly was huge.

Good calls by FM. Ervin embarrassed himself tonight.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

Great game by Eddie,
not just shooting but also he {and Aaron } kept the game at a quick consistent pace that seemed to put the Hawks off balance.
Ervin seemed off his game because of the pace, but also because of the great defence. We now have a great backcourt defensive unit, with Ron quick as, and Ng now getting it done at both ends.

Killer game by Hillbilly, shooting, boards, but also 3 steals.

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Years ago

Great to see.
Sixers are a new team with Shannon at the helm. Frees up Ng, Hill and Ballinger to do what they do best , SHOOT not create.
Confidence in the team must be on a high.
Keep tightening up the D and your boys will make a late charge for playoffs.

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Years ago

Very encouraging performance by Adelaide and a much eserved win. As solid as Carter has been, given a few weeks to adjust and get in the groove, Bruce could well be an upgrade!

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Years ago

Excellent game by Hill. Ng looked like he couldn't even comprehend the possibility of missing those shots. Flopped a few times though!

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Years ago

Ervin was horrible, when the going got tough he went missing and resorted to throwing up horrible contested shots. I swear he went 3 or 4 times up the floor without even looking to pass. The sixers really exposed him on d as well.

Oh and that Mitch creek spin The kid will be unstoppable in 2 years.

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Years ago

It appeared last night that with shannon on fire that howard didnt get a chance to light up, but damn was that a good game

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Years ago

the sixers count the season tickets holders first and then those purchased for the individual game.

if the season ticket holder does not show they still get counted.

so its not 4700 that turn up its 4700 that pay.

tricky hey.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Sixers defence out there tonight was massive going back to Dunlap to Darnell times.
Certainly great to have a good coach with a committed team that many can score points for.
Only Howard and Dowdell would be dissapointed personal games.
Not only did Hill and NG have huge offensive games but their defence work has improved 1oo%.
Shannon was best where totally organized team and shot the lights out and help starve Ervin.
Night highlight was the massive rebound by Ballinger down western end .
How good will Creek be by season end.
Get DJ more time and confidence and this team has no limits

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Years ago

Hill played great

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Years ago

Late reply...NYE and all!!

Yes Im more than happy to say by far the best game I have seen Hill ever play, if he could bring that sort of game every week I would never have to say he doesnt belong, well done.
Ng is just getting better and better with his shooting, really cranking them under pressure now. The last show he missed he appeared to be falling over and trying to run when he took it, so disapointing he missed (would have been nice to see him for 100%) but fair enough.
Shannon had a great game tonight, his 3's look flat coming out of his hands but hey it works! His D on Ervin really stopped him having such a big impact on the game, restricted his shot selection.
Bruce had a cracker game for his first hit out in 18 months, he looked solid with his ball handling and his passing. He didnt shoot much but I was still happy with his game.
Howard, was there something wrong with him other than the heat tonight, he looked to be really lacking in energy and didnt play big minutes.
Balls had a good game, really rebounded strongly and was shooting the way we are used to seeing him shoot.

Solid game by the team overall!! Great win.

I am still confused by Marty's rotations. Specially during the end of the game. Hill and Ng had played well, as had Ballinger and Shannon and didnt really need to be on the court. Surely it would have been the best time to give Creek a solid 5 minutes on the court as well as some of the other bench players ie Johnson, and giveing Bruce more time to really get back into it..

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Years ago

Howard did well in Defence and still has no real scouting report about how he will play in the NBL. With Shannon, Balls, Ng and Hill all scoring he did well to move the ball instead of creating his own shot.

Hawks all over him early, as they did with Ng last night (obviously expecting a bombardment). Interesting to see that no one seemed to care about Shannons pull ups from the top of the Arc, they expected the penetrate and dish which he has done past games.

Bruce a true unknown.

Interesting game against Melb. Ng v Devendorf will be great to see.

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Years ago

That was easily one of the best games the sixers have played over the past few years. Although there were still a few defensive lapses (mainly in the first half) where guys looked to get lost on defensive rotations and you ended up with Hill guarding Davidson and Shannon guarding Forman etc. it was nice to see a 100% effort for 4 quarters by everyone on the team.

I thought Clarke coached really well last night. He gauged who was on and who wasn't pretty early, particularly Ron Howard. Because even though he was giving 100% effort, it was obvious that he was having an off night in comparison to Ng and Hill so it took guts from Clarke to go with those guys for the majority of the match and bench your more expensive import. Having a fringe NBA player on your bench is a pretty nice luxury to have and demonstrates the Sixer's depth.

I also loved the way they went about stopping Ervin. They clogged the lane, everytime he ran by someone they gave him a shoulder check or an elbow, Holmes put some solid screens on him, they kept rotating Bruce snd Shannon so they could pressure him the whole match and he looked really unsettled.

Now that they have set a benchmark for effort they have to keep trying to better it for the rest of the season. If they do this, and Johnson improves his inside presence on both ends of the floor, there is no doubt they can challenge for the title imo.

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Years ago

Yeah it was great to see the Sixers finally playing to their potential especially on their home court! Hopefully this is a great sign of how the rest of the season will go. If they continue like that not only will they make the playoffs but could seriously challenge to win it!

I have seen often during the first quarter a lot of potential that we could dominate the other team but then their would be too many subs and general bad play and the other team would get back into the game and end up winning. Last night we actually put our foot on the pedal for almost the entire game as it should be!

I have been a Bruce hater in the past but if he can come in and just being annoying on defence and not try to do too much on offence then he will be very valuable. I'm not sure what they will do when Carter is healthy again?

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Years ago

Great win by the Sixers. Completely smashed the Hawks. Our D shut Ervin down, most of his points coming in the last few minutes when our players had already walked off the court mentally.

Great D, poise running the offence and three point shooting by Shannon. I hope we can hold onto him next season.

Marty continues to get improved performances out of Hill and Ng. So great to see them starting to play to their ability more consistently.

Balls and Jake were great on the boards and Balls was very efficient racking up the points. Might have to start calling him Money Ball!

First game I have seen Howard and he didn't really get into the game offensively. Early on it was fine, because he was swinging the ball to the hot shooters. But later in the game, he tried to make a few things happen and they didn't come off. Hope it was just the heat and he will bounce back Sunday night.

Bruce looked in pretty good nick for a guy who has been away from professional ball for a couple of seasons. Didn't shoot at all, but took the Hawks extended defence in his stride and was a nice safe pair of hands to rely on when Shannon needed a breather. Very good work by the Sixers to put themselves in a position where they could cover Carter's injury so effectively.

Starting to see a positive pattern from Sixers management. The way they pounced on Mitch Creek early in the season and now have brought in three replacements so smoothly bodes well for the future.

Big game in Melbourne Sunday. Sixers starting to show good signs, but the next game is one they have to get if they want to start making progress on the ladder.

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Years ago

Agree Skud re the late game rotation. When Ervin went to the bench late in the fourth they all but conceded and assumed Balls, and eddie would stay on the bench and get a little breather put bruce out there and get a little more run if he was fit enough. That said if this is all we are complaining about it was a good night,

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E for Effort  
Years ago

Happy New Year all. What a game and what an effort by all players. All our boys were back in action. Balls back on cue. NG setting the house on fire. Hilly closed some mouths. Eddie outstanding. Bruce slotted right back in and brought the intensity. The crowd was brilliant. All round a fantastic effort and what a way to bring in a new year. That was the refresher the fans needed. Job well done. Now Lets get thems Tigers.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Good to see ABC radio there covering a Fri game and last Thursday as well, since we've only got 2 saturday games. They'd pre-arranged an after game interview with Oscar 'cause they thought the Hawks would win.
But went to Ballinger and Daly instead.
We get praise heaped on us by the media when we win.

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