Last month

Galloway & Sunday Dech rumors

Rumors are that both players will be finding their way to Cairns for the upcoming season.


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Last month

Just to clarify, Galloway is apparently already signed for Cairns, they're just waiting for monday to announce. But with Dech the rumor is they are exploring buyout options, with Cairns looking the favorite.

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Master Chief  
Last month

I feel Dech is wasted if only being use in non-specific roles off the bench, so could be good outcome for both. I really like the moves by Cairns. Galloway is a shame though.

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Last month

I like the move for Dech by Cairns.

Forde will have a specific bench role for him where he's relied to play 15-20 mins per game. Won't have starter expectations and will be fairly priced. Win win.

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Last month

Forde coached Sunday at East Perth and the was with him at the Cats. If anyone knows how to use him and is invested in his success it would be Forde.

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Last month

Yes liking both to taipans if true, Deck is a better defender than Kuol, I could see him starting in the two, three with only one high quality import scorer that also covers the two, three.

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Last month

I hope this is wrong. It will punch a nice big hole in the Sixers chances of being actually good next year. Bigs with Galloway's skills aren’t easy to come by and he looked like he was just starting to believe in himself late in the season.

If he leaves, there’s no comparably good Aussie replacement, so basically they’d have to spend an import slot there and cough up big money if they want someone skilled like Gary Clark.

Unless Cairns is offering stupid money, I’d be trying to outbid them.

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Last month

So Adelaide are going to have DJV and Humphries score 50pts each every game?

Is it going to be them, some imports and a bunch of NBL1 level players?

There really aren't many free agent Aussie options left...

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Last month

Was just thinking about that today. Hope we can get them both. Dech straight into Kuol's spot, and Galloway at the four? With Waardenburg at 5? Or Galloway gets Lat Mayen’s spot in the rotation?

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Last month

Youre not wrong there Ket.

We dont currently have enough players for a starting 5 and with no decent locals around, looks like we might be getting over the hill players like Cam Gliddon and NBL1 scrubs just to fill a roster.

But hey, i look forward to having my mind changed, no matter how pessimistic i currently am.

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Last month

That's a ridiculous take KET. They are about to sign Mayen. They probably will sign Starling again and probably 3 imports. They will look at other Australian options including college players like other teams have done.

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Last month

36ers also keeping Dech and signing Rigoni to a full roster spot.

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Ballin Fan  
Last month

Any news on young Roman?
Whilst JJs might be his preferred,
surely 36ers have more space for him.

Also any local boys due to come out of US college?

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Last month

Disappointing to lose KG, thought he was a great fit next to Humphries.

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Last month

I haven't watched a ton of Mayen, but he could still fit next to Humphries I think, though Galloway's shot blocking abilities will be missed.

Biggest question would maybe be if we do plan on starting him is can he maintain consistency across a game playing 24-28 minutes a game.

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Last month

Mayen reasonable stats, not convinced he's a starter though, certainly defensively.

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Last month

Mayen showed some flashes. I'd rather Galloway just because he's a few years younger but I think Mayen could see a bump in production this season with a bigger and more consistent role.

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Last month

Sounds like the 36ers will be signing Jacob Rigoni to the main roster too.

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Last month

Will be interesting to see what he can do with his size.

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Last month

Lat Mayen can shoot it at least. Seems like a hothead though and he's a big downgrade from KG.

Someone was saying on another thread though that if you have too many marquees, you can’t have three imports? If Isaac and DJ are both marquee signings, can the Sixers sign three imports?

If they can only sign two, then you can only cover two of pg, wing and big with an import. They really need three unless WMW or a similar level local can be found.

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Last month

Yeah, Mayen is decent consolation. Local guy, has some talent which can only progress with more exposure at NBL level.

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Last month

You can have three imports but then only one local can be counted as a marquee, so if club had DJV, Humphries and say WMW only one of those players salary would receive the marquee reduction with three imports. With also five players needing to cover a minimum 701k in wages it's very hard to be Nader the cap so it tax time on your club.

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Last month

Under, ^^^ not Nader.

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Last month

The 36ers roster is actually shaping up ok

It will be something like

Import (Hogg type)/Mayern
Import (Cleveland type)/Marshall
Import or WMW/Cadee

So as far as locals go, they are basically done and just need a local back up C

So dont be stressed if not huge amounts of signings are announced.

The stating PG spot will be WMW or an import PG,

Most Imports are usually signed later, after summer league unless its a guy with NBL experience who is keen to stay in the NBL and sign on early.

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Basket 91  
Last month

I would take Mayen over Galloway.

While Galloway has more upside and can shoot better he has slow feet and lacks iq.

Mayen is versatile defensively and can cover multiple spots.

Like the idea of getting a versatile 4 next to Humphries. Just need to get the back up big right.

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Last month

Ok thanks Dunkman. So do we think the Sixers needed to sign both Isaac and DJV as marquees to afford them? What are the odds the Sixers can afford three imports plus Isaac and DJV?

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Ballin Fan  
Last month

I would be firstly going after one of the small forward Next Stars that are in play with the league at the moment
Roman Siulepa from Brisbane
or even Will Riley Canadian maybe
Their salary won't count against the cap and they both look to be pretty good
Then I would be loading up big for two gun imports
A big forward and a point guard

If they miss out on one of these next stars then they can think about that third import.

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Last month

Can they afford it, if the owner pays probably but I'd suggest that Sixers would only get one import, maybe two which would could push you over the cap of 1.94million and have to pay a tax. It would be a fine balancing act.

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Last month

All the reporting is its 3 imports or WMW and 2 imports

So I'd trust that

Plus If you look at olguns article about the salary cap, you can put together that sort of roster without paying crazy amounts of tax

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Last month

How long is Olbrich contracted for in Illawarra? Could we potentially see him back by any chance? NBA draft maybe?

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Last month

" All the reporting is its 3 imports or WMW and 2 imports

So I'd trust that"

Agreed - Ninnis' signing as coach presser the media asked that question along the lines of they didn’t sign a third import when DJV signed, would they sign one this time. I interpreted the answer and nodding as being yes unless there’s an equivalent talent level Australian (like WMW). So it sounded like they aim to have an extra high level player to the team that finished the 2024 season.

I think a lot of 36ers success will be dependent on 2 things:
1. Nailing import slots; and
2. Finding a way to use the bench in a way that gives them clear roles to effectively deliver on the court.

IMO obvious things but they’ve failed with both for a long time now.

Someone like Marshall, what is he expected to come and do off the bench? Can Dech be used as that Delly dogged type defender effectively?

There’s so much water to go under the bridge for Adelaide

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Last month

Adam Ford was at the Townsville heat game tonight. Had a big chat with Galloway after the game too.

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