bring it
Years ago

Ballinger needs to go.

another game where the so called leader of the team is ripped a new a hole by an opposition big.

Cant wait to see what the +/- was with Ballinger tonight. i am guessing -30

The guy can not defend anyone in this league.

The 36ers are fast becoming the joke of the league and are being led there by the captain.

I am happy to lay money down that every single player Ballinger has guarded has better points and rebounds on him than their season average.

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Years ago

get a life "bring it on" you don't know what you're talking about.

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bring it  
Years ago

so raytri who was defending Loughton, going under ball screens and not carrying a hand.

2nd time this year Loughton has had 20 plus on Ballinger

So many times tonight he was completely lost on D. He was literally look around trying to find where his man when on ball screens.

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Years ago

Raytri what has he said that is so wrong? Unfortunatley there is way to much proof to what has been said. This is a business remember, when employees arent performing they need to go.

Tragic he has one more year on his contract. Solid role player, player?? No way jose, no one would associate the word WIN with Adam Ballinger, yet Adelaide have tried to mould him into this 'after maher saviour'.

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Years ago

People that say Ballinger needs to go have no clue at all! Yes lets get rid of our best player what a great idea!! we would look like an awesome team then!!

You need to put him with decent players as well as a coach that actually knows how to coach!

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Years ago

King James, imagine the type of player we could get with the money he is taking up. Its not about getting rid of him and not replacing him, its about uograding on him. My patience has run out with him.

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Bring it  
Years ago

So the coach needs to tell a so called star player to carry a hand to a shooter does he. Rubbish. Ballinger is a liabilty on d and sooner fans get used to it the better.

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Years ago

bench made great runs then when ballinger came back on the first time we were outscored 7-2 straight away. in the final quarter it got much worse. no one realises because he is good at the other end and gets some blocks. a fan favorite.

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Years ago

Townsville didn't resign Homicide and fans hated it. He was the MVP!! It was a very unpopular decision. Look where they are now on the ladder.......

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Years ago

After next season, you offer him ROLE PLAYER $$$, if he doesnt like it seeya.

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Years ago

Bring it, Loughton only had 2 points in the 3rd (from foul shots) (6 minutes) when DJ was on. So it was Ballingers fault that DJ wasn't on in the last quarter was it?

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Years ago

Townsville are second on the ladder now because they have the best Center in the NBL. The same center Marty Clarke decided not to sign. Townsville finished 3rd last season and could still possibly finish 3rd. So I don't know what your point is.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

What! no Hill needs to go, Holmes needs to go, Clarke needs to go, Ng needs to go, Jared Kimber needs to go threads?????

Ballinger is suspect on D - Accepted, Ballinger is on big money - Accepted, Ballinger is one of the best Australian players in the competition - just maybe, Ballinger is the best player on a very weak squad - acceptable enough, Ballinger needs to be surrounded by better players - clearly!!!!.

There is no point singlehandedly pointing out one player. The whole team is on the nose (again!!!) as are the coaches.

Player sackings at season end - Accepted, reduction in existing player salaries - Accepted, new imports and players in 2011/2012 - Accepted, new enthusiasum - Accepted. Clarke has one more year to deliver what he preaches otherwise he'll be looking for a new place of employment around this time next year.

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Years ago

The point they wouldve been making is that just because you lose a MVP calibre player, with positive recruiting you can still be very good in the no need for a 3year plan!

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Years ago

you were talking about cutting the "best player". townsville did it and it wasn't a stupid idea. gave them enough money to get the best center. they dont have brilliant players and their imports avg less than most of ours.

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Years ago

Didn't bother reading the thread.

Assumed it was still school holidays.

Retards abound.

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Years ago

KingJames, I don't know if that disproves "bring it"s point. When Johnson went off, we were up 15. Ballinger came on. Over the next 6-7 minutes while DJ is on the bench (having played the full third quarter), Loughton scored 10 and Crosswhite 2. When DJ came back in, the 15 point lead was down to 2.

From there, it got sloppy. The only Adelaide score for the last 3:17 of the game was DJ with a two-point bucket! He was +7 for the game. While he was on the bench, the team were -12. Will work out the rest of the players later.

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Years ago

Loco your way off on this one calling people retards who are fed up with ballingers poor consistant play. He goes missing, and to have him as the captain is almost disrespectful to the past captains and what they have represented. He doesnt have a defensive bone in his body down in the block, his passing is poor, and he doesnt have the voice of a leader.

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Years ago

Ok who else would we have had as Captain, no Ballinger isnt the best option for captain in the league, but hell who in this team would be better?? Holmes? He spend to much time on the bench.

Isaac you point out Ballinger lost points compared to Johnson tonight, once again I could go so I ask..were the 2 ever played together? If so what were the numbers when DJ was centre with Balls at PF?

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Years ago

err..could NOT go

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Years ago

1 qtr that went wrong 2nyt! U guys were killing them!!! U need to support ure team guys!!! U beat us in the 1st game ove the yr, They played sik D that nyt!!! They shoulve continued to play like that every game!!! Sum times the players just dnt wana play. Brian Gorgian? Any wayz as a cats supporter, I really wish u guys come bak!!! At the power house!!! Belive n the team needs its members so they can get to where u guys b long!!!

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Tweet Tweet  
Years ago

Ballinger doesn't need to go. BUT...he isn't the type of player to build a team around.

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Years ago

Skud, the passages of play between their subs are: Ballinger on solo, +1. Then with Johnson on with him, +6. Ballinger out, DJ solo, +7. Then DJ out for Ballinger, 0. DJ joins him, they're -1. Ballinger out, DJ solo +2 for that passage. Then Ballinger replaces him and goes -13. Then DJ back in for final stretch and they are -7 together. So, summed:

Ballinger only: -12
Ballinger and Johnson: -2
Johnson only: +9

One of them was always on court at any given time.

Ballinger -14 for the game, Johnson +7.

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Years ago

King-James, Townsville have the best centre in the league because he plays in Townsville. If he played in Adelaide under Marty Clarke, I have no doubt he would be as good as useless. Its the coach that needs to go, my patience has run so thin that I don't want to see him back for another year let alone two. Yes its true, Ballinger has not got a single defensive bone in his body but on a lot less money than he is getting, he would be good value for what he brings at the offensive end. I wouldn't get rid of him unless he is not happy to stay for less money, but some of his money does have to be used on a decent centre.

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Years ago

just go to the former yugoslavia and pick up some cheap players from lower div teams and i gaurantee we will have a team that can shoot from any position and hit the basket-not like the crap ive been looking at all season,most of these so called stars would not have made my high school team over there.

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Years ago

get rid of the coach and bring sme old school people back into the fold. guys with some heart

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Years ago

Ballinger won't be @36ers next season.

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Years ago

Ballinger -14 for the game, Johnson +7.

And DJ is even worse defensively than Ballinger.

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Years ago

Wow, people saying Schenscher is the best centre in the league? The guy is soft as butter and overrated. People say he played well against NZ but had 6-16 from the field.

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Years ago

Come on everybody - why the panic - this is all part of the great 3 year plan! The players are trying to execute a no win system. Clarke will abuse the fans now because they weren't happy at the end of the game.

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The Special One  
Years ago

The problem is that Balls is expected to play as a centre when his natural position is forward. The sixers need a proper centre.

Come on Schench come home

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Years ago

EC, and others - what does Marty do that makes him such a bad coach in your eyes? Why is onus not on the players?

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Years ago

Probably sturt people Bizzy and you can't have a crack at the precious ones, The players suck, the owners suck, the club is not making any money and will never get better while these bunch of basketball groupies that mainly come from Pasadena have control of this club.

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Bring it  
Years ago

I dont bu the out of position line. Ballinger was killed by loughton, Clarke, wilkinson and on and on I could go. Those guys arent centres either. There is no one in this league that Ballinger can guard. I don't care that he gets his 15 a game when he is giving up 20+ he is a liabilty.

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Defence isn't an individual thing. It takes a team to play defence, hence their being no "i" in defence (just thought of that!).

Ballinger's fine. He's a player with strengths and weaknesses. Patience folks. The team is the issue. A minor tweak here or there and they could really go places.

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bring it  
Years ago

Moses that is fine when you have 5/5 playing D. When you have 4/5 playing D then the whole system breaks down.

As Isaac's numbers show the 36ers are better when Ballinger is on the bench.

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Years ago

Bizzy IMO the avergae fan is frustrated. We have had 4 imports this season all who have come in highly regarded with good form in previous leagues and have not been able to perform in Marty's system. Surely the coaching staff have to take responsibility to recognise players skill set don't match system they are running?

Another thing I have observed is imports getting worse the longer they are here. Surely this is a coaching problem as they need to give players the confidence to perform

Winder - Great pre season then went missing
De Vries - great start to the season then cut down
Shannon - looked th goods first few games - downhill since
Howard - looked the goods first game then went missing

Seems to be a common theme the longer they are here the more confidence they lose and the worse thry play.

The rotations are just plain confusing, the love affair with having so many guards is crazy.

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Years ago

Moses, you are correct. I think we used to have this problem when Farley was in the team. As soon as defence had to switch and he lost his man, everything else started to unravel.

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Years ago

Jake, won't disagree on Winder dropping after the pre-season. DeVries had an injury.

Shannon, you might be right, but I think his drop in numbers probably coincides with the return of Carter from injury.

On Howard, I think his first game was a bit inflated - he got convenient FTs and some lucky plays. I remember thinking people were probably a little over-excited based on that. I don't remember him continuing that form longer than a game? He shot 3/19 in the next three games and I don't think you can put that all on a coach.

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Years ago

Ballinger is a good player and he is not included as an import cause he is naturalised aussie. He is just out of position! He is a Power Forward not a Centre.

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Years ago

i agree isaac, howard may not have always been used to his full advantage, but once your on court with the ball in your hands its ABSOLUTELY your responsibility what you do with it i.e , shooting 3/19 from the field is your own fault. professional players should be able to hit those shots at a higher rate.

some people here are nuts.

there are some relevant points, yes he does get exposed by bigs ( when myself- 6 foot, and my mate-6'1 where forced to play the tall positions we couldnt win, if one didnt get exposed by his taller opponent than the other got burnt trying to help cover), more a team structure issue already discussed.

commonly noted he is an offensive weapon, yes he isnt the best defender but not everyone is. lots of those around. is it worth it? well yeah, we need an offensive weapon, when we have 2 other reliable scorers and 4 other guys who can hold there own on defense it wont matter.

but the biggest issue here is

ballinger >>>>>>>>>>>daylight>>>>>> next best player.

clarke already said we are 2 boomers from being a top team. look at the other teams compared to us. if you arranged players into categories of elite, star, very good, good, average, role/ bench, liability. ild think most decent teams have some combination involving 3-4 players rated from elite to very good. then a mix of good to average and role players.

we would have one star (balls) where do the next fit in?? i would rate next 10 players good? there should be 2 players from star to very good in between.

dj- good, maybe between average to good at worst. hope to progress in coming years to very good

holmes- last 2 seasons would be classed as average to role player

carter- good, or between average to good, very solid without being spectacular, the good category is where he belongs

bruce- ild say average but some would argue good. burns the ball alot or makes stuff happen.

daly- average atm with flashes of very good, could grow into the good to very good.

dowdell- role player

ng- injured, would be in the good category

hill- average to good.

creek- average ( can go long periods without doing much) to good. will progress fast to very good at the very least.

im not counting imports.

imo holmes and bruce should be redundant next year. rely on one import sign 2 players in the elite to very good category. with improvement from creek and if dj can then even one star + import ( one being a big centre) we would improve massively.

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Years ago

Holmes must go, the plyer in his postion needs to be a star that can knock down a shot and stretch the defence. Ill be happier man when hes gone, he has offered nothing offensively and is a liability. Wont be able to sweet talk his way into a rostered spot next season.

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The Special One  
Years ago

I am sorry guys but its not Balls that has to go, he is a great player personally its Bruce that needs to go. For someone with so called experience, every time he steps foot out on the court he looks lost to me, and if he is so good & has experience why did no other club pick him up ?

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Years ago

So in Summary, all twelve guys (and the coach ) need to go /thread

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The Special One  
Years ago

I hope not

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Years ago

yeah lets all lump it on Balls and the coach.
all the expert fans here have all the answers.
Pathetic show of support for your team when times get tough.

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Years ago

The coach lost the game for us in the 4th quarter, he had the wrong personnel on the floor, and didn't make changes until the lead and the game was gone.
Balls is a power forward and works best in tandem with a center, when he and DJ were there together on the floor good things happened.
Coaches tend to have players they like ie "the favoured sons" and they depend on them to bring the game home. However the sign of a good coach is to monitor the score line, and if "the favoured sons" are not doing the job i.e. when the score drops rapidly, SUB THEM.
In particular how many turnovers did Carter cause in the last quarter, I lost count.

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Years ago

why not look at the stats from the nbl website and see exactly how many Carter had in the last before talking shit and bagging him out

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bring it  
Years ago

without needing to look at the stats the team scored 7 points.

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Years ago

Anon - yeah, fair point. I apologize. I was still extremely frustrated at the Sixer's performance when posting.

I still don't agree that Ballinger needs to go though.

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Years ago

Bizzy, I can't think of any player in the team that has improved his game this season after an additional 23 games under their belts plus all the additonal training. Please don't give me Daly because although its true, as a development player it has made extremely little difference to the team in general and the quality of the team in this league.

I listen to Clarke after every game when he speaks about the game just played. He has never come out and said that this or that went wrong tonight because I made a mistake in a certain play. He always speaks of the capabilities of the players to make the right executions. In other words its always the players fault and not his own. If the players are making mistakes because they are not listening to him, why not?

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Years ago

Id pretty much cut every player, why not? New faces new direction. No one has shown me much of anything this season. Perhaps Carter, he is a tough nut backup PG.

Im sick of having to support Balls like he is some hero, he is a dull player that doesnt scare any opposition teams. Let him play in his natural position at some other team.

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Years ago

smyth nor ninnis hung it on themselves either ?????

ball will be here next year and beyond, had a chat with him today at wayville

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Years ago

Balls reminds me a lot of Matthew Richardson. People will say he is a great player but like Richo at Richmond, while he was there, they had no success whatsoever. That is just they way things work out at times.
No doubt Balls is the best scorer we have, but the problem is that when his shooting is off, he is a liability in D. His last quarter was so embarrassing and yes he was not alone.
Forget this talk about getting behind one's team, there won't be anyone left at the Dome next year if perfornmances continue like Friday night.
Our coach seems he would better off coaching some under 12 kids.

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Years ago

EC, what did Clarke say on friday night or did he not turn up to answer questions?

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Years ago

Squid, I think the problem we have with Ballinger is that so much is expected of him. The lack of any respectable imports this year, the injury toll and the fact that the rest of the players are not star players has put a lot on his shoulders. We are expecting that as the captain and the best scorer in the team, he will win games off his own back. Unfortunately it is a team sport and it takes a whole team to win it.

King-James, its the same old dribble after every game. Its all in the mind he says. The players aren't playing their roles, they have to think about what they are doing. He likened the last quarter of Friday's game as not thinking about what you are doing, like crossing straight across a busy Grange Road without looking. You will get run over. Correct me if I'm wrong but the first 3 quarters they were playing a fast paced game and that was successful for them. In the 4th quarter they slowed down the pace considerably and that left them vulnerable as the opposition had time to prepare their attack. He confuses me because I thought the idea of a guard heavy team was to play a fast paced game and yet he is telling them to slow down and think about what they are doing. It gets really frustrating watching Shannon how long he holds onto the ball and them they are forced to make botched up attempts at scoring because the clock has run down. It now seems to me that this is the instructions that he gives him. I am not a professional ooach but there is too much confusion with what he is doing with the team, and it shows in the way they play.

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Years ago

Ballinger to the Kings. Don't be surprised if that happens. Put him alongside a legit centre playing his proper position, and then see what he's like.

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Years ago

the 36ers since ballinger has been here-

and thats been with maher, shenscher, julius at times. diff coaches, diff owners. playing at pf or now center. bad on the road. same problem with defence each time. other teams talk about it and people in the know know its happening. fans just see the stats and hate the coach so they dont realise whats going on.

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Years ago

It is laughable that people actually believe that Ballinger is the main source of all the teams problems! The last thing the club are going to do is let him go and pay him out! Get a grip! Look at what the club is still paying out and look at how little our fan base is going to be now! Carter sure has a "fan" on here! Or perhaps a "girlfriend!". "Bring it" you are are ranting fool!

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Balls isn't the problem. The supporting cast is the problem. I don't mean that they aren't capable players or aren't doing their job, but Ballinger lacks two key things:

A) Plays out of Position.
B) Lacks a 2nd potent scorer to draw attention from him.

With all due respect to the W/L record that has been here since he started; blaming one man for that is plain ignorant. During that same time he's also scored more 30+ppg games than I can count and at least 3-4 games with a 40+ outing.

Still think 2008 was one of our better seasons with Bruce/Balls/Luke. Keep in mind had Carter and Herbert been available that year, we would have been a completely different outfit.

All round better defensive team w/ more scoring potential.

Don't blame the guy who shows passion for playing the game on the court and fire when we're doing well; look at the whole situation and analyse it.

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Years ago

Right on EC, couldn't have said it better myself...

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Years ago

EC - maybe that same "dribble" as you called it, is actually the truth. You won't find a coaching team that prepares their team better, provide training etc.

The onus is on the players to also want to learn the plays and buy into the system.

As it stands IMO Balls isn't.

I can also guarantee you that Shannon isn't supposed to hang onto the ball like he does.

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Years ago

Amen to that EC and Big Marty!

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bring it  
Years ago

So the best team is the team that lost as many as it won. That team had 2 NBA players Ballinger and Maher yet still was not positive in the win column
Ballinger is not the problem yet he is the only link to all of these loosing records. I dont care that Ballinger shows passion when we are winning it is what he does when we are loosing that counts. Ranting fool i maybe but the facts and stats back up my point of view. Big Marty only game i can find of Ballinger is one 40+ game in December 07 when he went 20/34.Been a long time since he had 30+

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Bring it, yep. That's the last time we had a decent lineup that allowed Balls to score.

As for the W/L record, it's the best one we've had the whole time, so yes I would relate the lineup to that.

Consider too that Hodge joined up halfway that season. If he had been there since season launch, we would have had a better record.

Keep in mind to that 2007/08 we only lost out on the final game of the season. Cairns had to lose their last game for us to make the finals yet they won.

Otherwise, yes your points are as valid as the next man; however Balls joining the club doesn't mean he's brought on the "voodoo curse" upon us.

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Years ago

and what was Ballingers w/l record when playing for the Hawks? I am pretty sure it was a winning record every season as well as making it to the grand finals.

Bring It, it is a different game now with 8 less minutes as a result barely any player will have a 30+ game. Penney has only gotten one, Ervin 3, Redhage 1, Williams and Khazzouh 0. I know Trigger has one also.

Ballinger has shot at 55% from the field and been our only shinning light IMO.

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Years ago

Yep, I have posted about that before. He had defenders and leaders all around him. Mee, Kelly, Saville, Campbell - these are top-tier defensive players. To get the best out of Ballinger while he's here (not personal stats, talking about team record), we should be trying to put the same kind of pieces around him. So, not Farley, not sure about Schenscher, etc.

I thought Burston would've been more successful and I think we should've kept him too.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Isaac, you might find that having Gilchrist and Groves (aka, the ballhogs) cost Burston a fair chunk of time.

He may have scored better if the ball was dished out. We know he's got decent hands and is a fairly good passer. It might be been a good tandom for the Sixers.

Guess it's sometimes a case of wrong combinations at the wrong time.

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Years ago

I'm not fussed with Burston's individual statistics. I was looking at his general impact on the game (aggregate +/-) and the team's win-loss record. His +/- was on par with Holmes' this year and the win-loss record is no better.

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bring it  
Years ago

Interesting that last years guards had issue holding onto the ball waiting for bigs to set up and this year Eddie is accused of the same thing as was Winder.
Different guards, different coaches same issue though.

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Years ago

For me the issue offensively under Clarke and Ninnis has been the entry into the offence - far too predictable and breaks down if the other team is in the passing lane.

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Years ago

Balls is an 'excellent' mid-range shooter in a spot-up mould, and a 'good' low post player. His range has been severely tested by the extended 3-point line this year, which has taken away one of his major offensive weapons (31% down from a career 39%).

Around the court, Balls plays as a spot up shooter on set plays or drive and dish passes created for him. Contrast Redhage, who plays a similar game, but who has the mobility to put the ball on the floor to create room for himself or drive to the hoop.

All in all, Ballinger is a good offensive player if you have the pieces around him and do not rely on him to carry the bulk of the scoring load.

But for a 'star', Ballinger unfortunately has a poor basketball IQ. He is a poor passer, and the worst player on the team to have inbounding the ball (he was 2 from 2 in turnovers on Friday when he was inbounding).

His well publicised defensive shortcomings are in my opinion more of an issue with Balls not reading the defensive play, particularly on switching defences. His post defence is not too bad although his on ball defence is atrocious. It has been suggested on here before that the reason he is played as a centre is to get him away from defending quicker PFs, where he is totally lost. I don't know given that I am not a part of the coaching staff, but this makes sense to me.

It would not surprise me if, as 'bring it' infers, a lot of our stagnant offence can also be put down to Ballinger. Again it is hard to say without being in the inner sanctum, but how much of that is to do with Balls himself?

Yes he is our best player, but I am not sure that the call of 'daylight' to the next player is fair. I am not calling for Balls' head, but we need to call a spade a spade.

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Years ago

Skud, I wrangled my plusminus calculator to (manually) handle player combinations. Here's the season aggregate for the Ballinger-Johnson situations you asked about:

Ballinger and Johnson on together: -27
Ballinger without Johnson: -63
Johnson on without Ballinger: +13
Neither: -14 (though not 100% sure of this figure)

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Years ago

And the starting frontcourt duo:

Ballinger and Holmes: -42
Ballinger without Holmes: -48
Holmes without Ballinger: -15
Neither of them: +16

Winder and DeVries on together: -31
DeVries and Shannon on together: -13
Howard and Shannon on together: -14

Top five combos excluding the three imports no longer with the team:

1. Daniel Johnson,Darren Ng,Jeff Dowdell,Mitchell Creek,Rhys Carter (20)
2. Adam Ballinger,Brad Hill,Darren Ng,Eddie Shannon,Jacob Holmes (9)
3. Aaron Bruce,Daniel Johnson,Jeff Dowdell,Mitchell Creek,Rhys Carter (8)
4. Aaron Bruce,Daniel Johnson,Jacob Holmes,Mitchell Creek,Tom Daly (8)
5. Adam Ballinger,Brad Hill,Daniel Johnson,Eddie Shannon,Mitchell Creek (8)
6. Aaron Bruce,Adam Ballinger,Eddie Shannon,Jacob Holmes,Mitchell Creek (7)
7. Darren Ng,Jacob Holmes,Jeff Dowdell,Rhys Carter,Troy De Vries (7)
8. Adam Ballinger,Daniel Johnson,Darren Ng,Rhys Carter,Troy De Vries (7)
9. Aaron Bruce,Brad Hill,Daniel Johnson,Mitchell Creek,Tom Daly (6)
10. Aaron Bruce,Brad Hill,Daniel Johnson,Eddie Shannon,Jeff Dowdell (5)

If you want me to try any other combos, yell out.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The Ballinger/Johnson combo together is interesting. With this combo, DJ would be 5 and AB #4 - everyone says that's his natural position. One would expect this is when AB shines.

When DJ is on without AB, then his #4 is either Dodwell or Holmes, and the 3 is either Hill or Creek.

Isaac, would you have a +/- on the following combo? DJ, Holmes, Hill, Ng, Carter? (and the time spent on court)

The other combo would be: AB, Holmes, Creek, De Vries, Winder

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Years ago

DJ, Holmes, Hill, Ng, Carter has only been used (from what I can tell) briefly once. -2 result. Only four scoring shots total, a bucket for us and a bucket and two free throws against us.

Assuming AB is Ballinger and not Bruce, your second combo has also been virtually unused but is +2. Only two scoring instances in that time.

Whereas the original starting line-up is: Adam Ballinger,Brad Hill,Craig Winder,Jacob Holmes,Troy De Vries (+11)

(No significance in order of players - just alphabetical by first name to get them grouping properly in the queries.)

The starters after the import changes: Adam Ballinger,Brad Hill,Eddie Shannon,Jacob Holmes,Ron Howard (+24).

Then that line-up, but without Hill is, ranked by combos used (no allowance for time on court, keep in mind):

1. Adam Ballinger,Eddie Shannon,Jacob Holmes,Rhys Carter,Ron Howard (-1)
2. Adam Ballinger,Darren Ng,Eddie Shannon,Jacob Holmes,Ron Howard (-1)
3. Aaron Bruce,Adam Ballinger,Eddie Shannon,Jacob Holmes,Ron Howard (-1)
4. Adam Ballinger,Eddie Shannon,Jacob Holmes,Mitchell Creek,Ron Howard (-23)

I think that -23 is heavily influenced by a horrible run in New Zealand?

The top two five-man combos are completely separate:

1. Adam Ballinger,Brad Hill,Eddie Shannon,Jacob Holmes,Ron Howard (24)
2. Daniel Johnson,Darren Ng,Jeff Dowdell,Mitchell Creek,Rhys Carter (20)
3. Adam Ballinger,Craig Winder,Darren Ng,Jeff Dowdell,Rhys Carter (12)
4. Adam Ballinger,Brad Hill,Craig Winder,Jacob Holmes,Troy De Vries (11)
5. Adam Ballinger,Brad Hill,Darren Ng,Eddie Shannon,Jacob Holmes (9)
6. Aaron Bruce,Daniel Johnson,Jeff Dowdell,Mitchell Creek,Rhys Carter (8)
7. Aaron Bruce,Daniel Johnson,Jacob Holmes,Mitchell Creek,Tom Daly (8)
8. Adam Ballinger,Craig Winder,Daniel Johnson,Jacob Holmes,Rhys Carter (8)
9. Adam Ballinger,Brad Hill,Daniel Johnson,Eddie Shannon,Mitchell Creek (8)
10. Aaron Bruce,Adam Ballinger,Eddie Shannon,Jacob Holmes,Mitchell Creek (7)

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Yes, AB is Balls.

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Years ago

Out of interest and if its not too much trouble, what are our points average per quarter and our opponents average per quarter against us?

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