Years ago

Nike/Eastbay no longer shipping to AUS

Word is - Eastbay no longer shipping Nike from next month. Nike australia and footlocker not making any money so cracked down, similar to asics from eastbay.

If they sold em at decent price and a decent range/colour choice in AUS we wouldnt buy from the US but when you can save $100 why wouldnt we(especially when the aussie $ is so good).

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Years ago

I went to footlocker yesterday and they were trying to flog off georgetown college shorts for $80! When i can get them online for $60, it is stupid the amount they try charge and it is not a surprise that they are not getting any business.

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Years ago

not to mention the shoe prices. even the Adidas trackies they sell in store for about 70 dollars i think and on eastbay they are 30 bucks. How about they stop ripping us off here and give us a decent price and the business will come.

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Years ago

I just bought a few shoes, all of them Nike. They shipped all except Kobe vi. I don't know why they cracked down on some and not the others but it now seems like all of them will be a problem!

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Years ago

yeah what makes no sense is our dollar is worth more the the US atm yet we still pay more $$$ WTF, even with Eastbay doing this there 1000 other websites that it wont effect, man ill miss my eastbay orders though lol

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Years ago

I ordered boots and socks from footlocker on friday socks arrived today, boots on back order as they are not in stock but they have charged my card (they are addidas boots though) I have had emails about the boots and they have assured me will be shipped in the next week.

Why would they do themselves out of money, as the only reason I ordered them was because I can get them cheaper. I would not buy them otherwise if I had to pay $220 + for them. My lad would not get new boots as often. So they are the losers if they do not ship to Australia.

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Years ago

Why would eastbay care what nike or footlocker in australia wants?

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

I am pretty sure Eastbay is owned by Footlocker

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Years ago

Why don't Footlocker buy from Eastbay and sell to us!! (That is a joke)

What is frustrating is what has happened to the Foot Locker prices with the appreciation of the AUD v USD over the past year or so. What we need is someone to set up a shipping service from a US address or quickly make some friends over there

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Years ago

Just get it from a reputable freight forwarding company such as www.priceusa.com.au. They (an agent in USA) place the order for you and then they ship it from the US ....and can still use promo codes too. Carolina from PriceUSA is great to deal with. She charges the cost rate for shipping. You only pay 5% commission. Still very much worth it compared to prices here. This way you can still order Asics and Nike....and Nike ID.

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Years ago

Guys, all these manouvres are the last gasps of a dying breed - The Middleman - Internet revolution will soon wash them all off and you'll be able to buy even direct from the manufacturers. Speaking for all industries here not only sporting equipment.

OK , until then this is what you do...there are parties in US that act as your local agents/address for a fee. It is like $100 a year - few friends can get together to use one such US address. Eastbay sends your goods to them and they send it to you (you also often enjoy free shipment within US promos). All legitimite.

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Years ago

Footlocker does own Eastbay.
It was hurting Footlocker Basketball sales, but it started to cut into running sales, which caused alarm bells. Adidas is next.

Nike here know the situation and as of June will drop prices. Prices are determined well over 6 months in advance at the current exchange rate.

Having ordered from Eastbay since the min 90's this will hurt my retro fix, BUT I do have two relatives who have suffered directly from the $AUS & Eastbay.(I'm a bit of a hypocrite I've just spent $1000 with Eastbay & Dr Jays)
Like others have posted there is other ways to get the products.

It's a double edged sword do you go after the best bargain and let local business suffer.

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Years ago

Local business should not put the mark ups that they do - eg $119.00 US but $249.00 Au but my kids will just get less Nike stuff now if forced to buy from Australia only - what a bunch of sooks, if I am not buying from footlocker here in australia I am buying from the US online, the money still goes to Footlocker - are they franchised stores??

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Years ago

what about people with size 15+ feet

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Years ago

Like I said I'm a hypocrite I order from the net.
It's the suppliers in general who set costs and RRP's. The cost in Aust could be $120 and you'll find throughout the world it's 100% mark-up on clothing & footwear. Eastbay would have a cost of $60 and mark upto $120.
Asics & Skins are well known for discouraging store from discounting their products.
In regards to Footlocker it's a US company but does employ Aussies here.
Then there's the likes of Kickz101/Sportpower's etc which are locally owned.
The so called middleman are people like you and me.
I understand the issues with the larger chains in general (Footlocker,Myer etc...) because they get goods at a cheaper rate than the small stores in most cases plus have shit service.
That's cool get rid of retail and just get everything from the internet.
Hope your kids have fun when they're older looking for jobs.

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Years ago

ebay is still an option, there's plenty of legit sellers on there.

If in doubt check the Nike Talk forums, they have a good list of legitimate sellers on ebay.

I got a pair of hyperfuse a few weeks ago, checked the next day and met with the international shipping restriction notice.

It's cured an addiction though, bank account is loving it.

In need of some nike lunarglide runner, i was advised to try wiggle.co.uk - no basketball shoes though.

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Years ago

how do you know this? i am on the phone to them now and they have no idea about this

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Years ago

Noticed for the first time the other day that some Jordans were not for shipping to Australia.

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Years ago

Funny this comes up now, as5 days ago, i tried to order 2 pairs of kicks from eastbay. 1x air max's & 1x Jordan's. At checkout i had a message that said an item in my trolley, was not able to ship to Australia, so i rang Eastbay.

The chick, from Eastbay in the states, said its fine. Then she went to process it from her end. Again, at checkout it would not let her send me my air max's, but for some reason it was a non-issue for the jordans.

She told me "some" nike shoes cannot be sent to australia cos of new export laws.

Long story short, i ordered the jordans from eastbay, then ordered the air max's from eBay. Both arrived on the same day, for about$10 more postage than if they were both from eastbay. But still about $150 cheaper than retail.

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Years ago

Australia's higher prices are directly related to the lower population. America has higher sales, lower prices = same profit margin. Australia lower sales, higher prices = same profit margin.

Sucks for us, its not just shoes its everything, even worse with electronics. I brough a laptop in the USA for $600, it was selling for $2000 in Aus at the time.

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Years ago

Oh and the socks were the best Nike socks I have ever bought - they dont sell them in Oz. Every time I walk into a footlocker store to get plus size socks size 13 and over they NEVER HAVE THEM!!!!!

They only go up to a size 14 at best in Basketball boots and then only ever stock a few pairs, so if you dont get them when first released you miss out.

The kids in Oz are getting biggger and bigger feet how about the retailers in Oz actually supplying the bigger sizes and cheaper so we are not forced to buy on the net..

How about actually providing to the consumer what they need instead of sooking about what sales you miss out on over the net..

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Years ago

Anon I guess you haven't worked in retail have you. Just because it's available in the US doesn't mean It's available here. There is so much you don't understand.

The people at Nike, Adidas etc have to order stuff up to 9 months in advance and the minimums amounts can be huge, and I can tell you from a shoe standpoint Basketball isn't that great of a money maker compared to running, casual etc.
This is why the NBA jersey range here is small, they'll only get a min of 150 per player. Kickz101 would love to get more but that's alot of $ tied up to 1 player who could be traded.

Unfortunatly it's also up to what Footlocker wants. There has been some crazy shoes they've passed on.

There's people in the US that are pissed because Asia (which we're a part of) & Eurpoe get shit they don't.
Not often though.

This shows how old I am but I remember having to do phone orders with Eastbay and pooling orders with others so we could split the shipping/Import Tax.
Old sneaker heads never had it this easy

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Years ago

that sucks I'm a Size 15 if i go into any store footlocker, sportspower, Nike, Amart Etc. Asking for a sneaker or Basketball Shoe i'd have to pay over $150 and don't get a choice. On East bay i can get any shoe that i'm after for a decent price! this sucks!

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Years ago

Kick101 goes up to size 17 sometimes

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Years ago

kicks101 at triple the price..!!

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Years ago

I bought a pair of the new Jordan Fly Wade's from http://www.sneakerhead.com/

Arrived 6 days after ordering them. Very happy with them.

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Years ago

Retailers need to wake up to the fact it is now a global market with internet shopping and no longer do Australasia and Asian customers have to miss out on "Europe only" releases and "U.S only" or only have the choice of what some "Buyer" thinks will sell.
I stopped buying off local retailers because of queing for limited release Jordans, certain colourways not even making it to the stores and poor customer service.
There are plenty of legit sites that couldn't care less what Footlocker Australia have to say.

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Years ago

Is it just shoes, or the whole Nike range?

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Years ago

Maxx, Kickz101 sell @ RRP. Why wuld they charge 3x. Wait till the Goverment sets the limit back to $250 then Import duty kicks in.

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Years ago

Hammo, how are you by the way?

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Years ago

So going by what you guys are all saying is that you guys have never bought a car locally here in Oz as if you want to save $60 on a pair of shoes you must be buying your car from the US as you'll save about $20000 or more on the same type of car?

And petrol is much cheaper there too so I guess you get barrels sent over to save $$$ too.

If people want a much bigger range/cheaper items you need to live in the US and be part of 300mil people population. Work for $8.50 per hour, don't have healthcare, only get 2 weeks a year holidays and maybe not work at all due to high unemployment. Cost of doing business in Oz is crazy - taxes on taxes, banks fees are WAY to high and it goes on and on.

A close friend works are a running shoe store and the cost prices of some of the running shoes are more than the retail prices from overseas with the current exchange rate - all because the high import taxes/gst the government has on these imports so they make them much more $$$ and the brands here can't compete.

Don't get me wrong I buy things online but if the % gets too big then you or your mate or your son will find it harder to get work as there will be less jobs going around as retail employees a lot of people in Oz.

Also on Eastbay it all the people of the last 12 months that have made this happen - if it was just the people in the know of the last 15 years that have been using Eastbay this no shipping wouldn't have happened.

Sorry for the rant - just the other side to the story.

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Years ago

Footlocker in Australia was looking to shut down half their stores by february originally and was looking to get Nike to bail them out. That's why the cost for most new basketball shoes dropped a little and now why most retailers can't ship Nike to Australia. Lucky we still have eBay and other stores online!

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Years ago

Anon, yes i did buy my car in the States and no I would never buy a car in Australia especially a used one lol, you guys get tucked, the prices are an absolute joke.

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Years ago

Funny thing is some Nikes get shipped some dont. I ordered a pair of shox, and Im going to order another pair today or tomorrow. But for some reason shoes like air max dont get shipped...

Not sure whether i should get shox online or just go to footlocker.. Footlocker is terrible though, I wear $180+ shoes, on eastbay they are $100.


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Years ago

Shoes like maxs, air force 1s etc etc don't get shipped due tithe fact they still sell here, especially the maxs which are the reason stores like Footlocker in Marion are able to stay open

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Years ago

obviously this isn't the case. There is absolutely no announcement on the net anywhere about any of this. And i just ordered a new pair of shoes from the site. Clearly a false alarm.

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Years ago

At the moment it's not the entire range (as Ricey said). I've heard it from Footlocker employees and others slose to Nike here. The only way you find out is when you click on the product. I tried to order North Face product and it says will not ship out of US, were as a fortnight ago there wasn't any problems.

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Years ago

You need to sign up to a legit mail forwarding company located in the States. That way you can have your order sent to the US Address (possibly free with Eastbay coupon) and then have the company ship to here. Shipping might be a bit more than if you shipped straight from Eastbay but at least you can still get your Kobes and Jordans. Screw Footlocker they are such a ripoff how can they charge $100 more for a pair of shoes???

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Years ago

Companies are happy to play global when it comes to getting things made cheaply OS but not happy to play global when consumers want to take advantage of buying opportunities. Sucks.

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Years ago

I've place two orders from Eastbay this month and they have Nike products in them. Is it just the Nike shoes or apparel as well?

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Years ago

Some items are restricted from shipping internationally. I haven't really done a full search but Kobes, Jordans and asics do not ship here anymore.

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yeah its great no where else sells size 15 free runs

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Years ago

Have used Shipito.com for mail forwarding before - it was a good service and not too expensive.

At the end of the day, Eastbay/Footlocker will only hurt themselves, as consumers will find other willing sellers who won't have the same restrictions.

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Mr bEn  
Years ago

Gong to give shipito.com a go now - want me some customisable nikes!

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Years ago

I managed to get a footlocker.com order to ship Nikes to Australia.
Originally when trying to order two pairs of Nikes I would get an error message saying that there were shipping restrictions on the items. I then tried another order with 1 pair Nikes and 1 pair Jordans. The order went through and I got the shoes about 5 days later.
I suggest to keep trying different combinations of shoes and some may get through the footlocker.com checkout system, worked for me.

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Years ago

Ordered Nike Zoom Hyperfuse from Eastbay for my child and they arrived this week within 5 days of placing order. No problems and happy with product so not sure about the no Nike shipping.

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deimos 88  
Years ago

why should foot locker australia lower their prices when theres evidently still the affluent dicks who dont care for the $100+ discount on most shoes through online stores

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Years ago

EVERYTHING is cheaper is the States because their cost of living is cheaper over there and the salaries are not as high as ours here in AU. Eg. You can get a 3L bottle of Coke for $1.5 in the US, are you guys going to start complaining about Woolworths ripping you off now?

Besides, Nike product sold in AU Footlocker stores is bought from Nike Australia at prices determined by Nike AU - i.e. Footlocker AU would put the same profit margins on as ANY other retailer, here or overseas.

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riiupw afrass  
Last year

Martti Ahtisaari

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riiupw afrass  
Last year


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