Years ago

Johnson needs to go

Johnson needs to go! He was woefull tonight!! He is a selfish player who has no idea how to move the ball once he has it. I lost count the amount of times he didnt make the extra pass and decided to go solo and throw up a stupid shot! He only worries about his own stats and if he wasn't Martys coaches pet he should be getting no more than 15 mins per game. And to think we got him over Lukey S.

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Years ago

Totally agree - this kid gives no effort in any area that doesn't produce a stat.

Doesn't box out, doesn't move his feet defensively, bitches to the refs all game and then wonders how he doesn't get a call.

Takes stupid one footed off-balance shots which he shows no tendency to make and once the ball is in the post, it isn't coming back out again.

Clearly is a major part of identity problem as a team which doesn't play D and takes shit shots, the kid needs to go.

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Years ago

17 points, 7/13, 5 boards, 3 assists, 3 blocks - 10th in the league in scoring, 6th in boards, 3rd in blocks. The kid needs to work on areas of his game, no doubt, but he is one of the few bright lights of the past three or four years.

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Years ago

If you know the game you know the truth.

It's clearly an attitude thing with this kid, watch him on court, not what's in his boxscore.

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Years ago

Sick of this place.
Johnson needs to go.
Ballinger needs to go.
Marty needs to go.
Weigh needs far less minutes.
Helliwell should be gone.
Creek should be our franchise player.
Warren should be released for Williamson...
Herbert should go.
Ng should play more. Ng should go.
Crosswell shouldn't play in the last quarter.
Simpson should play 40 minutes.

Here's an idea, let's withdraw from the competition and just have an exhibition each week of Williamson and Simpson. Everyone would love it.

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Years ago

If you think Johnson needs to go then you're an idiot! Other than our imports he's been our most consistent player!

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Years ago

Agree with you Annoymous,without Johnson we would have Nil Wins.Johnson has funny body language but still gets on the stats,he has improved and will improve in the next few years hes only young.

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Years ago

See this is where people go over the top and think with emotion over sensibility. DJ is not amazing but he is a decent enough player to have around. Would be a better player in a better system where he gets to be more of a compliment player. He made some bad decisions of when to shoot and when not to shoot today, but no i would keep him and say this is a stupid thread at the same time.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

I agree with Kobe.
DJ is not the first player who has issues with his body language when he is buggered.
What was different tonight was that he had to play 36 mins..

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Years ago

Johnson is emerging offensively and needs more shots and plays drawn up. If we kept matching him up on Wilkinson he would have put him into foul trouble and we would have been half a chance. Needs to work hard on his D and stop looking at the bench when something doesn't go his way. Head down, bum up!

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Years ago

@Hendo8888. I agree with you, every second subject is sack Marty & every 3rd subject is sack a player.
There is some AFL teams that haven't won a flag in 60 years. When you support a team you support a team no matter what, a real supporter buys a membership & merchandise so money goes back into the club & follows/cheers for the club no matter what.
F#^*k me no 36er fans, winge winge winge.

I'm so glad a friend told me about, some where to go to read interesting views & basketball news.

I believe Issac runs this site, I suggest you delete most topics & only have game topics (ie: Cats v Hawks) because your site is loosing all credibility. In the last 3 seasons since the 36ers havnt been doing to well, the forum has turned into a 36ers winge about the same couple of subjects every week forum.

SUPPORT your team or go follow soccer & jump on board Man United, I'm positive they have one some type of trophy every year for the last 20 years, that will suit you all down to the growd.

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Years ago

No way. I didnt like Johnson last year but he has stepped up alot this year.
Give him a good coach and he will develop more and more. He is still young and hopefully if we keep Simpson he will have a good training partner for the off season to improve more and develop the attitude that he needs.

No players in this team need to be replaced they just need to be managed and coached properly. Worse lineups in the league with better Win/Loss records

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Years ago

Wilkinson put up 30 on him.

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Years ago

Yep love all you people telling me I have no idea.

You people really have no idea and have never played the game at a decent level.

Do you not see him not box out each week?
Do you not see fail to move his feet on the defensive end?
Do you not see him fail to get in transition defence?
Do you not see opposition centre's put up career/season highs on him each week?
Do you not see never pass the ball out once it hits the post?
Do you not see his awful shot selection at times forcing poor shots when there are better options?

Oh that's right you all see 15 and 10 in the box score and think you know the game.

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Years ago

thread summation:

Haters B hATING

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Years ago

"Haters B hating"

Thanks for that Mrs. Johnson.

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Years ago

Other then the imports Johnson has been the only shining light. He definitely needs to stay and is only going to get better.

Red, we aren't asking them to win a championship (we would all like that to happen obviously) we are asking them to win a game!!! We all pay good money to see them play and we have gotten rubbish for several seasons now.

Wilkinson scored most of his points on Simpson from what I remember.

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Years ago

Red - this is a forum for people to express their opinions. If u dont like the whinging then dont read the thread - Simple!! I love how passionate the Adelaide supporters are & also love to see them lose so this site is great reading for me. The fact they've employed a terrible coach who can't recruit & cant coach men is very frustrating for some & amusing for others. Bring it on!!

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Years ago

Has some way to go in effort areas, but not sure it'll help us to move him on. I think he's just focusing very aggressively on his offence and confidence. Last couple of games I've seen of him, his rebounding has been better than last year.

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eyes wide shut  
Years ago

the picture in todays paper sums him up!! has his eyes shut when put under pressure

i have one word for him


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Camel 31  
Years ago

A minority of teams keep a core group for a coupla years. I get the impression of them being strong.
(Me, I liked Bruce n Carter , here for a while.)
Johnson, then regarded as needing to work on stamina
seems better at about 25mins than 35mins.
I didn't wanna watch Wollongong, but we'll win that.
Clarke evidently hasn't won 2 in a row yet and that seems unlikely.

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Years ago

Anon(s) who think Johnson needs to go.....who do you suggest we replace him with and please keep in mind his points value, age and salary.

And, just for the record to the Anon who stated Wilkinson dropped 30 on him, Simpson was defending Wilkinson and if you saw the game I dont think anyone in the NBL would have stopped Wilkinson with the form he was in and the way he was shooting!

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Jackie C  
Years ago

Clarke won 2 in a row last season - back to back over Perth! LOL but true

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Years ago

Wow, He is only 23 and you want him gone?

Find me another Australian 23 year old in the league putting up as good a numbers as he is!

Of course he has flaws, all players do, but Johnson has the potential to be an absolute star.

His stats this year about the same as what Khazzouhs were at the same age.

I think we are going to have to fight pretty hard to retain him at the end of the season at this stage.

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Years ago

Watching the game yesterday I think on offence Johnson is a great option to have he is very mobile for a big but his defence still needs a lot of work, for someone so mobile he cant really move quick enough to get into a good position and stop his opponent. My opinion is he still needs to bulk up to be able to bang inside and not be pushed out the way by opposition bigs going for a rebound. I still don't think it's fair singling out 1 player because it is a team game and what I watched was a team who didn't want it bad enough. Can you tell me anyone on the current team who could when a game is on the line, come through with the goods like Brett Maher, Robert Rose, Mark David, Darnell Mee, Martin Catallini?

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Years ago

Chris Warren?

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Years ago

are you serious - i think you'll find he is getting so frustrated. how many times did you see him try to get the team to run their plays properly. We have big problems when Crosswell not out their directing the team. It shouldn't have to be DJ. By the way, I have seen him box out and at least he doesn't overrun his players instead of closing out like NG and Warren continually do. DJ is one of the guys who wants to win games badly. with some of the rotations he's forced to have go alone sometimes

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Years ago

Hahaha to all these people thinking DJ wants to win badly.

Once again all we hear from his supporters is talk about his stats. His stats this, his stats that.

Exactly, that's all DJ is about. His stats. It's clear from watching this kid on court.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

Don't agree but can understood why people would be frustrated. If the Sixers had won 2 or 3 more games I think we'd be seeing less of these posts.

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Big Ads  
Years ago


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Years ago

Ads, you'd hope that's true. Even just the two Sydney overtime games reversed would make us 5-6. But people don't pay for "what if?"

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Years ago

Anon 342419, You say Johnson supporters only offer up stats but you're not offering anything to defend your claim?!

Tell me who you would replace him with and keep in mind his points value, age and salary?

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Years ago

Mate, with DJ it's addition by subtraction. Just play Simpson at the five and go out and get a power forward isntead.

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Years ago

Lovely in theory, but in practice you then need a strong PF plus you have a 6'7" centre who was getting blocked by Khazzouh and apparently shot over by Wilkinson. And I don't see a lot of PFs likely to be available this off-season.

The only guy getting seriously underplayed is Rush (actually a SF) and I think he'd be on a multi-year deal. The rest of them are going to be pretty content on winning teams IMO.

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Years ago

A 6 foot 7 seven with a big wingspan Isaac.

Wilkinson was open due to the 36ers inability to contain the ball and their poor rotations, not due to the apparent stubby arms of Simpson.

Better option to have a player who tries to play D than not play D at all (DJ).

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Years ago

wow anon that is a very small minded view

Wilkison scored a majority of points off of his fadeaway, drop step and spin moves

I think he was wide open on only 3 shots , one of which DJ blocked

He was hitting tough stuff all night even his shot over 3 players from behind the backboard almost went in

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Years ago

KB3, other than not giving up position in the post in the first place and contesting, if aa guy hits a tough turn-around jumper well good on him.

The problem was Wilkinson got going on the open looks and the up and under in the first quarter Simpson fell for.

But at the end of the day DJ plays no defence, no defence at all unless there is a stat in it for him. I'd rather Simpson than DJ at the five.

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Years ago

You talk 'you guys don't know the game' as though you are better than others. Who are you to make claims like that. How bout you ask some other NBL players what they think of him.

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Years ago

Yep, that's right mate...why don't you?

You might be suprised.

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Years ago

One of the other issues that no-one seems to consider is that Simpson is awful defensively as well!

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Years ago

Yep but at least Simpson tries!!!! DJ is allergic to the defensive end.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

I wish anons could be made to use an identifier. The most recent posts would be much easier to follow. Instead it resembles incoherent chatter (which in some instances detracts from sound opinions expressed in this social medium)

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Big Ads  
Years ago

Whatever Big Ads, go do your own web forum

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Big Ads  
Years ago

No, I agree with the Big Ads two posts up, but seriously back to the point of the thread, DJ needs to improve, the whole team does.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

Big Ads, get off the piss, you been drinking.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

Big Ads, get off the piss, you been drinking.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

Yep, no dinner yet and been a long day. Need sleep. Now who was I arguing with, oh yeah big ads.
DJ is a young gun just like Lou Diamon Phillips

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Years ago

One thing all would have to agree on about DJ
An Outstanding fantasy baller.
Ranked 3rd overall in the comp behind Khazz & Simpson.
We are only inteested in his Stats keeping going at the solid avge of 39.82 / round.
PS: If you havent already got him in your teams I suggest you make him your next trade.

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