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36ers Season Ticket Prices Increase

A very good mate of mine went down to renew his Family season ticket yesterday with cash in one hand and the letter he received with pricing in the other hand.
When he got to the window he was asked for $795 instead of $695 which was written on his letter.
He was told that it was a misprint and that Family season tickets were now $795.
He was told there was an email sent out notifying people of this which neither him nor me have ever seen!
He then saw sitting on their counter a display stating they were $695 and when he pointed this out was told that it was a misprint as well!
Let's just say that neither of us will be renewing our memberships this season and his kids won't be attending the Sixers camps and he is probably currently out the front of the stadium burning his Sixers guernsey!
When will the Sixers ever get there shit together???
By the sounds of their online renewal process the club is run by amatuers!

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Years ago

Blame the Carbon Tax

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Years ago

blame incompotence

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Years ago

Isn't it in consumer law that you have to honour an advertised price? There definitely was no e-mail sent with the correct price.

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Years ago

I'd be putting in a complaint to senior management of the owners and saying do you want $695 or $0!?!? Furthermore, you can't rely on a "misprint" shamozzle crap. Any owner or management worth their salt will give the ticket at the price so they keep the customer happy, word of mouth benefits, food/merchandise possibilities etc etc.

Sixers office if you're reading this, I'd be jumping on to Panther32 to find out who it was and recommending them to come back with $695 (or less - surely a discount could be given as well as a sign of goodwill for the initial handling of this!?) based on this so every fan that wants to be there is actually there and not turned away due to the organization's error.

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Years ago

My family tickets that I've had for 10 years were upgraded from silver seats to gold this year, meaning an extra $150. Sucks.

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Years ago

If they advertise as a certain price and it's incorrect they have to fix that ASAP. And either stop all sales until they have fixed it or honor the mistaken price.

If i was you i'd be calling/emailing someone about that.

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Bobby Tables  
Years ago

Are you talking about a gold member 2 adults, 2 children family ticket?

If so, there was an email sent to their mailing list on 15 June, with the subject "36ERS - LAST CHANCE to renew your membership, 36ers vs Nicholls Colonels - 25/06/12?"

In this email, there is a link to ticket renewals. I can't get to existing member ticket renewals (as I'm not a member any longer), however if you click the link for 'new' members, choose Gold membership, the listed price for 2 adults 2 children is indeed $795.

So, either 1 of 2 things is occurring:

a) The renewal letter that was sent by post, that says $695, was indeed a misprint - however that's their problem, if they offered it to you at that price and you accept, they are bound to honour it. Make enough phone calls, threaten to call in the big guns, go on a rant about "offer and acceptance" relates to contract law etc.

b) the person was just ass backwards, and thought you wanted a new membership.

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Years ago

Will the increased ticket price mean better performances?

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At the wildcats, we pay $849 ea, for the captians club. Thats best package u get.

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Gold Members Package, but there was nothing in that email stating that there was a misprint and they apologise that they are charging $795.
Just stated to go to the website, which is meant to be impossible to use!
And if it is a MISPRINT, why the hell would you leave a display on the counter with that incorrect price on it???
Yeah I told my mate to go to the Ombudsman to see what they will do about it.

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Years ago

I wouldnt even worry about the ombudsman, just goto managment. They HAVE to uphold the price they have sent you. I got a $6000 stereo for $1500 just cause the store person wrote the price in the wrong spot and they had to honour it. Sucks to be them but thats why they should check their work.

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Years ago

The bad thing is this guy is a former NBL player and this kind of treatment will spread through a lot of clubs when he spreads the word!
Bad publicity...

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Years ago

I worked in sales for a number of years, and no way known would you get a $6000 stereo for $1500 due to an incorrect price placement. Load of BS. Retailers have the ability to withdraw a product from sale at anytime. Call an ombudsmen/accc/ whoever you want, even check the web - fact is they don't hve to sell it to you for that price.

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Years ago

You would assume that a company in this position would correct like-for-like. e.g., mail out incorrect pricing, mail out the correction. Email a wrong price, email immediately to correct it.

I did a quick search through my email to check for a pricing correction but didn't find one, but nor did I find mention of a $695 family ticket either. For some reason, I don't actually get printed renewal notices - just text messages and the e-news - so I can't check that.

In this case, it sounds like they're going to lose at least either $695 or $795 (that won't be recovered this year) and some goodwill over an extra $100. Rough call.

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Years ago

Prices not an issue for me. After some years as a Gold ticket holder, I will not be renewing this season. For too long now I have been watching a team that has no excitement and no winning ability. Maybe if I see some change, then we may come back. But really with the same coach what is going to change? Good luck to all those who continue their patronage this season.

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Years ago

taipans also had ticket price increase.
pro you want to play or not??

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Years ago

Squid, was better when Mark Nash was around, right?

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Years ago

Yes, Isaac.

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Years ago

Whatever happened to the supermarket policy. If a product scans at the wrong price, you get it for free. Panther32, go down and demand your free family season ticket. The club will still make some money from the food and drink sales your family will make and god only knows, they have plenty of empty seats to give up. Besides, you deserve atleast a $100 discount for the poor quality product they have sold in the last few years. Its beyond me how an organisation likes this needs every cent it can get, yet let you walk away without paying your $695 because it was short by $100.

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Years ago

Anon, was just joking. I think it was Squid who used to complain about Nash all the time.

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Years ago

Still cheaper than nearly every other club, if not all.

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Years ago

Regardless of the prices i will still go to every game. Really excited to have Cadee.

"All those games we lost, we weren't losing, we were learning how to win" - Scott Brooks, OKC

Stay posotive guys, young talent doesn't start winning straight away, our guys will pull through.

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Years ago

Still cheaper than nearly every other club, if not all.

You would hope so given the 36ers finished bottom of the ladder.

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Years ago

Skip, I don't mean to be rude but don't you sit on the sideline for free or even get paid to be there?

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Years ago

I found the mis-print with the gold members price in the brochure too ($695) however the price on the actually application form is correct at $795.

I don't think you picking up a mis-print allows you to get a family membership cheaper than others, everyone should pay the same. If the family can't afford the extra $100 then fair enough, but not renewing because of a mis-print doesn't sound like a true supporter???

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Years ago

Anon - Spot on, I don't pay. But I still have family and friends that do.

I just did a quick scan of all the teams memberships packs
I just checked what the family ticket (2x2) prices would be for two options.

Along the court, 15 rows back and the cheapest possible family ticket.

Adelaide - $795 and $645
Gold Coast - Not listed on their website.
Cairns - $2600 and $650
Melbourne - $1164 & $1020
New Zealand $830 ($650AUD) & $499 ($390AUD) However, the first option is sold out for games at North Shore.
Perth $1649 & $956
Sydney $1260 & $850
Townsville $1960 & $434
Woolongong $1190 & 715

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Years ago

No offence but if you get sent a letter from a company stating a price, drive all the way down there with cash in hand and are then told it's $100 more, I would be pissed too.
And when you are buying a family ticket, you OBVIOUSLY have a family and therefore are probably on somewhat of a budget these days, another hundred dollars can be too much for a family and it becomes a matter of principal.
And as a club who has been sitting on the bottom or second to bottom for 3 years, I would be doing whatever I can to get bums on seats.
When was the last sell out...when Brett Maher retired.
Poor sales if you ask me.
You turn away a family because YOU stuffed up and you are asking for trouble.
You also lose money every night from car parking, food, drinks, merchandise as well as potentially having empty seats. This seen on National TV isn't going to help with sponsors, it's a snow ball effect.

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Years ago

I agree completely Panther32.

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Years ago

the real issue is the club continues to make these stupid little mistakes and is run like a backyard business

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Years ago

They have to honor that $695. It's been advertised long enough and not fixed, they are in the shit.

On top of this, I sent multiple emails about player sponsorship and season tickets for front row, zero f*#king response... Beyond a joke... Every single person in that office needs the boot. I could give two shits if they do it for cheaper because they love the team and blah blah blah, enough excuses have been made. I could run this club with a blindfold in comparison to some of these high functioning retards

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Years ago

Oh and how can you bump price up $100 when there is no value added? How can they possibly justify this in any way, and don't say carbon tax

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Years ago

Mining Tax

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Years ago

As always Ricey, just special. Showing exactly why you couldn't.

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Years ago

What a load of crap.

EC they are not a supermarket.

If you drive down there and only read the brochure and not the form you need to fill out with the correct price does that entitle you NO

The results of previous years does not mean they should reduce prices nor does it mean you should pay less than everyone else.

The ombudsman, well if you threaten me with that crap I would stand my ground to as emails have been sent with correct prices and application form has correct prices, you cant just read what you want and decide only that 1 wrong one is right and the 4 places its written properly isnt.

What happened to the good old days of talking to someone in power and at least explaining the situation, even if you dont get your way (which really seems all you care about) you may at least understand it better. Instaed of getting on here and telling untruths.

The club has enough problems, so many unrealistic supporters like you are one of them.

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Years ago

Singlets, where the f**k is that e-mail they sent out stating the right price?

Never got sent out.

Can't believe how non customer focussed this saga has made them out to be. If I ran my business how the front office runs the Sixers I would be bankrupt right now.

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Years ago

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Years ago

Everyone one this site and to all sixers supporters be extremely greatful you still have a team to support and follow. If not happy, become a owner and get back to us on how easy it is to run and finacially keep a club running.

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Years ago

I do agree on alot of your points here.

The 36ers should have resent out letters to every member explaining the error in the brochure.

When I went in to renew my families membership at the start of the year i was expecting to pay the 695. The lady at the front desk was extremely apologetic when finding out the error that they had made.

I'm a true supporter and didnt mind paying the extra money for the team i love.

We have to cut the support staff some kind of slack, they do a fair good job running things.

Most of the other clubs have at least 10 people in the office, i dont even think we have 5.

The sixers are doing the best that they can with the money that we have.

The team is and the game is where my focus is, not on the cost of season tickets, or on some easily made error!!

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