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NSR - any experience?

My 15-year-old son has been approach to sign with NSR (National Scouting Report) Australia. They are offering to "guarantee" him a college spot in return for a fee of $5K.

The fine print is that, while a spot of some sort might be guaranteed, there is nothing to say it won't be a full-fee-paying spot at a Junior College in Div 4. There is definitely no guarantee of a scholarship, nor of the quality of the school (academically or the basketball program).

On the other hand, they do have some decent testimonials and have affiliated themselves with a number of Basketball associations.

My gut feeling is that this is somewhat of a rip-off. If my son is good enough to get to College, then they will find him without us having to go looking (via Scouts at Nationals, NITP program, etc).

Does anyone have any experience with NSR? Do they actually provide value for the $5K fee? Would you recommend them?

Thanks - any advice gratefully received.

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The following statement was posted on December 6th 2016 as a result of a request by NSR's lawyers. Hoops does not endorse this service or warrant the representations made.

Dear readers

My name is Marco Maisano and I am the CEO of NSR. Prior to starting this business I was a young athlete who had his professional career cut short with no education to fall back on. It wasn't an easy time, and I was not alone as many aspiring athletes find themselves in the same position. I knew something had to change, so I started NSR.

10 years on, NSR continues to provide a viable pathway for young athletes to use their passion for sport as a vehicle to develop a future underpinned by a world class education.

I have read the many comments posed on this thread and wanted to take the opportunity to provide some clarification in regards to some of the comments.

As such, let me make a few relevant points;

1. NSR fully complies with the regulations for eligibility of all sporting bodies in the US;
2. No student is precluded from participating in any sporting organisation by virtue of their involvement with NSR;
3. We do not facilitate, or condone, payments by students or their parents for sporting scholarships, which disallows the athlete from participation in any domestic sporting competition.
4. We provide opportunities for all levels of student athletes not just the elite

I recognise the importance of listening to our customers and adapting our service offering to meet the needs of our families. We currently have in place NSR customer Facebook groups where parents of current and prospective NSR student-athletes share experiences on a daily basis. The conversations I constantly see in these groups refer to parent's concerns about their child being overseas and whether the opportunity is right for them. I am so humbled by the large number of our customers who take the time to help share their insight with perspective families into how they have been able to manage their concerns for the greater good of their child's future sporting and academic development.

Sure, I am going to advocate the strength of what we do, so let me allow some numbers to speak for me. 

Over 500 NSR student athletes are currently at US college studying and playing sport.

The NSR placement team facilitates over 50 offers a week from a broad range of colleges and Universities in the US collegiate system.

97% of NSR student athletes have received financial support toward their US college pathway.

Sites such as Hoops are an important part of the industry that we operate in and therefore, I welcome the opportunity for everyone to share their views.

I hope you take mine on board and would welcome the opportunity to personally connect with any families considering this pathway.

You can reach me at [email protected]

Yours sincerely
Marco Maisano
[email protected]

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Stay away, Your gut is right, if he is good enough they will find him.

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Wonder if you'd be better spending some of that money on extra coaching for your son? Specialist shooting or defensive coach or something like that.

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(Mod: Removed due to legal request.)

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Sorry, had a look at the Testimonials - a majority of them are for Soccer in the USA and without going to too much depth is like an exchange type program. Pay $5000 to place you, hopefully somewhere you want. And then the rest is up to you. Scholarships doesn't mean the same in this situation. You will find you will pay for college tuition unless is a walk on process or you get a partial. I cant see div 1,2 colleges doing this.

A ex NBL player friend of mine, who did 4 years at a div 1. said he went to college from the advice from his mentors, sent colleges copies of his show real, email and send regular game tapes. He got one offer in a day. He was at a national level mind you at 17 but that might be another way. Also going on Team Tours. See the states, college recruiters face to face.
I am no expert - but when they ask for $5k upfront there has to be a catch.

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Thank for the input, much appreciated.

The consensus seems to be that my "gut" was right.

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Feeling the same way - seems to be a marketing exercise for those that claim they have the 'in' to the USA college system for hopefulls. I am in a similar opsition with my son who is a great all round basketball player, without Nationals experience.

I distrust anything that seeks players and then markets them at a massive cost to the player with the possible emotional let down of not making it into div 1 or 2...

I would love to hear from anyone else who can change my mind on this

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Caroline Spence  
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Don't bother. They are absolutely useless. We spent 5k with them. Got a lousey 2k offer from a college that you'd never want to go to called Potomac, in West Virginia - and that was after our daughter received a 1580 SAT score, a 88.5 ATAR and has played division 1 and most recently premiere league soccer in NSW. They send out a couple of videos on how to fill in a form, make you do all the shooting of the video and they cut together some highlights. Stay away.

(Mod: NSR's lawyers have provided this statement in response: "NSR does not believe this post to be from a former client. Nor does it accept that no students would want to go to Potomac College, as demonstrated by testimonials of students placed there (eg.")

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My friend's 14 year old son was just 'chosen' by NSR ( at a trial soccer match set up by NSR) to attend an interview to see if my friend is interested in going for a scholarship in the States fior soccer when the lad finishes year 12. I am thinking its a bit of a bad deal....possibly with some benefits....but of course they are all very excited about his "being chosen". Any advice...any questions to ask at the interview woud be appreciated. Thank you.

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With any college recruitment company you need to go in with you eyes wide open... They are a business and trying to maximise profit and not really looking at the best interest of each player involved.
NSR charging $5k is a bit ridiculous. As mentioned above there are a lot of options on how that money could be spent:
- US Tour - range from around $5k to $7k. (Be careful here as there is a big difference in quality of these tours depending on who you go with...)
- Extra coaching - spending $50 a session with a good coach can make a huge difference for players
- Other recruitment agencies. There is a company called Custom College Recruitment that charge around $800 and are doing good things.
- Recruitment trip - a numbr of players have organised their own trip to the US and contacted colleges to try out for them. This is probably the best approach is you can afford it as colleges get to see you live and you can also see the campus etc.
- Prep programs - there are number of prep programs that players can attend which helps them get ready for college and also have contacts into college system.
Impact Basketball is the best that I have heard of and have had success getting players into college.

There is also a bit of 'right place, right time' for players that aren't at the elite level.

Good luck...

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Laura Hudson  
Years ago

I read this thread with interest last night because my son did a trial last night and has been invited for interview. Everyone's saying the same kind of things I was thinking. I'm also wondering why no American kids are taking up these places. My lad is a hard worker but he's not a rocket scientist, he plays good football, he's a great captain, he plays in 2nd division currently. He also referees for the district and is working his way through the ranks of refereeing. In reality I don't think he'd get a scholarship place, the colleges I've seen mentioned are more of a community college. This he could do at home, with less expense. Does anyone have a real success story though? Anyone in a similar position done it and thought it was the best thing ever? And also, do the qualifications gained over there count for anything here? TIA.

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I'm reading this thread wondering the same thing, my son has also been offered an interview after a one hour tryout with NSR soccer... Is there anyone that doesn't get an interview I wonder?? Or regardless of talent they are all offered an interview.. Pay your money & wait and see if they get picked up on a scholarship?? I'm a little suspicious about it all I'm afraid...

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Hi everyone. My son is 15 and also was accepted to play and study at a college in the USA. It all sounded so exciting for him until the contract arrived. After ready the fine print and being told everything we talked about at the interview was null and void only what is on the contract is relevant. They wanted $6875 from us supposingly to do everything but then we read the contract and we have to provide the videos report ect ect and they just edit it. Not sure about this can anyone help. Has anyone reading this know of any child who has made it in soccer after going to college in the USA. DESLRR

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Best idea IMO, as someone who is currently living the US, is to save the money, and if you really want them to get seen, research the best high schools you can, near the colleges you are interested in, and look at that. There have been a few kids come into a local private school who have gotten offers from U of Iowa, and the whole reason they stood out was they were so close to the college.

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Thanks for the assistance guys.
I'll come at it from a different sport, but the same uneasiness.
My son went to a baseball tryout yesterday, and we received an interview offer this morning. I was asking myself "I wonder how many kids got this offer", and considering the interview options were over 4 days from 8 until 4.30, there must have been quite a few offers. At over 5K with no guarantees they would need to "interview" plenty to get a decent takeup.

Thanks again everyone, we will start looking at other ways to help his progress.

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my son has just attended baseball trials (80 minutes). On the initial registration form we had to include preferred position but at the trials there wasn't any position playing or anything, it was all sprinting, throwing and speed work. And then the very next day we had the confirmation that he was accepted for interview. He was so excited to say the least, but we now have to attend the interview in person, which we have to fly back down for (yes that's right 2 flights in 2 weeks which have now cost us close to $4K already). Now I really don't think my son is a good enough player to receive a full or even partial scholarship so I was always a little skeptical about this. I wasn't going to tell him that though, but to be honest I think even he was a bit surprised to get to interview stage. From reading reviews on this site and lots of others, it makes total sense to me that yes, if he is offered a NSR deal then they will get him a college education somewhere in the States but we will probably end up forking out thousands for it!! Which will probably be better spent on an Australian tertiary education. We haven't had our interview yet (it's tomorrow) and because I have already purchased the flights we will go, and get a bit of shopping done at the same time, but I will be asking lots of questions of them. Thanks for all the valuable feedback and comments.

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Same boat right here, 15 year old son just trialled in Perth and got offered a spot on the program. I work in professional services so the fee's were a real issue for me, like anything you expect to pay, but I have to say what I was told initially and what's on the contract do seem to be a bit different.

It's going to be very tough if we pull the rug out from under our son as he is super excited, but to be fair at best he's an average player and academically not that great either. I was looking at this as his only likely opportunity to go to a university.

I haven't made my mind up yet, I'm happy for NSR to make money but I want value for money on this.

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Just A Kid.  
Years ago

I'm a 17 year male and I've been selected into NSR Australia program for my chosen sport, soccer. From what I have read, heard and witness NSR Australia is a great pathway for young athletics like myself who want to further there athletic and academic in a US College. I know of a guy who is currently over in the states playing soccer and doing a degree of his choice, and he's loving it! It's just how you go about it, yes it is a costly program, but at the end of the 4 or how many years you are over in the US for, you have a degree to fall back on, leant so much about your sport, also yourself! and playing at an incredible level, not to miss out one heck of an experience!
This is my opinion anyway.

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Years ago

Asked two years ago. I'm sure they have their answer by now

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My daughter flies out very soon for a community college soon, after being with NSR for 3 years in that time we have been contacted 6 times by NSR requesting video and general hype to keep your interest
My daughter from the very begin stated that she wanted a 4 year university and yes was offered a scholarship from a private university in Ohio scholarship offered was $16000 US even with that we were looking at another $17000 Us and that was for one year
After contacting NSR we were told we better look at community colleges as if we were not prepared to pay $15000 US out of pocket a 4 year college would be out of the question
We were offered one other community college out of pocket $5000 US a team in Utah it was there first season we declined

We went it alone sent video links and resume to 60 Universities and Colleges that offered the degree my daughter had chosen and had finished in the top 10 NCAA Div1 NCAA div2 and NJCAA

Video is very important that's what they continually ask for including full games also consider the opposition they are playing against they want to see how they play against good opposition not them scoring 5 goals against a weak team

All NCAA Div 1 would not even consider us unless playing in the National Women's Soccer Comp in Australia but most were polite and did reply to the emails

We settled on a full academic scholarship from a college in Kansas that have been to the nationals top 16 in the country for the last 4 years
We still have to pay board and meals $2750 per year

The main reason was game time at the 4 years universities the coaches that we spoke to were very honest as a freshmen do not expect to start you may get some game time all that we spoke to have a squad of 25 to 30 players

Its a lot of work but can be done and save $5000

Your child will definitely get a place in a college with NSR but it may be no better than a high level club team I have watched the videos online

Good luck hope this helps

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Years ago

If the kid is that good stay away from anyone that wants to charge.

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My experience was good overall with NSR. I worked for them and sold their products but they were nowhere near $5000 at the time I was selling them, from 1999 to 2001. They ranged in price from $895 to $2495. I signed up basketball players, football players and baseball players with good results. It's not a scam but it is expensive.

The problem I had wasn't with the service itself but with the price of the service. I had a difficult time offering a product that could help a family out when I could often look around their home and see they can't afford what I'm about to offer. That's what ultimately made me quit working for them. What I learned from working for them is college coaches are open to scouting services and use them to find talent, especially in the minor sports (anything other than football and basketball). I still get calls from some coaches that ask me about talent in the area for basketball because we have an unusual amount of high prospects here.

DO NOT buy in to the falsehood that if your child is good enough they will find him or her. It's simply not true. Can you do what they do yourself? Yes. Is it easy? Absolutely not. It's time very time consuming and you get the best results when you're open to going away from your home to school and realistic about your talent, which a lot of athletes and parents are not. This college athletics game is about self promotion. If you don't promote yourself and rely on your coach without being a top level talent, you'll end up being a YMCA legend that never made it. I've been watching that happen for 20 plus years now.

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Years ago

Aaron is right about most of what he is posting, especially in relation to doing nothing and leaving it for your kid to be 'discovered' or 'found' because you reckon he/she has played Nationals and is a very good player, for example.

Get some decent game footage against some decet opposition.

Make a highlight video and prepare full game tapes.

Put them online (youtube is easy).

Do a basketball resume and get some coaches regfernces.

Do some homework and find out where the most suitable colleges would be.

Send the link to the highlights video and resume to all of them, individually, be personal and don't send them to 'The Coach'. Use names!

If you do your due dilligence and you can play, you have a shot at a scholaraship, but you have to be reasonable about your potential, so listen to independant caoches that you trust and who have some experience and don't just want your money.

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Years ago

My 15 year old son is doing his NSR trial this coming sunday.His really excited about the whole thing,i on the other hand am sceptical..Not sure where to go from here if he does get to the interview stage.
Any feedback would be a real help.

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Years ago

My son has just been select by the nsr basketball the money that you pay out actually goes towards videos of your child they do all the scouting for you they also guarantee you will pay no more than$12000 a year. Thats before any scholarship tjat are offered. It also cover all there medical insurance all thier tuition, accomodation and all there meals three times a day. Plane trips to games or bus trips to games it covers a nutritionist to an there food. And sat testing as mant time as they need i think its pretty cheap for what they do for your child

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(Mod: Removed due to legal request.)

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(Mod: Removed due to legal request.)

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I would really do my homework on NSR before signing anything with them.

Having been to college many years ago and helping quite a few bball players since then in getting college scholarships I know how hard it is to get a gig. Even players with state teams, NITP programs etc on their resume can find it hard to get a college gig.

It can really be the 'right place, right time' situation for a lot of players but there are probably about 6 different 'methods' of trying to get to a college.

The use of recruiting agencies is one route that may work.

Having said this, I was recently talking (face to face) with an assistant coach from a Mid-Major D1 college, which he is the main resource for pulling together a recruiting list. He admitted that there are certain recruiting agencies that he immediately deletes any email from.

Based on who he said he deletes, I would strongly suggest thorough research on the agency in this thread...

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The unexpected  
Years ago

NSR interview exaggerates the truth - ie. you will play soccer in front of thousands, coaches are fulltime and the facilities are fantastic. In reality the college you end up at is probably very small, isolated and boring with very few events on campus. Joining the squad is different to being picked for the team. My son's experience is that he didn't make the team but still trained and went on road trips,etc. The coach was reluctant to change the players in the team even when the team continued to lose games. The actual experience of studying in the USA he continues to enjoy but for the soccer experience he feels very let down by the NSR promise that the coach had chosen him specifically to join the team - in fact it was no more than a soccer trial. Other coaches can not understand why my son wasn't given a chance in the team when he performed very well every training session, it was only the head coach who was narrow minded. If you don't get much playing time in the first season it is very hard to get other coaches interested out side the college for you to transfer to somewhere else. The college my son is at is a 4 year college and he will graduate with a bachelor of science in Accounting. The college is 2 hours from New York and about half an hour from Philadelphia. Also be aware that the tuition fess, etc. are in US dollars so the exchange rate will effect the amount you pay. Also, all colleges are different in regards to cost of medical insurance which is usually a separate cost of US $1200, and not all colleges provide board most only offer accommodation.Text book costs are your responsibility and are expensive. And don't forget the airfares to and from the college twice a year. My son comes home at Christmas and the summer break. My son received an academic scholarship but not an athletic scholarship- coach told him he would get an athletic scholarship the second year but was told later there was no money for it! Just wish the coach was honest.

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(Mod: Removed due to legal request.)

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Vic kids that tried out at state now getting emails from NSR. Why on earth do BV have anything to do with these guys?

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Years ago

You still got to realise that going to school in America will cost a lot of money per year. (Most schools over $10K per annum) So if you can get a scholarship to cover that it is worth paying someone to help but if you are paying someone to help and its going nowhere you should look at other options.
I know I have helped a few kids get full scholarships but thats off pure relationship with a few coaches I know. I think NSR should charge after they get your son/daughter a scholarship, not BEFORE!

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(Mod: Removed due to legal request.)

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Barry P  
Years ago

Hi there Any Kiwis latching onto this. Not sure if this recruitment firm is just starting up here this year,think they are.
My son went for a trial last night in Tauranga for football. bit of a farce as there wasn't enough pitch space.However he did ok but there were far better players than him and he still got a "yes" for an interview. If you say yes to everyone regardless of sporting ability the recruitment company will eventually make their money just by shear numbers.My boy is pretty scholastic and i'd like to think that he could get a proper scholarship without all this b/s. I wouldn't pay any money up front without knowing there was a guarantee he would get to the right place that suited his career path.

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Years ago

So my boys attended trials monday night in auckland....both are talented soccer players, so I wasn't suprised that they both got interviews. This is a dream come true for my kids, and I would do anything to make that dream come true for them.
However, it was explained to me that they would have to be voted in/accepted onto NSR program first, and then I would have about 10 days to come up with the $6000 per child fee that NSR charge for their services....only then to have their mother ring me and say that she had been talking to the NSR representative, who said we had to assure we could pay the money before they had been guaranteed a position on the NSR program.
I think you should only have to pay the money once their position/scholarship is assured, and I think it is absolutely disgusting to be playing with kids dreams if they are not for real! I am am saddened and embarrassed to say they nearly had me hook, line and sinker!
Surely, with all their endorsements they are legitimate???

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Years ago

Pay the money for something up front that they might deliver.
Want to buy a bridge that I may be able to guarantee to deleiver?
Ring consumer affairs and ask if there have been any other complaints. THat's always a good test.

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Vodka 78  
Years ago

My daughter has just been selected for an interview next week post the Wellington trials - there were only 55 interview spots out of over 100 odd trialists - I get the money thing however it would be resaonbly tough to do this yourself ?- even though we have lived in the USA and get the whole college system. Will wait what happens interview wise however they will not promote anyone they think is not up to it ?

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Years ago

My step-son trialled on Monday night in Napier. I am really sceptical as to him being offered an interview when there were so many players trialling out and they played in a small area (about 1/3rd size of normal area) and rotated after about 15 minutes to another corner with a different 'selector'. I am more sceptical after reading the link they included on the email and discovering their 3 tiered sub system. Surely if a player is extremely talented they wouldn't be penalised based on inability to pay NSR their 'rate' or pay for the 'Advantage ++' level???

I would be very keen to know how many of those who trialled on Monday night got an interview???

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Vodka 78  
Years ago

They said there were 55 interview slots and there were way more players then that. Capital Football were the selectors - it was very touch based and rotations however my daughter sid it was good. I have talked to some people in the last 24 hours - you can do it yoursef basically cold calling (or emailing) colleges with videos etc or use an agency like NSR who do a heap of the leg work. Whatever happens there is still a cost to go to a USA college - its not easy however I get the feeling NSR do all the leg work in most regards hence their fee. Nothing is gauranteed - like most things in life. Will see how the interview goes

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Years ago

Ok, so is there anyone who trialled in Auckland on mother's day??? How many got interviews? And how many got offers? And who thinks what? After reading comments on here it sounds too good to be true.

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Years ago

Auckland Trials .... held on 2nd of May
Son interviewed
Got a spot
Need to meet Director this week and pay on the night

Anyone else in this position ... read all the comments and not feeling that confident now

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Years ago

Yup we trialed 2nd of May
Got an interview
Got a spot
Back to meet Director but told we have to pay the package on the night ......
Would want to see a contract and the fine print first before paying any money ....

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Dave Hambly  
Years ago

(Mod: Removed due to legal request.)

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Years ago

would like to hear how you got on if you could update us

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Dave Hambly  
Years ago

(Mod: Removed due to legal request.)

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Years ago

(Mod: Removed due to legal request.)

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Vodka 78  
Years ago

My daughter had an interview yesterday. They were very upfront about smaller colleges and sometimes the scholarships being nowhere near 100%. I tend to disagree about "if they are good enough they will be picked up". I am 50/50 on NSR however I ask myself two questions - could I do this myself in terms of approaching colleges ? and there are colleges that I am not aware of that provide good opportunities and how would I find them ?

Will await the outcome however I will not be rushing in to signing anything without a lot of thought and further advice.

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Years ago

Son went for trials in Christchurch, got picked for an interview, went for an interview, passed the interview and got selected into the programme, son is excited of course, after reading all comments feeling a bit sceptical about the whole thing, nsr have rung us twice asking about what we have decided to do, will need to do bit more research before deciding

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Years ago


I just spoke to Harrison Burgess at NSR about my son potentially using their services to help him gain a basketball scholarship in the US.

Here is how the conversation went:

*Question: Can I speak to the person in charge of
*Answer: I can answer your questions.

*Question: Ask you in charge of basketball at NSR
*Answer: No my background is soccer but i can answer
your questions.

*Question: Who is charge of basketball at the trials?
*Answer: It nominated by the state basketball body of
where the trails are being held.

*Question: Can to tell me who is the coach when trial are held in Victoria?
*Answer: No, why

*Question: What about the coach of trials in the other states, Qld, NSW, WA?
*Answer: No but i can answer your basketball questions.

*Question: Who at NSR head office is in charge of
basketball dept?
*Answer: We don't have a particular person in that

Need i say more.

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Years ago

My son also went to a trial in Wellington and an interview and while he is quite a good player I still had the impression they were playing a numbers game- if we accept 100 then 50 might say yes. It sounds good and has got my son very excited but the fact of paying $5000++ with no definite college to go to makes you wary. I have heard of people being offered very small colleges where you would really have no desire to go. It also seems that the ongoing costs once you have paid the initial fee - keep coming eg having to organise the videoing yourself. He has had the final interview with the CEO- but the need to pay there and then had me backpedalling as no specific college was mentioned. naturally my son thought he would be going to Miami Uni as published in the promotion video.

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Years ago

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Duke Fan  
Years ago

"*Question: Who is charge of basketball at the trials?
*Answer: It nominated by the state basketball body of
where the trails are being held"

Unless this has changed in the last few years this is blatantly untrue. State bodies have nothing to do with these trials.
A few years back I was asked to help out at an NSR trial by a mate. The story was I would be asked to identify talent and would be paid for my time. Kids were put through a few drills and scrimmaged and we were given a sheet to rank the players from "NBL level ability" down through various grades. As most of the kids were barely of rep level there weren't too many with NBL level ability that's for sure. I asked a lot of questions about the process and didn't get too many answers.
Oh.....and I never got paid despite being asked to give bank details and promised it would be forthcoming.
Would never recommend them to anyone

(Mod: NSR's lawyers have provided this response: "NSR maintains that the statement which is quoted from its website is true, and that this poster's comment is without basis. It invites any reader with any doubt about this to contact NSR or their state basketball body to understand the true state of affairs.")

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Years ago

Seriously people, surely you know the answer by now!

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Years ago

Has anyone from wellington taken up the offer yet, after a trial and interview? The need to sign up or pay up immediately has rung a red flag- however they have presented themselves very professionally in the interviews. I would like to hear from someone in a similar position.

With it being 2 years away as my son is in year 12 I can understand they need to get definite answers. I still have a nagging feeling if a pay the initial fee ( 3 options) then I could be in for 2 years of continual costs with no guarantee of any scholarship to assist with the college fees.

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Years ago

Are people that dumb?
Accreditation? Success's? Recommendations?
Pretty simple without even having to have in depth conversations or interviews.

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Years ago

I've heard of many horror stories about college recruitment companies just taking money from athletes that don't have potential, just do your research on the company, No need to pay that much money though! some FB pages just give free advice on how to speak with coaches and colleges! COllege custom recruitment I think and aussie athletes USA on facebook and i think tennis australia explains the process for free. But you can always just e-mail coaches yourself!

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Corey McKay  
Years ago

I have a mate in Sydney that got invited to a skill evaluation for NSR, and he has been keen on the opportunity since he knew that I was involved. He found this site online and sent it through to me.

Yes it does cost money, and yes it is a lengthy process, but it has been the best thing that I have ever done and I am loving life in the US! I am living proof that it works, so I hope this helps.

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spot up  
Years ago

Your first 6 words are garbage.

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