Years ago

Cairns Taipans easy start to schedule

They might be 4-0but they have played Adelaide, Hawks and Melbourne twice. Nice start to the draw....

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Years ago

True, but you can only play who you are scheduled to play. I have been surprised by them, but pleasantly so, it is great for the competition is it not...?

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Years ago

They have CONTINUITY...and a stud guard.

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

Yet the great SA experts were predicting Adelaide to finish on top and Melbourne to finish top 3, with Cairns somewhere around 8th. So hardly giving credit to where it is really due by saying that the Taipans are only 4-0 because of an 'easy draw', which by the way included 3 away games.

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Years ago

yeah - they should have beaten Perth and NZ in those 4 teams. What wee they thinking beating the teams they were playing?

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Years ago

Cairns look as good as anyone in the league so far imo.

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Years ago


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Years ago

Cairns look good.

It's still early days, but I've watched both of Perth's games so far and they look more vulnerable than last season. Even factoring in that Beal is capable of better they still look more vulnerable.

So there's an opportunity there for someone to challenge them. So far I'm thinking there are 3 teams that look likely. NZ, Cairns and United.

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Years ago

Cairns didn't look as good last weekend as the first.

Confidence is a hell of a thing so hopefully for their sake they can ride it for a while before they get out scouted.

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Years ago

No doubt it has helped getting Melbourne twice with them off to a shaky start but credit where it is due they have still got 3 wins on the road

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Years ago

If Alexkrad is right it's because neither import performed in their last 2 games.
Their stats are woeful.
Craig has been active (to phrase it gently) but Wilbekin has just looked lost. No point suggesting he has been heavily guarded.
And where was his touted defensive form against Ervin?
Unless these guys have an oustanding game against NZ the Taipans' time at the top of the ladder may be brief.

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Years ago

For a preview last year I remember finding a stat that in the x years no team outside the top five after a third of the season has made playoffs. Wollongong may have done that last season, but certainly fast starts are very important in a league where the talent is close.

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Years ago

I agree that the two imports were 'woeful' over the weekend Greybuoy and they still won both games, what if they get back to their Round 1 form?
Remembering Taipans beat Melbourne twice in a row then Melbourne demolished NZ...maybe Melbourne are good but Taipans are just real good and made them look shit.

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Years ago

NZ beat Perth so are they shit Anon?

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Years ago

Did NZ beat Perth twice in a row by a total of around 45 points like Cairns did to Melbourne Mystro?
Can't see how you could disagree with my point that Cairns made Melbourne look bad or what that has got to do with Perth losing one game.

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King Podge  
Years ago

Wilbekin and Craig were woeful???? Are you sure you watched the games?

Craig's work off the ball on offense and on D has been outstanding.

Wilbekin runs the team, it's composure in the clutch and during opposition runs has a lot to do with him having the ball in his hands. He didn't set the scoreboard on fire on the weekend, but he didn't need too.

'Woeful'....... that's about the worst piece of amateur keyboard statsheet analysis I've ever seen....

Other teams will catch up when they get some more time on court under their belt, but a 4-0 start to the season is a hell of a thing in a league this close.

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Years ago

I think Adelaide fans who had the Sixers in the top 3 were few and far between. The realistic ones had them anywhere between 4th & 8th...more than likely in the middle of that - 6th.

I agree, Perth look more vulnerable this season. Daniels doesn't bring the confidence and domination that Ennis brought (so far anyway), much like the Sixers with Ervin being replaced with Wilson.

NZ have certainly improved and are still working Abercrombie back into the team. Jackson, again bringing that confidence that filters through the team.

United have the talent, no doubting that. I think they are still figuring it all out but once they put it all together (if they can) they will be tough. Dennis has only played the 2 games so like NZ and Abercrombie, still working back into the team.

Cairns have been the most polished thus far but I would expect them to come back to the pack in the next couple of games. Like it or not they did catch an Adelaide team that had prep interrupted and United twice who, like I said, are still figuring it out and have only had their pg for 2 games. Cairns game plan will get figured out soon enough so it will be interesting to see if they have a plan B.

At this stage I would say the Top 4 will be (in no particular order): Perth, NZ, Melbourne and Cairns.

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Years ago

I doubt you'd find anyone right now who would disagree with that top 4.

Most people had Perth, Melb, NZ in the top 4 to start with, and nothing should've changed that- at least not if you take into account Melbourne's game yesterday.

And of the remaining 5, obviously Cairns is the one who has put their hand up high.

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Years ago

Yea great start to the season by the Taipans, will be interesting to see where they end up, ive always had them in the group of teams that should finish between 3rd and 6th, so have put themselves in a strong position to be at the upper end of that group.

Was impressed with there imports v 36ers and there Aussies are all good solid players, with many of them capable of having a big game from time to time.

But remember its only 2 rounds in, alot may change for all teams.

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Years ago

Podge, it's in the stats.
They're right there, incontestable even by you, regardless of what your professional eye saw in the games.
Scottie was out there for 35 minutes against the Hawks, and in that time he took how many shots at 27%?! While running the show, as you say, he managed to rack up a staggering 2 assists and jag one rebound.
Torry's shooting was no better and in 20 minutes he pulled just 2 boards.
In the previous game their shooting was OK but what other stat could you take comfort from? Just compare with Gliddon's numbers, and imagine the results if your stars had performed at the same level.
And no, I didn't say the imports were woeful. I said their stats were. For 2 games.

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Years ago

As a diehard Snakes fan/member from day 1, I am very pleased with a 4-0 start with 1H/3A games to start the season. The fact that the last 2 games the imports haven't had to have 20+ games to be in the game and win it speaks for the the way the team plays and reacts. If everyone is hitting 50% etc etc then the margins would be even bigger - but give some credit to the opposition marking these guys and blunting them - they just didn't count on the other 8 players stepping up and making plays. Wilbekin's off ball D was big yesterday - I am quite sure without him causing trouble G$ and Carson would have stolen that game in the 3rd and never looked back. Lets also remember that the 2 imports are rookies - wilbekin is a past first defensive PG who has been tasked by Fearne to be a shoot first D PG. But when you get marked for lots of attention, you find your teams mates - the assist count is useless as the snakes will always make a 2nd pass after getting it from wilbekin. We know Dmart is the best D PG in the league and his stats dont show that at all or his organisational skills on O

Hawks are unlucky to be 1-3, but I see them shaking the 36ers and taking the W. In the 4th they dictated the tempo and were able to break open the taipans D with sheer speed and aggression - the taips O just missed a few shots to keep them away - those 2 FT's from Burston were an example: but its a learning process.

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

On a side note, does anyone know the crowd that the Taipans got for their fist home game?

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Years ago

The good people of Cairns will have to believe you are right, Venom.
You make some good points.

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King Podge  
Years ago

"Podge, it's in the stats" haha yep... it is indeed...

Venom well said.

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Years ago

Wilson Sting:

Yet the great SA experts were predicting Adelaide to finish on top
Do you mean the one person writing a blog and saying they put Adelaide top because they were a 36ers fan and felt they had to?

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King Podge  
Years ago

NBL Fan - wasn't capacity but it's was close to it. The only empty seats were in the nose bleeds.

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Years ago

Indeed Greybuoy, their stats looked woeful, but their performances were far from.

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Years ago

an easy start? what exactly are you insinuating?
what even makes it an easy start? they've played away and at home. last time I looked it was harder to get away wins. and they've played well and have noticeably changed their game.

prior to the start of the season, nobody said they had an easy run to begin with. or is it wildcats who aren't on top that has many frightened?

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Years ago

If anyone wants to question Wilbekin's worth, just look as far as the NCAA this year. Not one Gator was drafted in June, yet they finished at no.1 seed going into the Tournament. He ran that team as well as you can and is doing the same in Cairns.

These kinds of arguments are pretty baseless if we just reference box scores; basketball is a manifestation of so much more.

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Years ago

Any chance Venom and The King will indulge me with a little more debate?
Paul, you still thinking about this?
See, I dont't need to be right. I don't even want to pretend I am. I just want to learn from the exchange.
If I'm over in Old Shakey, sussin out the form ahead of the Next Encounter, I watch all the Taipans games to date. I even tab the media reports, all the way down to andthefoul..
What I find is all contradictions. Bottom line, Taipans, in 2 games, have gone from Out to Outright Contenders. They're lock-down legitimate.
Well, I don't buy it, but I feel lonley because a lotta other people do.
Breakers won't. Here's why.
3/4 Craig comes off the bench, hasn't scored worth a dam in the last 3 games, is nothing like Mc Rae in the same spot, will not bounce Vik for any rebound, especially the D ones. Make him try the shot; punish him when he fails. Repeat. Pressure all his shots, 3 included. Unsuccessful at the line.
1/2 Wilbekin only interested in playing with ball in hand, knows Craig poor option, Gliddon presumtptive beneficiary of all half-hearted attemps and all dish outs on drive. Had to be reminded to 'create' and make a move in last Melbourne game. D effort good but won't foul out trying. If he makes second pass, slag and apply ball pressure, 5 on 4. He'll still be standing: does not cut, does not commit on screen ; opportunistic rebounder at best.
And the rest? Same old role players with the exception, this year, of The Lout. When their imports falter so will the confidence. They will realize they are doing it on their own again.
Summary: just play. Stat sheets confirm it all.

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Years ago

Hey greybuoy.. taipans are still 4-0!! keep studying your film but 4-0 feels pretty good, the imports can not box out and not set screens all they like if we still win ;) #thempans

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Years ago

With wilbekin it's not about the numbers. It's about his leadership, control of the game and defence. Cairns are a team this year.

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Years ago

2 things likely to happen-
wilbekin has a good chance of landing a nba gig next year - &
Cairns will be top 4 along with the wildcats,breakers and united (will sneak in once they sort themselves out in the second half of the season)

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Years ago

Townsville have had an even easier start: 1 game each against the 3 least-talented-on-paper teams in the league (Syd, Ade, Wol). And they are 1-2.

Cairns have had 3 road games to start the season and are 4-0. That is a great record no matter who you are playing. To get that from 3 road games is stellar.

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Years ago

epic troll to start this thread. Cairns legit

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