Years ago

What is actually wrong with the Hawks?

Okay, they are 1-9, but are the real issues- personality clashes/gameplan/playing ability?

Nevill- A Boomer, inside presence (not a great rebounder though), but can def play.
Davidson- Few injuries but still a decent 4/5 man
Forman- Can hit the 3, bit cold this season but a solid contributor.
Ballinger- Useful off the bench

Carson- The 'big deal import' who hasn't flourished yet but has game
Ervin- Proven import in this league
Martin- Solid point guard
Hill- Useful 2/3 off the bench
Coenrad- Useful 2/3 off the bench
Cooks- Development

Apologies if my player wraps aren't spot or if I have missed anyone!

They won the rebound count tonight against the Breakers so it's not that they are getting slaughtered on the glass and desperately need a rebounding machine. They seem to be point guard heavy but surely Gordie knew this would be the case with two import point guards and as one of the best nbl coaches at getting the best out of what he has, you'd think he could do this with this group- which is more talented than past hawks teams....


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Years ago

Ps- I am not a Hawks fan, but as a fan of the game am interested as to what people's thoughts are on this!

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Years ago

I honestly don't know but it always feels like they have one facet missing from their game each match whether it is rebounding, shooting, defence, handling the ball or whatever. We know they are deadly when they get everything Together but how long will that take?

I'd personally like to see Foreman switch to the 3, he isn't effective enough on the glass and he already stretches the defence and maybe Brad Hill to the 4 can work again as it did in patches last season for Sydney!

I don't think they use Demos correctly, let's face it he is a dud on the offensive end but he has more mongrel about him than any other Hawks player and maybe he could be used to 'rough up'the opposition a bit. That may just provide the spark needed for this team.

Nevill is too passive and needs to do something to fire him up like a massive screen or a dunk or a block and then hopefully they find him and he makes those shots from inside the key.

I can't tell but Foreman as captain I don't understand, he seems like a lovely fella but he doesn't seem like the type to put a team on his back and say 'come with me guys' and I feel they rely on the leadership of Gordie more than any other team relies on their coach.

I hate to say it but I think this Hawks side is deeper than last season's but I wonder what their new owner would do to get Rotnei Clarje back in a hawks uniform.

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Harry Hackrein  
Years ago

Talk the Hawks may not exist next season may be a demotivating factor.

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Years ago

Hey Tyrell you forgot that great guard from Victoria and Demos

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Years ago

"Talk the Hawks may not exist next season may be a demotivating factor."

I highly doubt James Spenceley would give up after one season of ownership

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The Hawks are basically the only national team representing the "gong now.

Wollongong Wolves (soccer) - gone
Illawarra Steelers (league) - merged with St George, now play some games in Wollongong. Wollongong was a former recruitment zone for St George then the Steelers entered the league, only to merge with the Dragons.

Any team representing the area on a national scale would generate some pride. I doubt if this is their last season.

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Years ago

What is wrong? Ervin & Carson, never needed both

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

Are the rumors about the Hawks not existing next year true? I would lose a lot of respect for James Spencly if he was out after one bad year.

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Years ago

the import combo is wrong - time for a change

Replace Carson with SG/SF scorer who can play good D and hit the 3 -

start martin and new import

I'd then bring ervin and demos off the bench for some punch

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Years ago

Ervin is having a poor season by his standards. He's jerking all over the place and has no stability. But he's done it before so I'd back the fella to get his game back on track. If this is the case then see you Carson, nice to know you.

Get Adnam more game time. This kid can BALL

Ballinger has been poor. Nevill isn't doing much this year, needs to be fired up.

They should beg Clarke to come back or get an intimidating centre with Carson's import spot.

Demos is a real good player, absolute wall on D.

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Years ago

Get rid of new import
Bring in a SF import
Bring in a pure 3pt shooter that can play 2 spot and play good D
Look to seabl for this spot and get a player that you can pay minimum

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Years ago

There's a few issues.
1. Signed Ervin with the intention of signing a import 3/2. Then Martin said he was going overseas so they signed Carson. Now Martin has returned and they're having to adjust on the fly.

2. Signed Nevill last second before the start of the season. I think he said he had 1 or 2 practices before his first game. Again, having to learn on the fly.

3. It seems that Carson's focus is on making the NBA so he's out trying to get his stats to make a case. It's clear during games that some team mates are frustrated by him and so is Gordie when he breaks plays to go iso.

4. Nevill has been slow to pick up plays. You put on games from previous years where either Gruber, Davidson or Forman plays at the 5, then watch Nevill during the same play. He's slow to react and you can tell he's struggling. Gordie hasn't figured out how to use him just yet.

5. No energy off the bench.

Personally I think they need to move either import to the bench. Go to Nevill early in the game to establish him, run plays for him. Then open the floor up once he gets going. Play more man instead of zone. Nevill is no good in zone.

If we are talking roster moves this season and assuming management are willing to spend some money. Release either import. Go for a energetic 2/3. Release Ballinger or Nevill and re-sign Gruber. Also play Adnam more, just little bursts for some energy if needed. The guy can play and if Wollongong fans see it he will become a fan favorite real quick.

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Max Power  
Years ago

Gary Ervin in my opinion is now a below average import. He is a SG in a PG's body who does not set up guys, he also shoots tough low percentage shots. Ervin is not consistent anymore and in Carson they basically found an Ervin clone.

In my opinion this team lacks a reliable scorer, someone who will consistently score 15 points a game.

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Harry Hackrein  
Years ago

I never said he was giving up ownership.

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Years ago

Well if he is not giving up ownership, then why wouldn't the Hawks exist next season?

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Harry Hackrein  
Years ago

I guess we will se what transpires next season.

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Years ago

should pick up durrell summers he looked very good pre season last season

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Years ago

I don't think that is an awful idea dugg... Summers had energy and that is what they need.

I hope someone can put a rocket up Brad Hill, he is so much better when he is aggressive and damn useless when he is passive and he should be the spark off the bench in the 3 spot... But if they got Summers then what?

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Years ago

I'm sure Gordie will read this thread & take all of your advice?

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Years ago

Wow, talk of the Hawks being extinct after a poor season, that is what is wrong, why can't we just say they are not doing great and maybe they can rebuild or make some minor changes next season to come back bigger and better???

Why is it that whenever we start debating a team in the NBL not winning games, we start with the rumours that they will not be there next season, this is what is wrong with the whole situation, the NBL and its perception within the sporting community IMHO!

If we are so hung up about teams staying in the NBL and we can't for the life of the competition sustain teams year in year out, then we should throw out the NBL concept and replace it with a promotion/relegation league across the country and NZ...

There is nothing essentially wrong with the Hawks, they just can't crack it for a win right now, so when they get their game together and have a win we should all be saying how well they are going, surely...

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Years ago

You guys do realize that Summers was a colossal egotist and dickhead, right?

He expected a better deal than the one he signed with the Hawks, spurned them last-minute for a shot at Europe (i.e. more $$$) and flopped big-time: being cut by three teams in 5 months.

The talent of Summers, McRae etc can only take a team so far when they're devoid of team-orientated intangibles.

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Years ago

As for the Hawks, keep the owner's hands out of the cookie jar! It's great that he's financially assisting the club, but throwing talent together doesn't equate to success.

Forman, Davidson and Gruber, for all their deficiencies, are proven committees and served Geordie and their club incredibly well. Ballinger was a great addition and made a lot of sense given the make up of the team.

Nevill belongs in a more orthadox system like Melbourne's or Sydney's in my opinion: posting up blatant mismatches, setting off-ball screens and spreading the defense with his mid-range shot.

This team should be able to compete playing an unorthodox style, per usual:

Carson / Demos
Martin / Import (2/3 that can shoot)
Coenraad / Hill
Forman / Ballinger
Davidson / Gruber

Geordie is struggling to fit Carson, Ervin AND Nevill into his system. Ervin has been subpar and doesn't add anything in terms of team chemistry. I think Carson has something to add to the Hawks.

Unfortunately the Hawks are probably stuck with Nevill - paying him big (no pun intended) bucks to play 10-15mpg. Get rid of Ervin while the season is salvageable, look for a replacement import that better fits the team's needs and take the season one game at a time.

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Years ago

No zac delaney this season that's why they are last

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The curse of Zac.

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