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Reopening the stadium upgrade topic

As seen in the below topic re Hot weather policy, what are some constructive ideas for upgrading existing stadiums ie wayville, padadena, morphett vale, mars and port adelaide with air con etc and replacing totally Hillcrest and Marion.
Club politics aside, basketball in sa needs operational venues. Everyone will agree that bsa will cry poor and state government would rather spend 100s of millions on adelaide oval.
Would teaming up with private schools be an option. Instead of 1 big 4 court stadium in the Hillcrest region, why not a couple of 2 court gyms. If Hillcrest and Marion get sold, approach a few schools and say here's a significant contribution, let's be partners like trinity and Starplex.
Would a media campaign highlighting the 3rd world state of venues help. Today tonight, expos`e by boti, a push from people like Maher etc.
Please no whinging about club politics, it's for the greater good that basketball in this state moves out of the stone ages and tin sheds.

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Would going public about poor stadiums put people off pushing their kids to play basketball?

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Parents would be right behind you. School ball played out of some of the worst stadiums and parents and kids still going year in and out. You would get the support.

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I agree with Isaac taking things to the media usually for me says more about the person wanting to be in the media.

Form a committee, a working group to come up with ideas. Live with the fact that Basketball is a low priority on some councils agendas, BSA does not have huge resources to build stadiums and when the last lot did that they went belly up.

Agreed stadiums leave a lot to be desired but have you travelled to other areas many stadiums are not much better even Townsville NBL is playing out of a tin shed these days.

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Years ago

I wouldn't go around advertising your first world problems as third world ones.

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Hanging Round  
Years ago

Rumour has it that BSA may install new 'retractable' roof at Port Adelaide with split-system air conditioners at end of each court.
Just waiting for quote to come in.

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the word  
Years ago

existing parents would support - don't know if it would put some off - depends how it was marketed.

Norwood are going to be the bees knees when Campbelltown is ready, best stadium in town.

Plans have ? 5 courts

For the size of the club south need a 4 court stadium to ensure some sort of home game concept for their teams.

We should utilize air cond schools - but problem is BSA don't own - so have to lease if they are available and all the stuff that comes along with it - no canteen, school rules re usage etc. Plus the associated cost.

the old stadiums we have have not changed for years and have not grown with clubs.

New / upgraded stadiums - create jobs (which our gov would like), there is some return as users pay, looks after our community / children.
However I feel the community / sharing model is far more appealing (i.e. pool, gym etc) than a pure "basketball" stadium as far as sustainability.

hillcrest - north really need 1 3 court venue to cope with all their teams

Marion - south need a 4 court

Port - west need a 3 court

St Clair - woodville / western - 2 court preferably 3.

I can recall using westminster school years ago on Friday nights and that was absolutely fine - far better than marion.

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I think don't we have to be worried about scaring off parents with reporting of the poor states of some stadiums, rather keeping them when they first walk in. I used to work at Starplex and the first response of people walking is was wow. As opposed to walking into a Hillcrest and saying wtf, the premier junior competition is run here? (Please note I'm not knocking North). If clubs and the competition expect parents to pay high fees as opposed to school ball or social with same or better facilities, newcomers would have to weigh it up. I was at Woodville last season and we trained at St Michael's primary, fantastic new air conditioned gym but then we had to play at dingy St clair.
Have people like Joey Wright raise awareness. No hidden agendas, but as a parent who wants his kids to play in a safe environment. And don't we have enough committees already. Surely when the president's get together this would have to be one of the main issues members want addressed, not whether aba games are played at home every second Saturday night unless it's a full moon then it has to be played Wednesday but only after 8.
Once Campbelltown is completed, which apparently will take 12 months now, that should take some pressure off with mars maybe taking a lot of the overflow.
The reason I started this topic was to get ideas flowing, not complaining about 1st world issues. I don't get the point of if everywhere else have crap facilities then our crap facilities are good enough then.

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would like to see relevant % 's of participants in sport get relevant %'s of funding.

i.e adelaide oval - millions to upgrade and gets big crowds, tv , big gate money etc

and thousands of everyday aussies play footy.

but thousands of everyday aussies also play basketball too - surely a small % could go towards basketball stadium upgrades.

We pay $ big time for the pandas - which are fantastic ...... I would like to see some money spent on stadiums - nothing we can't afford but at least something.

There has to be a bit of planning - futures of some clubs growth vrs facilities - with the st clair development you would imagine woodville / western increasing in numbers.

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that's the st clair housing development

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I'm surprised at the amount of Basketball that is played in Summer.

The problem is that you're never going to have a unified approach, unless the central body takes full responsibility for every venue, and that's never going to work.

If you want comfortable aircon'd venues, then Basketball becomes an expensive proposition. There will always be those clubs that benefit from ties to a "state venue," or from the largesse of a cashed-up local council, or political pork barrelling.

Keep in mind that nice venues can be a double-edged sword. Back in the 90's, when developing Joondalup as a "Satellite City," the government sunk big bickies into a "multi-sport" complex called Joondalup Arena. This included what was probably the best purpose-built basketball stadium in the state. The West Perth Football club were convinced to move in as WAFL tenants, and The Wanneroo Wolves as SBL tenants.
Unfortunately, at some point a subsequent government decided that these venues should be operated on a more pseudo-commercial basis, and the Wolves were forced to move their games back to their old venue.

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