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Opinions on refs using video reviews in games

Interested in opinions...

One argument is that if its there the refs should use it.

I think part of the argument from fans stems from dissatisfaction with reffing, which is never going to change. People need to accept that Basketball is a fast game, and refs make judgement calls. I'm the first one to boo or cheer at a big charging call, but that's just part of the fun. Some people just need to move on from their constant harping on the refs.

I have a number of issues with "Video Reviews":

Firstly, who is responsible for the vision? The Club? NBL? Broadcaster? The classic case was the Cats & NZ game, the "official" vision was inconclusive so the original call stood, yet the Cats had their OWN camera which DID show 0.3 seconds on the clock. SO what if the basket had been waived off? Are the Cats under any obligation to turn over their vision?
What happens if we get a decent TV deal which requires the cessation of NBL TV? Will their be broadcaster vision at all venues?

Where do you draw the line? Out-of-bounds, shot-clock, , 3-point shots, goal-tending, fouls? Imagine if they had to go to video review every time a foul was called...

Lastly, I think it opens up a can of worms: As it stand, the Ref's call is law, the only time the NBL alters a result is where the scorers made an error. What happens in a situation where the outcome depends on a reviewable call, and vision overturning the call is subsequently discovered? What if somebody comes forward with video they shot on their phone, or the club had its won cameras filming, etc. My concern is that once you set a precedent, results become subject to video review.

To avoid the farcical reviews at the Cats v Breakers game, I think the only way is a "4th Ref" as used in other sports. Somebody sitting in the broadcast box with a suite of monitors. PLUS put a time limit on it. In the event of a dispute he has say 30 seconds to overturn the call otherwise it stands.

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should be used if available - and for anything the ref wants to check

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problem is if the game is not on Tv the vision / amount of cameras may not be the same

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Only applies in specific situations and for specific portions of a game. Uses the cameras available. No other footage able to be considered. That is fair to both teams as they're operating under the same rules.

Limiting it to certain minutes of the game stops it dragging out games, obviously.

In the tennis and cricket, they've used it to enhance the game. The crowd builds up anticipating the decision, etc.

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gumboot slinger  
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Great for the league

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Not sure of the specifics, but they should just use it with how it is done by the NBA; 2 minutes or less in the 4th, and only on out of bounds, 3 point shot checks, and time I believe. Just keep it like this for clarity. I imagine the video they use would simply be from the ONE/Ten/NBL TV cameras,as its hard to access other footage on a consistent basis so it's probably best to be ignored.

I'm in support of them using the reviews, only if they do so consistently. Needs to be made clear to the refs that if its a 50/50 call with 2 minutes left then they can and should review it.

It is very necessary to have it, as ignoring the bias I might have, there have been many calls this season that literally make me question the refs ability to see things. As in real time, replay, it is 100% clear the way a call should be made, and the refs just decide not to? These aren't always in the last 2 minutes, but being able to review, with clear guidelines, will hopefully avoid game breaking mistakes.

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Instant replay can be used at any point in the game:
- To determine whether a basket is worth two or three points.
- To determine what the game or shot clocks should be reset to in the case of a malfunction.
- To identify the correct free-throw shooter.
- After fights.

And in the last two minutes:
- To determine if a shot was released before the shot clock expired.
- To determine if a shot was released before a foul was called.
- To determine possession of the ball after a close out-of-bounds call.

And at the end of a period:
- To determine if a player was in or out of bounds when attempting the shot.
- To determine if an eight-second violation should be called.
- To determine if a foul was called before or after the buzzer.
- To determine how much time to put on the clock if that is required.

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I'm a big rugby league fan. In the NRL they use video replays for some things, but not all. Its use has been controversial because even with the benefit of a million and one replays.....they STILL get things horribly wrong at times (and I'm not just saying that as a fan, even the refs boss has had to admit to this happening).

Personally, I think in basketball the referees best use of a video replay should be to find out who in fact touched the ball last before it went out of bounds. And when two or more refs make a different call on the same incident then maybe the replay could sort it out.

Other than that I prefer to leave things as is. Actually, no, I wouldn't leave it. Bring back legitimate jump balls when two players claim possession and also I'd like to see the one and one brought back when in the bonus foul situation rather than automatically getting two shots.

Ok, rant over.

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My problem is they take WAY too long to review it, and sometimes it ends up being wrong anyway.

The NRL's video replay system has been in place for over a decade now, and it's great IMO. The decisions are made quickly and are rarely wrong, unless the NQ Cowboys are involved...

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Years ago

Like in tennis,each coach should be allowed 3 video ref challenges in each game.

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