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Gleeson exaggerations to deflect attention

Is anyone noticing the trend of Gleeson exaggerating ' non game ' incidents to take the attention away from poor results?

First the martin conklin incident now the jawai racism. He needs to stand up and be accountable for the teams poor results rather than sensationalise incidents so the headlines are about other topics

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Years ago

Tellingly on both occasions the club has not backed his words with their actions. Club announced no action to be taken today which signals it was a very minor incident which was overblown.

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Years ago

Great idea, lets condone racism. NOT.

Anyone that can't get Conklin's first name correct deserves no credence anyways. Just sayin

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Years ago

I think he meant Damian Martin / Brian Conklin incident.

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Years ago

That's correct Ricky. Anyone who couldn't put that together ' deserves no credence '!!

Back on topic i open today's paper and see the big headline ' Perth racial abuse fury '. So much fury that we didn't even lodge an official claim? Or maybe just Gleeson exaggerating and speaking out of line again after a bad loss.

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Years ago

Gleason is just annoying.

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Years ago

Gleeson is under immense pressure from within. As can been seen by the expression on his face he really badly needs to fart. Should get Nate to give him a squeeze before the game and he may enjoy it a lot more.

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Years ago


Gleeson has been a pile of shit coach forever.

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Happy Days  
Years ago

Dont rate Gleeson,Kevin Sheedy of basketball...Hides behind smoke screens.

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Years ago

I thought Perth's results were looking alright, especially given it's going to be competitive amongst the top six teams. No shame in losing in New Zealand.

And while I agree they might've overplayed this Jawai incident, claiming they're distractions is drawing from a pretty small data set.

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The only thing more annoying than GleEson is the people who constantly bag him who can't spell his name properly.

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Years ago

I thought it as a deflection strategy too!

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Years ago

Are you kidding me? I've heard from a cats player Nate was called a monkey but asked the club to drop it and move on. So his coach defends his player being called this and you bag him? Get real.
Perth is sitting in number 2 position and has had very few games with a full team this year. Terrible results so far eh?

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Years ago

Seriously cannot believe all the haters comments. We've played nz 4 times, played Adelaide and Hawks Bohr twice on the road and played Melbourne once on the road so effectively, 1 game on the road against current top 4 sides, yet to play bottom placed Sydney, play 6 of their last 7 games at home.

To be 9-5 at the half way mark isn't such a bad result in my eyes. Martin has virtually not played all year as well.

Wildcats lose one game and there's questions galore of the team, remember, NZ are tough to beat on their home court.

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Years ago

Breakers will be laying a complaint to the league in regards to how Perth and Gleeson handled this matter.
The first anyone heard of this was when Gleeson announced it in a post game interview before there was any complaint to the game manager or even any confirmation of what was even said.
No one called Jawai a monkey or anything else unacceptable, he was told to "sit down on the bench or get back on the bus" because his fat ass was blocking the view of the whole court.
Gleeson's accusations wrongly tarnished the reputation of the Breakers fans and organisation and after the incident in Wollongong, fans of the NBL look like ferral idiots.
Gleeson needs to engage his brain before he opens his big mouth.

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Years ago

You do realise that the Wildcats cop it more in here when Adelaide are going middling well. What you want it for Adelaide to be top of the ladder, and you wouldnt hear book about them from the Adelaide Crew.

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Years ago

I am not talking about the whole seasons results being poor. However after poor losses,he has launched cover up campaigns. Yes, new Zealand are contenders but Perth are too and getting spanked by 20+ and being walloped in the rebound count and giving up 100 points when rebounding and defence are your calling cards is a very poor result

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Since when is "get back on the bus" something people yell out at sporting events? very strange insult....unless that isn't what was said.

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Years ago

Yep, the Sky camera crew, NBL refs manager and all the members in the area colluded to cover up racist comments and make up a bad insult.

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"Na, I just called him 'digger' because we're all ANZACS"

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Years ago

"Since when is "get back on the bus" something people yell out at sporting events? very strange insult....unless that isn't what was said"

since Wednesday.

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So you don't buy it either.

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Years ago

I'm interested to see how the NBL handles this. Gleeson makes serious accusations, his club walks away from them and an investigation with independent witnesses suggests they were false.

Of course, there could be more to it, but on face value this needs action from the NBL. The difficult part for them is you can't be seen to tell people not to complain about racism, even if there was none in this instance.

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While I am sure there are proper channels for this type of thing, he was asked in the press conference why he called for extra security.

The allegations haven't been considered "false"; it was called a misunderstanding by the Breakers boss. We know something was said that led to the misunderstanding and while the Breakers can be pleased that no evidence of outright racial abuse is there, to claim they've been hard done by and wanting action taken is a bit much.

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Years ago

I think some action must be taken. You can't have a coach going outside of proper channels and prompting a flurry of stories about racism at NBL games when it turns out not to be the case.

I'm not saying there should be a fine etc, but a quiet reminder to all clubs how these things should be dealt with is probably a good idea.

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Years ago

I made a sign and had it at breakers games for 5 years that said "warm up the bus you are going home!" We would show it to visiting teams when they were loosing at the end of the games. So saying "get back on the bus" wouldn't be a new saying at NSEC.

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Years ago

Regardless of what was said, Gleeson is a big sook and handled this badly. As usual.

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Years ago

The latest from Perth implies it was use of the term "monkey" and nothing to do with a bus.

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paul, thats fine, I can see why its important not to attract the bad publicity. I just think the Breakers should tone down playing the victim here. Their fans chose to get stuck in to a player and it was their choice of words that led to the misunderstanding. To show incredulity that a complaint was made is totally unfair.

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Years ago

Makes no sense.

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But mystro said nothing was said that ends that matter.

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Years ago

Whether Perth end up making a complaint or not, the NBL needs to investigate this, release a finding and address it with clubs.

With Perth teammates, coaches and support staff, camera crews, the refs manager and Breakers members close to the incident this can be easily investigated to check for inconsistencies etc.

If there was racism it should be acted upon, and any false reports should also be treated very seriously. If it was a case of mishearing what was said that needs to be confirmed and publicised.

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Years ago

Spot on luuuc. What was actually said by the fan we will probably never know but as others have said there are other more professional avenues to go down to deal with it or look at it more closely as a club. Instead we have Gleeson speaking out of line again and creating headlines about racism fury, probably as a way of taking the discussion away from his team being spanked. Yet despite this fury the club releases a statement saying no action. That's the second time the club has contradicted gleesons rubbish talk in the press conference after his talk about jawai going to beat up on conklin and the crocs after the elbow incident. I would imagine the cats hierarchy are getting sick of his poor behaviour in the press and anything less than a title will have him not returning next year.

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Maybe you should read the latest comments from the Cats and Jawai.

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Years ago

You mean from Gleeson and Jawai?

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Years ago

Second time Gleeson has thrown Nate under the ... large vehicle.
Firstly in the aftermath of the Martin-Conklin incident, and now basically starting his own media racism shitstorm and then following it up with "If Nate wants to take it further we'll support him 100 per cent"

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Years ago

Chalmers looking for a gig with Cats, all over this stuff! Deflecting left right and centre!

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What is the deflection? I am commenting on what is being reported. Try doing the same.

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Years ago

Typical sooking from Gleeson.

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Years ago

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Years ago

Are we sure the person didn't call him a Monkee?
Maybe they saw his face and became a believer.

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Years ago

"What is the deflection? I am commenting on what is being reported. Try doing the same."

"But mystro said nothing was said that ends that matter."

Here's Breaker GM Richard Clarkes comments on the matter after an internal investigation into Trevor Gleesons accusations.

"Yes, and everything we've uncovered in our investigations today, all the responses from our members, from the Sky production crew, from the NBL referees coach (sitting in the area concerned) are all backing up there wasn't anything racial in what was said.

"So at worst it was a misunderstanding from Nathan, if that."

Asked if the fan in question had gone over the line of decency, Clarke said: "Not at all. My understanding is the comments were along the lines of 'Get back in your seat or get back on the bus'. That is not abusive."

"It was also heartening the way they mobilised and the number of emails and phone calls we got from members to say 'hey, that's not what happened'."

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Yes those were yesterdays comments. Further comments have been made today. That was what I was commenting on and I wasn't deflecting anything.

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Years ago

It will be interesting to see if there is another comment from the Wildcats organisation, their only official statement I've seen so far has referred to 'taunting' and said they weren't taking the matter further.

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Years ago


Get back on bus

I have heard that plenty of times. It means the game is over for you, make your way back to the vehicle that bought you here and proceed to return home. Thank you for attending and your efforts, but your presence here is not required anymore.

You really out to get out more.

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Years ago

Clarke said he wished the wildcats had approached them through internal channels instead of ranting and raving to the press. I think that's the crux of the issue with Gleeson. The breakers are a classy, professional organisation and Gleeson's behaviour is the opposite of this.

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Years ago

I'm Wildcats fan, but Gleeson needs to shut his mouth and just coach. Conklin seem to me an accident and the New Zealand thing just a misunderstanding.

The Owner is a Billionaire and he is a very smart operator and the deflections from Gleeson will be noticed.

Gleeson doesn't win the league, he will be sacked.

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Years ago

Gleeson's always been a bit of a mug.

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Years ago

Well done Gleeson got your team playing well, keep it going.

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Years ago

Onya Trev. Love the way you still sook about insignificant calls when the margin is close to 20 and the game is deep into garbage time. Can't fault the consistency I guess.

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Years ago

I thought this post was about his constant arms stretched out wide like he is offering the ref a hug for making yet another bad call.

I'm not sure about Jawai being a monkey, he reminds me of a brown bear and his tapping opposition players on the head (Maynard and tonight Sobey) reminds me of a bear too... Let's face it outside of perhaps Jett and Ere (of whom are too fat) Jawai could probably break any player in the league in half so I can only imagine what he would do to a fan or a coach that always looks like he needs a fart and a hug.

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Years ago

has Gleeson ever smiled

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