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Hawks fans behaviour

Someone has to bring this up. First Thornton has a beer poured on him, then Craig has food thrown at him. I'm sure these are only isolated incidents as Hawks fans are usually well behaved but does this stuff happen at any other venue ?

I know Perth fans love to stick it to the opposition but i cant recall anyone physically hurling anything at a player.

Considering Hawks were in control of both games, why do it?

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Years ago

Hawks have more bogans in their crowds than most clubs. Many coaches & players will privately admit that the feral element there is sometimes hard to take.

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Years ago

There has always been unsportsmanlike behaviour from Hawks fans. Snakepit days, water and ice tipped over you from above. Probably spit as well or worse. Nothing new.

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Touch the rim  
Years ago

This is the product of a soft penalty for the beer tipper. Obviously feral people will want to copy what he did because he got on TV. When's the lifetime ban going to handed down?

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Touch the rim  
Years ago

... then again maybe it's just Wollongong

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Years ago

Adelaide forum talking about bogan crowd!

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Yeah i heard in the snakepit days they used to pour drinks on players from the upper level so its somewhat of a Wollongong tradition

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Years ago

Players, bench staff, fans, refs... anybody was fair game.

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Years ago

The Thornton incident the old bloke has dementia.

But this is the first I heard of food at Craig

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Years ago

But don't let these 2 idiots give you the opinion all Hawks fans do this

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Ugly Igley  
Years ago

Any footage?

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No footage, it just came about from a tweet from Wortho.

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Years ago

Im a hawks season ticket holder and have been for over 10 years. Im my opinion this is unacceptable and they should be banned from the venue for life. Not just hawks games, dont let them in.

If a stand isnt taken more tools will make the rest of us that just want to go and enjoy some good basketball look bad.

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Years ago

someone needs to sign Ron Artest to sort this issue

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Years ago

This is how Wortho's gonna go out when he gets old and frustrated

Someone will throw a pie at him and he'll do an Artest.

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Wortho will throw another donut back.

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Years ago

Throwing food at players.

When do the 6ers play in the Gong next.

Ebe will be salivating.

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Three To Make Two  
Years ago

I, too, am a longtime Hawks season ticket holder, even longer than Triton, and, if what Wortho tweeted was correct, I'm disappointed and disgusted. I didn't see it (it would've been at the other end of the court, and haven't seen any footage (unlike the beer-tipping incident)

From my vantage point, I'm close enough to give the referees and opposition players some constructive criticism about their performances. But I make it a rule to not be offensive or obscene. There's nothing smart in that. And, what's the point? The security guy has worked out that I'm not a threat to the refs. Just a smartarse!

In fact, once I apparently drew a smile (or smirk) from Wortho when, after he had had a chat with the ref, I was telling the ref not to let Wortho intimidate him. What I didn't know was that Wortho had just retrieved the ball from out-of-bounds and could hear me. Luckily (for me) he seemed to take it the right way.

But throwing stuff at players isn't on and should be stamped out. And using obscene language.

However, I do miss the days of the Snake pit when a certain fan would, on occasion, launch a large dummy onto the court. He also used to give the referees and opposition the benefit of his experience. And, in the Snakepit, he was clearly audible. And funny. He doesn't do it anymore even though he does still go to the games. The acoustics in the arena aren't good even though he does have a voice that carries! And he would certainly face a ban if he threw anything onto the court.

Speaking of the Snakepit, I have heard about rumours that lubricated members at the Bar provided some lubrication to the opposition. But I don't know if this was ever proven.

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