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SA Church Basketball looking for Teams and Players

The SACBA 2016 Winter Season Nominations Now Open with the season commencing 2nd April 2016.

We are a competition with a 60+ year history and we are looking for teams to join this coming season. Teams must have an affiliation with an SA Church or Church School or Old Scholars Association.

If you are an individual player looking for a regular Saturday game - please email the address below as there are always teams looking for players (Men and Women's senior grades and juniors, both boys and girls) of all skill levels.

Below are some details and if you want more information please see the contact details below or just message me direct:

- Saturday Afternoon Basketball (games between 1-6pm)
- Competitions for All Ages & Skill Levels - Under 8's - Open Men & Women
- Central (St Peters College) and Southern Locations (Wayville, Westminster College)
- Affordable competition (between $50-$80 team rego and $10 per game) with fully Refereed games.
- Build friends in a positive team environment.
For more information, visit, call 0476 262 011, email [email protected] or

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