Manu Fieldel
Years ago

Taipans at fault for McCarron leaving?

There is a school of thought that says the Taipans are at fault for Mitch McCarron leaving for Europe only to end up in Melbourne. I say that's drawing a really long bow and that those with a distaste for all things orange would be the only ones capable of drawing said length bow.

What say you?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

You can't make someone do something they don't want to, and you can't make them love you if there is no love there (when you arrive at a girl's door at 3 am and she likes you, "it's romantic", if she doesn't like you "it's stalking")

So, not knowing all the circumstances, I suspect he had intentions of getting some magical deal in Europe earning him heaps of coin, driving fast cars, eating at exotic European restaurants, and surrounding himself with a harem of super models, however, plans fell through.

Knowing he was back on the market, another suitor came along offering him heaps of coin, travel in rattly old trams, eating at exotic Melbourne restaurants, and surrounding himself with a harem of the finest super models from Frankston. Got him on the rebound.

We don't really know if Taipans were slow out of the blocks, or if United had better marketing.

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Manu Fieldel  
Years ago

But Cairns has the Great Barrier Reef and that. Plus you're not actually guaranteed of an STI from those fine super model tourists. Common misconception. There's good money in Cairns too, construction is booming

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Years ago

It may have been that a few of the players were caught out by how quickly Fearne was shuffled out, and without a clear idea of who the next coach was they didn't fancy their chances of signing on and then crossing their fingers that whoever replaced him would be someone they'd be comfortable with. Can't say I was impressed knowing that our entire group going into March was Jawai, Kuany and Loughton.

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Years ago

maybe McCarron wasn't interested in playing for a poorly run club in front of a bunch of rednecks each week?

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Manu Fieldel  
Years ago

I'd like to get that sourpuss LoveBroker's opinion

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Years ago


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Years ago

Smith is rather insignificant I have more respect for Manure Fieldel.

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Years ago

this time on a Friday night Lovebroker's probably naked on the sofa with a tub of lotion and a VHS copy of the 1988 supercats season highlights..

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Years ago

I'm a massive fan of 'Money Making' Mitch McCarron but serious question, if Mitch was going to Europe then chances are he wouldn't be a stud on a serious team over there, he won't be a stud in Melbourne United (he probably won't even start)... so my question is, if he stayed at Cairns and been their marquee and along with Nate the face of the Taipans as a club, would that suit his personality or is he happier to not have all that pressure and responsibility?

I've stated a few times last year that I'd have taken him over Creek as 12th man at Olympics/World Cup but think the United move won't do him any favours... he needs Huskies in and Goulding asking to leave to play for his home state (be the face of the team) so he can truly influence United and get the minutes that he deserves

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Years ago

I'm more interested in Jack’s wooing techniques.

Has he ever been successful in serenading a young lady at 3 in the morning, or was he prosecuted for stalking?

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Thunder Jam  
Years ago

Thanks a completely made up rubbish thread,congrats!

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Years ago

Money man Mitch wanted the big bucks of Europe and when he wasn't good enough to get a gig there so looked at the rich Aust clubs. I'm sure he will be happy with choice of club and $. You're only in the game a short period of your life so try and make as much as possible. Next season he will probably be with the Kings or Wildcats. Make those $ Mitchy.

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Thunder Sook!  
Years ago

"A complete waste of a thread"

Yet Thunder Jam still finds time for his usual negative snipe.
I'm yet to see him contribute anything to this forum.

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Years ago

Next season he will probably be with the Kings or Wildcats.

McCarron signed a 3 year deal with United.

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