Two years ago

76ers and Simmons struggles vs Celtics

I know its very early on after the 76ers recent trades and probably too early to make a judgement but I have some serious concerns going forward for the 76ers after their latest loss to the Celtics.

Is was quite a defensive low scoring physical scrappy game in general but I felt it was the 76ers that turned it into this style/level of game.

The 76ers have some issues with their offence at the moment including spacing, chemistry and general lack of flow and cohesion. This is somewhat understandable after all the recent player movement and trying to integrate 5 new players into the team including one superstar in Harris.

I also dont really love how big Boban fits into this 76ers team. I prefer and feel Jonah Bolden was a much better fit as the back up centre. For a team where its defence and switch ability is a big strength I feel Boban is a weak link here. He also does not combine well with Simmons when on floor at same time as spacing becomes an issue as neither can shoot, unlike Embiid and Bolden. Also when Boban has the ball in post and Ben works the baseline for spacing, Bobans lack of passing also creates issues as Bens man can help off more effectively than Embiid whos a solid passer. (Bolden dosent post up like Boban, he just spaces out to three point line). And when Ben is posting there is better spacing and shooting with Embiid and Bolden, who can both stretch out to the three point line. Also when Embiid is out they like to run and get out in transition a bit more, and with Bolden this allowed them to do that. Also Bolden gets more steals and blocks and defensive stops which also fuels their transition game, where a guy like Simmons is at his best.

Im a big fan of Simmons but he could be a far better player (and 76ers team) if he worked on some weaknesses (if possible). For a point guard his lack of penetration and scoring ability driving from the perimeter is problem. This is due to his habit of mainly going left and not being dynamic enough going right and in changes of direction. If you watch closely he actually dosent attempt much dribble penetration/go one on one from the perimeter much at all. he usually waits for space to open up before attacking it. Just saying I hope he improves this area of game because this is what could take him from very good to great.

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Two years ago

Trust the process

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Two years ago

Sixers' defeat to Celtics all too familiar, despite new lineup

"It has become common practice since Brett Brown and the Sixers emerged from the NBA lottery last season. There are countless examples: Game 2 of their Eastern Conference playoff series last May is a high leverage moment that comes to mind . The same theme goes for Game 3 of that same series, in this very arena. How about either of two earlier meetings this season, on opening night and then Christmas Day, both on the Celtics’ home parquet floor?

Name the contest of your choosing, because it doesn’t really matter. Each followed a familiar tune."

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Two years ago

76ers have talent, but talent is only a part of the overall picture.

When we're deep in the playoffs, I'm tipping the experience and team balance of the Raptors and Celtics will overcome the 76ers.

Raptors are my tip in the East- but they'll need to stay healthy, after losing 4 players by gaining Gasol.

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Two years ago

I think the Sixers will work out their roles and put together a good streak soon enough. I think Simmons struggles with when to be aggressive and then when he is, does it in the wrong way. I'd like to see him used in more plays when he doesn't have the ball in his hands. As it is at the moment he just stands in the low block watching. They should be using him as a screener which gets him moving and if he receives the ball on the roll he has the option to go to the cup or make a pass.

The Celtics have the most talent in the East, but they also have the biggest mess of the key teams with regards to chemistry. If they can find their way around that they should be in the finals.

The Raptors are good, but despite having 3 all-stars on the roster, I think lack more guys who can make big plays when it matters.

They've added Lin to their line up to make up for some of the depth they lost in getting Gasol. They maybe need one more good rotation level player for depth to cover injuries, and likely needs to be a big.

Milwaukee are obviously a great chance in the East considering they have the best record in the NBA. I think most people want to see how that team looks in the playoffs before giving them too many wraps.

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Two years ago

I reckon Kawhi has a pretty good record of making plays when it matters- starting from when he matched it with a prime Lebron James in the Finals as a 21 year old. If I was picking one player from the East for my playoffs campaign, it's him.

I like their experience- Kawhi, Green, Ibaka, Gasol, Lowry have been deep into the playoffs most years for the past 7 or 8. They won't be overawed by the occasion, whereas there's every chance Bucks or 76ers struggle to match their regular season form, since some of their key players are kids.

They've also got a good balance of different skill sets, and the addition of Gasol gives them an elite big who can do many things well. Early days, Yet to come together but it should.

Their biggest concern might be depth and staying healthy. Kawhi has missed 17 games through being managed. Not an option for playoffs. Lowry's missed some games. Frontcourt looks thin.

But if their top 8 or 9 guys stay healthy I'll back them against their less experienced opponents.

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Two years ago

The injury thing is especially important for the Raptors when you consider they essentially gave up 3 rotation players plus Monroe, for Gasol. Their depth isn't great compared to their rivals.

I like the balance though. You need role players like Green and Ibaka. Whereas I'm not sure the 76ers have fully got the most out of Butler yet. Maybe same will be true of Harris.

There's plenty of time. For Aussie basketball sake I hope the 76ers talent clicks. But I feel more comfortable tipping the veterans who have all the ingredients to challenge, including an easily established mix of stars and role players.

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Two years ago

All fair points. Lowry has tended to struggle in the playoffs in the past (as have the Raptors, consistently). I think Gasol helps that as another guy who can create with his passing. As a Raptors fan who's found it painful watching them in the playoffs over the last 4-5 years though, I am optimistic, but cautiously so.

Another factor for teams like the Bucks and especially the Raptors is, this may be the best chance to make the finals. The 76ers key guys are still really young and if they manage to re-sign Butler, Harris and Redick, will be great for the forseable future. And then if Boston gets AD, then that really makes it hard for the others to have a chance to come out of the East.

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Two years ago

Personally I can see the 76ers blowing up next year or the year after.

Embiid is the guy I worry about. He has an ego and whilst he loves directing stuff at his opponents/refs etc...its just a matter of time until he starts to direct it at his teammates.

A guy with that much ego is a ticking time bomb if they dont have success in the short term.

(I mean I'm not going to act like that's unique to the 76ers though. GSW egos are only kept in check because they win so much - if they didnt youd have all kinds of hell).

Regarding the playoffs, I really dont think MIL can go far. I'm expecting a team to put in place some elaborate defensive scheme to minimize Giannis' impact and hence pegging them down. Brad Stevens is probably cooking something up.

76ers are still too inexperienced for me at this stage. They're like that local HS team/youngins you used to play in mens club comp. Way more talented than the oldies but the oldies just found ways to win.

I like the Raptors for the ECT. Raptors have been a horror show in the past but that's because of Lowry AND DeRozan stinking it up (I.e
Both of them). I think things are a little different with Lowry and Kawhi. Kawhis already shown it in the playoffs before..he wont disappear like DDR. My point is Kawhis addition I think this year will make up for any underperformance by Lowry.

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Two years ago

Cram I can't believe there’s another raptors fan in this country.
I share your pain mate.

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Two years ago

I've seen a few other Raptors shirts and stuff around recently, but still yeah we're very under represented

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Two years ago

I have a Bargnani Jersey if that's any indication of my level of suffering

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Two years ago

Personally, I reckon the weak link in the 76ers is Brett Brown. He's still inexperienced in finals, and is still trying to fit the new players into his 'system’.

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Two years ago

Again trust the process.

Let them gel a bit more, boston in a 7 games series will be where the real 76ers show up.

A few bad plays in the crunch by butler harris and embiid but they can be fixed.

Have more faith in brown than basketball fans have in durant going to tge knicks

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