Last year

Do we Need a 5 game GF series?

TBH I have never much cared for 5-game series, but have tried to see others' points of view.
Personally, I feel like last night should have been the decider. I got the feeling that Melbourne got too dispirited too early, and maybe that would not have happened if they didn't know they had Sunday to turn it around. Frankly, I think Perth did exactly the same last week in Melbourne.

If Melbourne keep the series alive tomorrow, I really don't want to wait another bloody week for the decider.

Whilst we have in the past seen some gruelling finals schedules, for me that was part of the challenge. How good is your bench? How deep can your players dig when they are exhausted? 2 weeks to decide a GF is a joke.

I can't imagine how fans of other teams, trying to maintain an interest, must feel

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Last year

So what is your real issue - 5 game series, or the scheduling of this series being too spread out?

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Cats for life  
Last year

To spread out and playing Friday then Sunday isn't ideal for both team's. Played Nz 3 game's in 6 day's yet play 4 game's in 10 day's and a game 5 will take it to 17 day's?

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Last year

I usually enjoy a 5 game series - last year's was great - but this one has been a let down with no close games and it’s too spread out. If it goes to 5, it’s ridiculous to wait a week for the last game.

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Last year

Five is great but get the games closer together, or go two at home two away and if five required back to the minor premier. You could go Friday,Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and if fifth required Sunday, tough schedule but survival of the fittest.

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Last year

Survival of the fittest is fine, but I'm sure the NBL is also conscious about putting some of their best basketball on display in the grand finals, which doesn't happen if both teams are buggered by half time of game 3.
Sure, it hasn't in the 2nd halves of games this series either, but at least being battered & exhausted isn't a reason. For those who think it has been ugly, just keep in mind that it could have been even uglier than this.

But I agree that Fri-Sun-Fri-Sun-Fri is too spread out. Fri-Sun-Wed-Fri-Sun is too compact though. Especially in a cross-country series. Clearly we need to drop the reliance on the Friday-Sunday combo.

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Last year

History of best-of-5 game GF series in the NBL:

2004 - Sydney def West Sydney 3-2
2005 - Sydney def Wollongong 3-0
2006 - Melbourne def Sydney 3-0
2007 - Brisbane def Melbourne 3-1
2008 - Melbourne def Sydney 3-2
2009 - South Dragons def Melbourne 3-2

2017 - Perth def Illawarra 3-0
2018 - Melbourne def Adelaide 3-2

So 50% of them have gone the full 5 games which I think is a good return and this current GF series has been ordinary more due to the fact every game has been decided by double figures.

If this current series had have ended last night it still would've been a shit GF series regardless.

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Last year

Personally I'd like it to revert back to 3. The greatest grand final series have been 3 games IMO

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Last year

Kings-Razorbacks in the very first five game GF series was epic. Originally thesefive game series were more compact with Wednesdays being utilised.

Just because United have been heartless in this GF doesn't mean scrapping the format is warranted. But the long gaps in between due to Nine's scheduling need to be looked at.

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Last year

I think we do it's just a shame this one is drawn out especially if it goes to 5 games.
The lopsided nature of these games combined with semi finals sweeps has made this a boring playoff series. The Fiba break didn't help either delaying finals.

The race to get first was more enthralling than this title series.

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Last year

Im leaning towards a best of 5 being too drawn out. Especially if the series isnt living up to the expectations, which has been the case in this series.

While a best of 5 is probably more substantial and the better team to win is more likely in a 5 game series than a 3 game series (an upset or boilover is less likely imo), I think id prefer a best of 3 series, having now seen both formats.

Its done and dusted quicker, media and fan interest is probably higher, the looming threat of the footy codes gaining momentum kills off the NBL GF series, especially if its a crappy series if its too drawn out and interest is low.

So far in Perth after 3 games played, it just doesnt feel like we are in a grand final. Channel 7 Perth have ignored the series completely, there's hardly any grand final fever in the streets, and its seems clear to me we are all just waiting for game 4 and 5 for this series to actually liven up and get talked about seriously.

Nines coverage has been good, but no doubt their schedule is making it hard to stay interested. Although its a tough one to win as I would prefer this schedule to one where a mid week game gets introduced.

Maybe in Australia we just havent accepted a 'best-of' series as well as the traditional one off grand final. So I say go back to a best of 3 until demand for a 5 game series is actually wanted.

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Last year

No one would be complaining about the format if this series resulted in a close margin in every game. Not every series is going to be great, regardless of length.

What has ruined the NBL momentum more than anything was the FIBA window.

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Last year

Yeah the FIBA window was an irritation, however one good thing about it was it gave the playoff clubs more time to sell tickets, which was a success because attendances were well up.

As for standard of games, I doubt it would make any difference from a media perspective as they would still give it the same amount of coverage. It would impact fan engagement though.

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Last year

If you got to condense the length of the grand final series then you'll need it to be HHAAH.

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Last year

Yes Trev was mentioned previously, it's the best solution but probably harder to sell out two games in a row at home.

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Last year

2017 was ok, because Perth won at home in game 3, but it was an aberration. Joey's tanking upset the applecart and ultimately led to his team's early exit.

In answer to the question above, I personally don't like 5 games series, but it is the scheduling that has ruined this one.

If Melbourne wins on Sunday, that will certainly inject some interest back in the series, but if game 5 is a repeat of 1 & 3, that will be a bust.

I know that nobody likes midweek games, but it is the GF.
I think a HAH series, played something like Sat - Tue - Fri would be good.
If you want 5 games then it needs to go something like Fri - Sun - Wed - Fri - Sun

NBL has to accept that with Perth, NZ, and Cairns in the league, and even the possibility of Brisbane v Adelaide, flights & distances become a factor. So a 5 game series can be a problem.

Also, other than 2 more opportunities to watch, I'm really not sure what a 5 game series adds. 3 games allows for an upset and a fightback.
So ok, 5 gives more opportunities for that, but is it really necessary?
Frankly if a team loses the firsst two games, they deserve to lose.

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Last year

5 game series are way better than 3. That's a no brainer.

And, 7 game series are better than 5!

This series has been interesting to me as a fan of United, but I can understand why fans of other teams would be losing interest. Every game the away players are getting frazzled in the 2nd half and playing beneath where they're capable of.

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Last year

[Every game the away players are getting frazzled in the 2nd half and playing beneath where they're capable of. ]

And, not to flog a dead horse but the home cooking has definitely contributed to this. Its not the only factor, far from it. But it's undoubtedly a factor.

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Last year

Yep all for the 5 games. If anything i think they rush the semi games. If you want to build history and rivals you need a good series. I would rather they spread the games a little closer, have a mid week game etc but 5 is best.

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Last year

"5 game series are way better than 3. That's a no brainer."

No, thats just your opinion and and there's nothing wrong with that ;)

I prefer a 3 game series for the NBL, but thats just my preference. A 5 game series would be fine if the league had a dedicated TV broadcaster and ratings were good enough that the league can call the shots on the schedule, promotion, media coverage etc...

And by dedicated, I mean a network that the league isnt paying for the privilage to be shown (foxsports) and a FTA network that will bend over backwards to show the GF because it rates so well (Nine isnt there, yet)

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Perth Wilburs  
Last year

Go best of 7

Friday, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Friday, Sunday.

Make it a war.

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Last year

its about revenue for GF teams, I love the 5 game series...

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Last year

"5 game series are way better than 3. That's a no brainer.

And, 7 game series are better than 5!"

And that's fine if that's what the majority want, but they've got to make it more engaging.

Having a week between games 4 & 5 is crazy.

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Last year

"5 game series are way better than 3. That's a no brainer"

Only because United woukd have already lost if it was a 3 game series ;)

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Last year

Getting the days right is difficult without screwing over one city, or going full NBA with a game every 2 days

Full NBA,not an option really.

Then say, if you want 5 games but want to space them differently:


Really bad for the home team. And TV.

I'm happy enough with this year's schedule.

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Last year

"And by dedicated, I mean a network that the league isnt paying for the privilage to be shown (foxsports)"

The NBL hasn't paid Fox Sports, they've provided them with a product, and now production is effectively being covered by the FTA deal. Agree with your overall sentiment re having more control of schedule, but also have no problem with GF games being on Friday and Sunday, consistent with in-season.

I think the NBL have done a good job with scheduling this overall playoff series, shame it hasn't been all that exciting on the court.

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Last year

Give me 5-game series any day, but close together.

A 3-game series can mean that the best team doesn't necessarily win - it can be decided on the basis of (occasional?) home cooking or one bad game, rather than the best team overall.

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Last year

And here we have what I feel is a bigger risk with a 5 game series.

Perth finished on top (albeit marginally) so they have HCA and the expectation of winning, and they win in game 4 away from home.
Where's the 13,000 fans chanting MVP.
The celebration should still be going, I should be at the Arena still cheering, but instead I am home alone.

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Last year

What? No multi game format guarantees the champions win at home.

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Last year

Go to a home open then you won't be home alone.

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Flop Warning  
Last year

To be fair. Walking into a home open drunk and screaming MVP MVP MVP, does sound like alot of fun.

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Last year

Btw Damian Martin is a real estate agent

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