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What if NZBL and NBL 1 joined forces

A hypothetical question but worth a discussion imo.

What if NZBL with its 9 teams became an NZ conference and Australia put in 9 teams for example Huskies, An Adelaide based team, Geelong, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Illawarra, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Think of each conference playing own teams twice (16 games) then top 4 from each conference had crossover playoffs.

Have all kiwis and Aussies unrestricted and allow 2 imports per side.

Run from April to August as current NZBL does.
This would basically be a second tier NBL comp then each state could still have own state leagues.

Would such a comp work.


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Earlier this year

A hypothetical response.

The sugested schedule would overlap our state leagues. So, as the 2nd tier comp would attract the better/best players, each state league team would lose their best players. They can't play in 2 comps each weekend, can they?

What if the schedule ran during the NBL season. That would exclude the NBL players who would play in either the state league or NZNBL/NBL1 comps in their off season anyway, so does that matter as much?

Presumably, a team like Brisbane Caps would still play QBL, at full strength, but Brisbane ????, in the NZNBL/NBL1 would be a team chosen from say, Caps, Spartans, Pirates and the 2 Sunny Coasters. Similarly, Goldie could recruit from Rollers, Seahawks and Thunder. All of these players would then be avail for their state league teams and for the new comp. (then, our NBL players could still play with state league teams, if they wanted to).

On the scenario above the 2 QLD teams could then become northern and southern. North would be Cairns, Townsvile, Makay, Rockie and GLadstone, south would include Ipswich & Towwomba with those mentioned above.

If this 2nd tier comp had rosters of the best, or at least, chosen players from their state league comps teams, and none were already NBLers or DPs, it would be fair to assume that this league would display the best of the rest, all together, and ready for fill-in or even replacement NBL roles if needed.

As previous posts (of mine) will attest, I'm all for a real 2nd tier league. So I'll buy in on any hypothetical on that theme. Cheers.

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Earlier this year

The current NZBL competition finishes in June.
Canberra arent NBL1 capable.
Adelaide weren't SEABL capable.
Brisbane left the SEABL.
Sydney and Illawarra haven't been in the SEABl for almost 2 decades.
Top NBL players not restricted? Nah.

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Earlier this year

Anonymous ##030,
Do you have a better suggestion for a 2nd tier competition?

The city names are just for sake of argument what I'm saying is have 9 Aust based teams.

It goes without saying alot of adjustments would be needed but Robt I appreciate your input.

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Earlier this year

Hello. And Bye.

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Earlier this year

how on earth does this pay for itself? state league games pull in, what, 300-500 people? you really think there's an appetite for a second tier competition that competes with AFL and NRL?

Much, much better off starting off with a well-organise, live-streamed NBL1/QBL/SBL tournament, maybe even throw the winners up against the NZBL winners if you're desperate to have a kiwi presence in there.

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Earlier this year

second tier plays before the main game eg

under 18s
under 21s
second tier DP players injured recovery players
main team

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Team Mate  
Earlier this year

Can't see too many sbl sides dipping the hand in the pocket to travel interstate to get flogged by a Kilsyth or Nunawading by 30+ points in a fairly pointless end of season comp. Gloss will rub off that pretty quickly.

CT, sure, if only we had a well organised nbl1 etc competition that was capable of holding onto local talent. Currently, it's just a watered down (but hyped up) seabl.

What a shame that Tassie had to go offshore to find a decent competition to play in.

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Earlier this year

The Hobart Huskies are playing in the NBL1 idiot.

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Earlier this year

There doesn't seem much point in joining forces and then needing to have conferences. May as well just leave things as they are now and hope that the NBL1 expansion happens.

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Earlier this year

I would be happy seeing a tournament with SBL , NBL 1, NZBL, QBL and SA premier league teams playing against each other.

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Earlier this year

Leaving NSW out or are they part of NBL1?

IMO if all teams in those leagues were included, eventually, in NBL1, then there definately would be issues of costs and schedules. QBL has 14 teams, NBL1 umpteen, etc. How to pay for all those games and when to play them!

Couple of representative/regional type teams, rostered with players from their regions' State League clubs collectively, couple of imports per team.

State league teams not disrupted at all. And this is important! ALL OF OUR PLAYERS START THERE.

So, local assocs play in their states' leagues as they currentl do, no changes. (3rd tier - nationally).
NBL1 (or whatever name) develops a national comp with rep/regional teams (as described earlier) with a couple of NZ teams (if you like). (2nd tier).
NBL (top tier).
[NB*: NBL1 and state leagues don't compete. NBL1 competes with NBL. Sorta like most footy codes, I guess. So, your NBL team is on an away game and your NBL1 team is in your region (at least), you can still get live, top level b/ball all of the main season, with your local team doing what it's always done. And your fave players are avail all year and your best players, a chance to really crack the NBL.]
[Further NB*: Let me rant about the Standard of teams I would expect. In Qld (which I know best), with 2 regional teams in NBL1, North and South, as described prev post, I know we could offer 2 great teams. Current NBL1 could possibly offer 5 or 6 great teams but still only allowed the 2, maybe 3 if say Tas/WA/ only offer 1 each. No more talk re NBL1 teams would sh*t on any other teams or Qld beter than NZNBL. Couple of teams for each state, with players chosen from "their" regional assocs' state league teams, with a couple of imports each, would even it all out.]
[Further, further NB*: DPs. NBL Development players seem to miss out on any benefits, so far. They are already tied up with their NBL clubs' schedule. Here's what could happen. Nothing different, a DP plays state league in his off season and bench for NBL season. Or, NBL clubs get involved in this 2nd tier by renting their DPs to their local 2nd tier team for their 1st year.]
That's enough, unless, of course, I think of anything else I know you all want to read!

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Earlier this year

A true second tier would be great but it would still benefit from being played in winter to give development opportunities for the first tier, NBL development players benefit from a season of training with a professional team then have an outlet for the improvement. Current NBL1 teams (maybe cull a few) plus regional teams from other states (or even an offseason NBL team such as the Wildcats or 36ers) could be the expansion.

For example
Current NBL1- 18 teams

plus hypothetically:
West Sydney Razorbacks
Hunter Pirates/Newcastle Falcons
Gold Coast Rollers
Sydney Supersonics
Brisbane Capitals
Sunshine Coast Rip City
Rockhampton Rockets
Mackay Meteors
Townsville Heat
Cairns Marlins
Perth Panthers
Adelaide Sixers

I know its a pipe dream but would be great for Australian basketball. Using the old NBL team names would be great also!

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